Map Control – How to get better at World of Tanks

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Source: Zeven

In this pilot episode, we discuss the basics of how players can improve at


  1. if your wn8 is above 1.5k this is probably not very helpful to you.

  2. Well, yes. Blues & Purples need not watch; but, it was labelled a starter session. There is a divergence as the really good players mature, in that they develop individual concepts of how to play. The other side of having an average player as interviewer is that he will ask questions that average players are interested in. That’s good for the intended audience. Is there a YTuber providing similar format for the advanced player wannabe? I doubt the really advanced player would watch. This is a good format for drawing out Zeven; but, he already knows how to relate to us unwashed masses in such a way that I don’t feel belittle for watching. Really enjoyed concept and how you two interact. Keep it up.

  3. Thank you for your insight and clarity.

  4. Good conversation.

    I think past a certain point of learning the mechanics, the big takeaway is that everything is situational. The tank you’re in, maps, team comps, player skill, player action….you name it, they all can change how you play. The more games you play and learn from, the more you know what to do in a given situation.

    I think a huge problem some players have is that they never learn how to adapt. Red-line campers come to mind, as an example. Zeven will say, “campers gonna camp”. Sometimes it is the right play, but people that only ever camp, are not going to improve. They typically are not understanding fundamental issues like map control. It doesn’t matter if you have 5k games or 50k games, applying that concept is one key to progressing.

    Anyway, as always, thanks Zeven for insightful conversation and your positive approach.

  5. THIS was an awesome video. Thanks to you both for doing this. I look forward to more episodes! Peace!

  6. Matt Aktive (Ez Sounds)

    Sick Vid, DO MORE LIKE THIS PLS!! Love the streams.

  7. Thanks! Your videos have improved my play immensely.

  8. Can’t one say it’s like a party of chess, with some first person shooter element to it? Where the board is the map, the tanks are like the chessmen?

  9. I very much enjoyed watching this video and so please let there be more just like this in the future.

    As an experienced tanker its always very helpful seeing these videos and even though one may know what is being said and understand, it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher and get you up to date again as you never know, you may learn something that you didn’t know about, even if its very little but can always help in future battles 🙂

  10. excellent…thoroughly enjoyed

  11. Tiger P alert 😉

  12. “Ramming yourself to death cresting that hill, not realising that rock was there” => Sand River!

  13. ChuckleChuckleVision

    really enjoyed this! 🙂

  14. Very good, always enjoy Zeven’s insight particularly that this is a game and should be fun. But it is a difficult game that’s why I enjoy it. First year I played didn’t know anything about all the resources out there to teach map strategy and weak points consequently my first 5-7,000 battles left me with some pretty bad stats. Appreciate all the guys out there spend time streaming and trying to teach us how to get better.

  15. Yes , more please!

  16. this channel beats QB by miles. Well at least for noobs like myself.

  17. Hope to see this series goes far, loving it

  18. Zeven is the “Bear Grylls” in World of Tanks!

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