Mario Kart if Mario was in the army (War Thunder R3 T20)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Mario Kart if Mario was in the army (War Thunder R3 T20)

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  1. This brings me joy!

  2. raise its BR and that of the chinese wirbel-deathstar as well.

  3. @PhlyDaily please be a bit mean. Take this with a squad, like 5x R3. 😉

  4. Did you know the full name for the R3 is the R3 T20 FA-HSCIST

  5. I’m quite possibly the last human being left on the face of the Earth who actually loves this thing but rarely plays it.

    Plz don’t hate me, I beg for mercy T-T

  6. Give it HVAPS, remove the reloading and put it in one chain then move it to 10.7

  7. I haven’t unlocked it yet but I have an idea. As most ppl I’ve played with/against can confirm, I’m probably one of if not THE worst WT player in game. So my idea is that once I unlock this, if even ME manages to have even halfway decent games with it then it needs to be bumped up to a higher rating. Deal?

  8. thats my favourite vehicle

  9. nooo, i had enough facing this thing in game. 2 guy in a party running around in this thing is insanely frustrating to deal with.

  10. I wish you a beautiful and a Phantastic day on Phlyday good luck and good wishes from me

  11. Hello, Q5 gameplay? Now Chinese jet.

  12. If this fucking moves up then the falcon needs to go to 7.7 or 8.0 because that thing is a fucking joke… It too can kill literally anything with its apds

  13. Higher br is not going to balance this thing imo. Every 3.7 can kill it and every 6.3 can as well. But there’s just nothing to counter it. Sure, there are more vehicles it can’t pen at higher br but as Phly showed in this video there are still enough vehicles that can easily be penned. One of the only things I can think of is to give it dedicated AA belts. With less pen or only one high penning round per eight rounds or something.

  14. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt ( # 76 ). We need a type 87 video! I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  15. I just played Italy again for the pizza box, and it is pure fun. Although…. a T34 rammed me against a house in japan map and hull broke it, not sure if he was able to fire off a round but am pretty sure his breach was out. If somebody can confirm this, then it’s not as OP as it seems, just ram and crush it against a wall.

  16. PLy, you should totes do a disable only challenge where you can only take out tracks and gun without killing X3

  17. 20mm with a fire rate that submachine guns call ridiculous.

  18. I didnt know War Thunder was on Nintendo

  19. That thumbnail lmao

  20. Is this some sort of conspiracy?

  21. Heresy Phly, it’s heresy.

  22. GZ on getting married soon buddy, best wishes

  23. You are overthinking it. It’s a 1980s armored vehicle fighting 1940s armor. They do not belong in the same era – regardless of combat effectiveness. This is why the battle rating system is flawed.

  24. when tf did operator drewski go past the million mark!?

  25. Putrantho Frenklin Ritawaemahu

    can you play P-51 cannon? pleaaaassssseeeeeeee

  26. Let’s be real, it should be at least 8.0 with its high pen rounds back, after they remove HEATFS-hullbreak.

  27. “Hey guys, welcome to the Mario SPEEDBOOST ROAD.”

  28. Francesco Petragnani Ciancarelli

    You still playing this it’s like the Stockholm syndrome

  29. Phly you should do a wall of tank destroyers like the jagtiger or T28

  30. Akuma-chan -sensei

    What’s even funnier are the kids in the forums who desperately justify 3.7. They’re like “use your machine guns” and “the crew is sitting behind wet paper”. Honestly just hilarious because you know they just love to abuse vehicles in their undertiered BRs. That little shit is perfect for massacring spoiled pilots in gf while at the same time is being used overpoweredly as a revenge vehicle in middle and upper ranks. This is just another of Gaijin’s gimmicks for players to play Italy(just like the apds on low tier swedes) only this came earlier.

  31. Disgusting

  32. This is my favorite vehicle I take it to 4.7
    And abuse the su 85

  33. Phly: Anti-air

    My brain: No he says Hentai

  34. TheMythicalKumquat 1

    He needs to show the thicc Canadians some love with the C2A1

  35. pizza ad before R3 video. nice…

  36. The R3 is just the final form of pizza traveling at terminal velocity


  38. I’m gonna put Plhy going “brrrrr” on the mic as my new ringtone

  39. It surprises me how little people shoot between the tracks

  40. Oh 😨😡Mario,is a wtf Killer in AA Mode he is Insane Deadly the Same Power like 37mm but much more round.s so many 😯

  41. I have a 3:1 kd and 600 games on this thing lmao

  42. If this was given scouting it would even be a good 9.0+

  43. My favourite troll machine!

  44. Phly you are the most ethical War Thunder player I know.

  45. Can you do a vid on how to bomber cause I have rank 5 bombers and no idea what I’m doing

  46. Pizza time!

  47. Another great warthunder vid, wish I had more time to spend in it. Still only tier 4 in British forces tanks. Getting there, really want to get to the helicopters.

  48. This thing is even at 6.7 cancer , imagine what it does at 3.7 .

  49. I can’t get the maus on Xbox one is the maus pc exclusive

  50. *pizza pasta intensifies*

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