Many Skills can Break The Game! | World of Tanks New Crew Rework 2021 – Sandbox Test 2

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of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework Review, New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing.

Today they finally released more information about Crew 2.0, they have made many changes to it, so let’s take a look what they have to offer now.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Only new Crew action!


  1. Lots of improvements, many fixes to the problems I covered in my “Everything wrong with Crew 2.0” video… But is this enough?
    What do you think?
    *Much Love and stay tuned for much more action and Crew testing!*

    • I approve. The old system is too unreliable, you don’t know how some skills improve your tank performance, you can’t respec your skills without losing a lot of exp, and also you have to spend gold to change the role of a crew member if you want to put a special one instead.

    • @Alpha Niner I hear you! And how many of your better skilled crews have female commanders? I am going to have more instructors than crews if this goes through.

    • pls DeZ….make it…

    • @BigJohnnySax Lots of zero perk BIA crews and females in hundreds of tanks – this is 9 years of careful training, retraining fitting and measuring going down the drain. Do I get compensation for all the gold spent on retraining? – of course not! I have only 2 crews that are above 5 skills, and dozens and dozens of 2-3 skill crews that are perfectly fine now, but will suck bik dik soon.

    • 1 retrain order for 16 bunks is unfair. I’ve never asked for retrain orders. I want my 5×300 gold back!

  2. If they release this, I will stop playing the game. And thats a promise.

  3. wg thinking to crews how this is the problem of the game.
    1) unbalanced team this is the real problem overall in t8. red in one side, green in other, games long less than 8 minutes.
    2) too much premium tank t8 in the hands of players with few games and ridicoulous wr…
    t8 many years ago was the best level to play overall when the mm was -3/+3.
    yesterday after one year the first really nice game with to teams well balanced.
    wg needs put the hand at this.
    crew 2 is only a bad idea, overall for newbie.
    at parity of xp, tanks completely destroyed in characteristic and not competitive from second crew.
    crew 2.0 is only a good idea to uninstall the game.
    mistake over mistake. great job wg

  4. Anthony Sarmiento Baronia

    ELC Even 90, E25, other lights and TDs will be invisible. There should be a cap to certain vehicles and vehicle types for camo, speed, etc.

  5. WG wants feedback? F…ck your new crew, fix RNG, MM, EBRs , give one SPG per team and bring back normal HE.

  6. milos stefanovic

    Deeeez, PLEASE tell WG that Frontlines is S H I T and that they should bring back STEEL HUNTER (with more more maps and much more tanks). STEEL HUNTER is much more fun and can be stand alone mode, thx

  7. They are tryng to go EA route full course.

  8. Ezzaldeen Al-Basha

    I am not afraid of the changes, if only they are good or as good as the old one
    I love the new changes, but I don’t know if it is balanced and fair
    the thing that I like about is how I can train any skill I want and to what degree instead of just being able to train one skill till it reaches 100%

  9. I don’t understand why WG is making the game more complicated in more aspects instead f making it easier. I used to play it often some years ago and was thinking of playing it again but seeing all kinds of new complicated things, this deters me from playing any more. And I am sure WG will bleed some more players with each change. The focus should be to get new players and make things easy not hard… I was a paying customer and I have just stopped playing with 6 more months of premium account still left and some gold in the account but that was because some OP tanks …

  10. Please show us how this all works! I don’t understand it at all 🙁

  11. 15% vent boost after lv80 should be removed or changed to something less useful like track traverse, ground resistances,…

  12. Screw up 2.0

  13. Retropaintball clips

    Can’t you make a vz55 turbo video! I want to see that shit destroying the game

  14. Emil-Marian Trifu

    No, they should scrap and get rid of crew 2.0

  15. Krešimir Skender

    Complicated and confusing

  16. Why why why why? WHY they touch things that work! Fix MM, leave crew alone!

  17. Crew 2.0 is just another WG money grab and unwanted trash. This should never be implemented in game.

  18. Today 16 beds cost only 300 gold…. i will buy more

  19. Same happened with HE and Arty, they said that they needed to rethink it but then go live later with the original idea, just a few numbers changed, this will go live in a bad form as well special offer for people to buy special commanders which they can use to get an advantage on those who didn’t.
    I guess I shouldn’t care anymore, hardly played anymore since the HE patch, annoyed the hell out of me so time to move on.
    The team, also known as the incompetent greedy bastards, will do what they want and work towards exploiting the whales for short term profit.

  20. I think wargaming is just trying to destroy their own game especially in North America that way they can shut down the server.

  21. I love how WG finds problems where they aren’t and ignore big problems in game.

  22. Yes please test and explain all the skills again, thank you Deez for your hard work, but remember this video is a greeting that your hard work make impact!!

