Map Changes in World of Tanks 1.0

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World of Tanks. Today it’s my mission to get you up to date with the map changes in World of Tanks version 1.0! Let’s roll out!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. People just need to stop being whiny bitches and just play the game. Wargaming did a good job on the maps. People would whine even if they were perfect.

  2. no mention of the south-east of Erlenberg?

  3. Not arrived on Asia server

  4. when posting an xvm?

  5. 0:57 new bush kemp position XD

  6. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    4K video looks great QB, keep up the good work 🙂 Maps are a work of art. Will reserve judgement on how they play until I’ve got my 9hrs on them.

  7. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Where is your modpack?

  8. I have the problem with long loading maps.Im ready to fight 30 sec. after battle starting.I need to turned off sounds and then i can play normally,but without sounds???? aghhh ..
    In test servers i dont have this problem..
    somebody can help me? pls :/

  9. Where is our mod pack ?!?

  10. QB here you can see how that middle possition on Fjords is great!

  11. Has Wargaming announced if any future updates might actually improve the game rather than just make it look prettier? Thanks.

  12. Thanxs for the tips !

  13. You CAN reach the highest point on the glacier map with the Skorpion

  14. 1.0 has arrived has it?
    *Logs Into Asia Server*

  15. Gosh do you even work9 hours is excessive

  16. Maps are perfectly remodeled for russian tanks. Now tanks in any lines that were characterised by extra gun depression (e.g. Sweden) are obsolete. Usually this tanks were very situational and now there is basically no place for them in new WoT.

  17. my graphic say no more WoT for you 😀

  18. Northern arches in the center of monastery are also destructible just like on the main entrance.


  20. QB change your damn outro already lirikFEELS

  21. In my mind, Erlendberg could might as well be considered a new map, with the name being the most notable similarity to the old Erlenberg. The map itself and the playstyle on it has changed massively! In fact, there are so really nice bush locations in the center part. Tried one out in my Challenger. It was fun and all, until a T-150 flew through the middle and obliterated me.
    Also, I’m a little suprised you didn’t mention anything about Himmelsdorf. You seemed to have a fairly strong reaction to the changes made there. I believe you claimed it to be unbalanced now in the encounter mode? The way I see it, it should be more balanced now. The Northern side has a harder time getting up, but is much safer when they do. Southern side can get up easier, but can still get shot from below.
    Finally, that waterfall in Fjords is so pretty! I actually saw it first in a Jingles video yesterday. So I went back into the game, took my T-34-2 (yeah, yeah, not the best tank, I get it…) out, from the West spawn I went to the North. And I just stared at the waterfall like a muppet. Such a pretty waterfall! Naturally, moments later I was attacked by a mob of angry Panthers and any friendly tanks I saw coming up there as well were suddenly nowhere to be seen. I died a horrible death. At least my burning carcass was next to a pretty waterfall!

  22. So basically they removed a lot of hills and added some ridges that are op for a tank with poor depression but godlike turret armor. Let me think which nation fits perfectly with the new changes..oh wait.. they needed more advantages indeed. Welcome to World of Russian Medium Tanks and IS7

  23. On minium graphics you cant even see your own shoot (close range).

  24. QB could you please get a tan or turn down the brightness/gamma in your videos? Lately your videos seem to have gone super bright

  25. I didnt like it all

  26. you forget the opportunities that arty get on the new maps. played some arty games to get an overview on the battlefield yesterday. I noticed that new positions and opportunities have opened up. for them to take advantage of.

  27. All the map changes are awesome, but there is a big problem with all of them and thats premium ammo. Every bump, every cover, every advatage they added gets deleted when you are shot by premium ammo

  28. Lots of ridge lines for my Mediums to use

  29. Maps changed as if russian tanks with 6-5 degree gun depression could perform better …

  30. I played fjords earlier in a t67 and went to the hill in the center and dominated the center both in dmg and spotting so if u have a fast enof tank to make it up there that’s actually a good spot also u can use the tower and a few rocks to cover from the spgs. TY for all your videos QB I’ve been watching them for over 4 yrs now and have learned agreat deal about mpas tanks and gameplay from you, keep the videos coming man and ty again, oh and i’m on the NA server idk if that changes anything happy huntting

    • a lil more from that hill u can access the big open area also the hill from the north and catch heavy tanks going south in the back I really enjoyed that hill

  31. I feel like all those changes have just created new maps, I died so many times because i didnt know those changes – but this is good because the maps are more interesting now for old players

  32. I played mines and the central hill now is a ruined castle. Will have to explore the map more. The map has not changed much otherwise.

  33. All maps are now very more defensive

  34. Removing buildings because arty….

  35. I like all the changes as now it means you have both veterans and new starters for some time will be learning new routes etc.

    Some almost felt unfair BUT it was more because its a change and you cant please everyone.

    Just hope they bring back some classics….Dragon Ridge for example

  36. Erlenberg north is sooo strong and yeah they add nice house and trees to camp there

  37. Been saying for a while we need new maps – and here we are.
    Generally favourable – will have to ‘re-learn’ the maps – which is good as the same couple of dozen maps you knew where you were going and where the Reds were going to be. Stale is possibly the word upto this update.
    Visually great. Been changing the visual options to get one that suits me.
    (Have you noticed no negativity here – I must need to take the same tablets that 80% of other commentators are on)
    And before anyone says anything I am an average (or just below) player with only 33k games
    Slightly off topic, many of us in the UK have been asking for YEARS for the national flags of England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This would have been an ideal time to add them.

  38. Graphics is great but balance and mm is terible and i have after 6 years uninstall game
    Wot is unplayable

  39. Welcome to World of TD. The made the maps way more open. There are a lot of kill zones now, so more will play TDs. I hope this brings some lights and arties in play. Otherwise it will only be a World of Camping.

  40. They look great actually (WOT) a challenge

  41. I really need a tier 10 Light tank

  42. MattL600's Technic

    I think this is wargamings light tank nerf compensation.

  43. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Ok i like this video, 60 fps 4k?? Oha yea!!!! Nice quality!!! I respect you and your work but wg is such an scammy corp, with a game that is a nicely done scheme, don’t like the game. I quit it in 2013…..

  44. A 14min video with 3 PUBEG tabloid game adverts…looks like adcopolypsy is over…

  45. The most helpful video of your’s ever.. Thanks for sharing your ideas for us to play better.. keep up your hard work…

  46. I hate 1.0 my loading times went from I was in before the countdown to being in 1 min in to the battle

  47. Great update, well done!

  48. 4 Games last night on Erlenberg.. it’s not panning out the way it’s been intended yet. 4 games and all 4 times, both teams ended up trying to fit 15 tanks behind their now much smaller hill locations (the old east/west ridges). Twice however both games progressed to both teams swapping spawn points (in an anti-clockwise direction). There is more scope for movement from lights and mediums but the mindset hasn’t changed yet.

  49. Erlenberg looks like it will be even more campy than before, at least there used to be a period where people would advance to get into position, now the defensive positions are all on the backline… just get back onto your line and wait until enemies get bored and come in one by one.

    On top of that the north side seems WAY stronger than south, with no way to safely approach anywhere, while toward the south you can push along the east where the south has almost no decent defensive positions :/ Hope this map will get a pass soon, but I imagine the map makers are working on getting the shit maps (like kharkov and stalingrad) that didn’t make it into HD first

  50. I kind of feel like wg nerfed the tanks with gun depression a bit, because it is not as valuable as before.. Dont know how to feel

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