MARDER A1 NUKE – WAR THUNDER NUKE – Nuke in War Thunder – OddBawZ

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Source: OddBawZ

It's been a long time coming but I finally did it! With War Thunder Red Skies brought a new animation to the game. I've been to see it and here it is finally!

In order to a Nuke in Ground Realistic Battles, you need to achieve 2500 Spawn Points. Even then, it's not yet. You need to spawn the specific vehicle that carries the Nuke, take off and deliver it directly to the centre of the map without being shot down or the tickets bleeding out.

In War Thunder the Nuke is not an easy task. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration and kills really aren't the best way to get there.

To get me into the Nuke, I used the Marder A1- . The Marder is new to War Thunder and is a Light Tank capable of supporting your team members and racks up score as a result. It's a fantastic little machine and it actually took me by surprise! Highly recommend it.

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  2. I cant tell you the aount of times i get shot and klled bc a teammate either bumps into the open, or comes up behind me to where i cant backup into cover after firing. Its like the main thing that makes me rage lol

  3. I am SOO Proud of you for getting the NUKE!

  4. Haha beautiful lad awesome match

  5. Nice video, can you make a video on the me163b

  6. How did you get the information pop on screen like “aircraft kill” in RB? I haven’t this and not found where i can have it

  7. Guy at 13:44 is called emu war flashbacks

  8. Awesome match 🙂

  9. Rowller Stazmatov

    Saved by an R3 at the last second too

  10. its cool the way your team mates were like Protec the nuke!

  11. bro the marder is the new aids vehicle and im completely serious

  12. *Reversing into the enemy*
    OddBawZ: He rammed me stupid German mains!!!

    I think the Guy YOU bumped into wasnt the stupid one in that situation

  13. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    CONGRATS ODD!! INCREDIBLE play by you dude! had me at the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time!! FINALLY you got to get the nuke AND drop it and not get cucked by some random salty team mate!! gotta love it man, you rock!!

  14. Odd…. im prowd of you <3

  15. Barron Helmut Schnitzelnazi

    Just got a nuke recently as well. Killed 4 in my facon and 13 in my scimitar. Had like 5 AA trying to shoot me down and i ended up dropping the nuke off to the side of the battlefield lol. It works

  16. “Im actually surprised at how well this has been”

    No wonder, its a super modern platform system fighting postwar vehicles. WHAT THE HECK was gaijib expecting this to play out at 7.3????

  17. Ooooooh. That c l u t c h. Nice work.

  18. Most of my progress in this game was wiped to a save from like 4 years ago, I still enjoy watching any and all gameplay on war thunder I just don’t think I could stomach the grind again

  19. What is the reward to drop a nuke and winning ? Do you get more silver lions and research points ?

  20. Needs to change the name to MURDER

  21. I get 10 kills in a light tank and scout 20 more and get 800 spawn points to play with wtf

  22. Great editing! It was really nice to FINALLY see a nuke drop! That’s truly what I like about your playing. You actually play for the team and not just for clicks and bullshit. Not let an enemy go by to kill people and hide behind a wall cracking jokes. I mean if the team wins, everyone wins. It’s so stupid to just think about self in a game like this. And to shoot you down when you have a nuke – another pathetic thing by supposed teammates. Selfish children playing a game meant to be co-op. So, good on you OddBawZ! Good on you!

  23. Man who wouldnt want to sub after this Marderpiece!

  24. Well played oddbawz good job

  25. Area51UFOGynaecology

    lol a panther in a 8.3 game

  26. Murrr-duh in the Marrr-duh!

  27. Team mates consistently TK you to prevent you from dropping the nuke, not just a few times, but do it consistently.

    Holy shit this game has a toxic playerbase.

  28. Why do teammates usually try to shoot you down when you have a nuke? Wtf?
    Is this a case of human garbage, or is there actually a reason?

  29. Marder is good

  30. Most people probably team kill because they don’t want the game to end as then they can’t get any more kills… Most games where you’re able to get a nuke is when your team has stomped the enemy team… This was basically the only chance to get an actual drop to happen, when a single guy on the losing team was doing great and not really anyone else – funneling all the points into him and the whole remaining team wanting the near loss to turn into a win for more points… If the game wasn’t so kill and win focused you’d see a lot more team play than we currently have, which is kinda sad because it’s all due to Gaijins greedy monetization of frustration.

  31. Did he get any bonus at all for nuking?

    • You get 16k SL then the 150% on that for winning and then premium bonus on top. Overall about 26k SL and some extra RP.

    • @OddBawZ Not bad but… considering how rare it is to be able to drop one, they could give u something better


    Is that the midway soundtrack?

  33. Awesome game!

  34. A million bullets in the marder, but the BMP-2 has only 300ish? Nice….

  35. Sometimes u get good teammates and sometimes u get Uglug

  36. winning the game gives you much more xp than any amount of kills you could get in a loosing one after shooting down the nuke

  37. Okay, now get a kill with the turret in the back.

  38. This thing is basically r3 at 7.0

  39. EternalGaming786

    All Light Tonks are so cute. :3

  40. Yewwwwwwwwwww finally!

  41. i love the mouth thats on your me 262. how can i get it. love the videos btw

  42. OddBawZ: “I get a nuke in this video.”
    Me: *watches all the way through and still gets nervous/anxious for him*
    Also me: “This music really has me in my feelings…”

  43. People that tk players that got the nuke should get an instant 1 week ban…

  44. What a horrendous video title…

  45. People are sleeping on the Marder but it’s basically a better BMP-2 with a weaker gun, better profile, better gun depression, and much lower battle rating.

  46. It is really nice to see you so happy and excited!

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