  23. Can we talk about the stupid fact that we are losing female and unique crew voice acting?

  24. If they love it on the Russian servers, it will be implemented, because of the numbers playing there. Right now the Russian video has a 2 to 1 like, so good luck with that.

  25. In simple words….this is a big Fuck you by WG to everyone with 6+ crew skills. You lose all that XP you had to grind for the last couple of skills. Now you need a degree to understand something that should be simple. Bye 10+ years playing less and less. Think they are trying to outdo WOWs with fucking up crew skills and pissing player base of.

  26. Ahhhhhhh, finally. Crew 2.0 is coming back, just as I imagined. I approve the Crew 2.0 changes in its entirety. Let the new WoT era begin!

  27. I like this crew, see no need to fix it, like some feauter should be *khm matchmaking*

  28. Hmmm, I think I will end up with more instructors than crews…..

  29. anyone knows how i can get my sandbox to work? i cant connect, its the same error as when there is no server up

  30. Im totally confused now…
    I have crews with 7 perks, and I have crews with 5 perks, after this they all will be the same???

  31. Maybe I’m getting too old this looks too complicated. I’ve always been one to say keep it simple.. I think they would do better to spend more time on maps. As in more maps

  32. Game went to hell long time ago………………..they change all in game but not missions,how they want people to do missions with arty for 260 i have no idea or for td to make 5k dmg and injure crew and destroy modules.For example fv 4005 gold ammo one shot leopard,stb etc and make 0 injury and 0 module destroy or one shot grile in turret and after battle it said he made critical on tracks……..So what ever they done was crap so this with crew will be masive BS and missions still will be not changed…WG will lose more and more players but they are to stupid to see that.

  33. looks like your teams will be even more random with all the different skills. In a game with 25% rng. are they aiming for 3 min stomps every game?

  34. @dezgamez that’s why WG has sandbox, so they can test what’s good and what’s not. At least they didn’t go ahead anyway and put the shitty version of C2.0 into the game. Credit where it’s due no?

  35. cedy_games_vraze

    i guess new elc even 90 camo build XD

  36. Thien Long Nguyen

    oh! what will happen to my special crews who still in reservist list because i have not wanted to recuit them yet! I will put them in new tanks in tech tree in the future!
    So will i happy if this crew 2.0 is released, all of my exp from special crew’s zero skills will be lost

  37. New crew 2.0 is SHIT…

  38. I suggest/request you do another review of the new 2.0 crew skills. Even if some skills have not changed from the original sandbox server to this new iteration. Your last preview/review of the 2.0 skill rework was very good and informative. Thank you Dez for your time and effort doing all this so we are informed. Very much appreciated from a REAL Ex Tanker. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  39. The game is Brocken already long time ago .
    I have solution for WG (UNINSTALL )

  40. it’s all training books, not just the 850000 that get convertied; the other is <10 you get boosted to 10, > 10 boosted to 14

  41. So in short Wargaming is going to shove this down our throats no matter what. Does anyone really want to spend hours redoing your crews?

  42. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Why they insist with this? Just give sixth sense and the new one where it shows you the direction of arty shells for every player for free and that’s it.

  43. This is way to complex in an already complex game! Feel sorry for new players…. They should have made the crew easier to handle. And pls take away the cost/penalty for moving crews between tanks.

  44. Why do they keep trying to break an aspect of the game that works just fine?

  45. they still assume that you are picking only universal crew skills in their conversion math. If you have a 4 skill crew that took 4 unique to their job skills the amount of benifits that crew will lose in the conversion math is insane. if you were a person that only took 4 universal skills, sure, you will gain more. But if you skilled up like this : “Sixth Sense, Eagle Eye, Jack of all trades, Recon, Snap Shot, Dead Eye, Designated Target, Armorer, Clutch Braking, Smooth Ride, Off Road Driving, Controlled Impact, Situational Awareness, Relaying, Call for Vengance, Signal Boosting, Safe Stowage, Adrenaline Rush, Intuition, (no more unique skills for loaders, however theirs uniquely stack in most cases)”…… then your 65 points wont come close to returning your old capabilities to you.

    Both before and now, they are deadlocked into assuming people only take the universal 4 skills when that simply isn’t the case. Especially with people that don’t invest into redoing their skills when one finishes, but instead try to pick ahead to maximize their play with what credits money they can invest more long term. I know, free to play’s don’t pay the bills, but cheap casuals in large numbers do, and they will be very similar.

  46. I can’t wait do make memest Sheridan ever. 570m of view range + CVS and 45% of camo.

  47. Retrain crew for gold should be cheaper then 750 gold.

  48. Crew 2.0 is a big punch into the face of the people , which have for every tank their crew and spedet much time, credits, freexp, and gold into their crews. WG is kidding them. WG does not spend the time to the important problems like our shit matchmaking. They have to rework it. The matchmaker should build balanced teams.

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