Marked THE WORST PREMIUM with 0 Gold Sells | World of Tanks KanonenJagdPanzer

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks KanonenJagdPanzer, Tank Destroyer. Worst Tank in World of Tanks, The Worst Premium Tank and Getting 3rd Mark of Excellece on it.
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Today I am going to talk about my experience with worst premium tank in this game, a tank that has the worst win rate of all time – The KanonenjagdPanzer. Not the good version of it, with 105mm cannon, but the bad 90mm option. This is a tank completely changed my opinion on paper stats.. Ooh. But we did get 3rd mark of excellece and we did that without firing any premium rounds.

What do you think?

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– German KanonenJagdPanzer, Tank Destroyer
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  1. FiRSt

  2. Christos Siderakis

    lol i am the first


  4. Sells or shells

  5. 13 Second ago, lets go!

  6. The L-60 is worse

  7. What’s up dez, always check your titles twice before posting 😂👍🏼

  8. Gift me if it is worst I am collector.

  9. 0 gold shells you have balls! GG🔥

  10. Im going for it via referral prog. so I’ll see…

  11. I hope you remember me. Keep up good work Dez!

  12. Dez, you absolute mad lad.

  13. I saw how you edited the thumbnail live xD. Cheers!

  14. Havent yet seen full video but I tried it in sandbox and it was pretty OP. Hides great and good accuracy. Also decently fast. But I’m used to these type of TD tanks lol

    • And to follow up, my favorite TD is the FV4005. So slow velocity doesnt impact me.

    • Christiaan Carstens

      @Warner E. Used to love Waffle4, only he and heat. Super slow velocity but damage is almost guaranteed. Then wheelchairs fucked the game.

  15. And now start to tell us again that those Guys in Minsk do not hate Germans…
    Most German (all?) Premiums are just Trash….

    • Tuấn Anh Trần

      Don’t get nationality fool you, one of their best selling tank is a German tank; I’m not talking about Skorpion, I’m talking about Lowe. WG is a company and follow capitalism rules, they will buff tanks as they see fit, as long as it will increase their profit. Just look at chinese server.

    • Riley Robertson


  16. Jon .knallpistol

    She sells seashells by the seashore,
    The shells she sells are seashells, I’m sure.
    So if she sells seashells on the seashore,
    Then I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

  17. Dez! Make the most un-killable TOG. O R make the fastest TOG. 😉

  18. basically you have 2 german tanks as the top 2 lowest win ratio in the game, the Kan Jpz 90 and the Rhm Pzw

    • Basically you have a T10 vehicle with worst WR in game, which is super ridiculous cause at least you have some T8 tanks to face.

  19. JustAGamerNL2017

    nice vid mate and gg for ur 3mark

  20. love that sandbox skin, its one of my favorites

  21. Congrats on the patience to 3 mark this tank. A friend gifted me this tank. Sadly, I found out quickly, what a POS it was. It has sat in my garage for years, un-played.

  22. Yo Dez, you wrote Sells instead of Shells

  23. Undercover Bush

    You know what makes me laugh harder then this gun ? The people who actually bought this piece of shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Damachste Nic's

    lol panther 8,8 still one of the lowest winrates, but wg be like: we just buffed that tank, its fine now, aint gonna touch it for next 5 years

  25. If you think this tank is bad, please play the Chieftain/T95. If the Kan Jpz is the worst gameplay experience you’ve had, you haven’t seen anything yet

  26. Dez, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. This is not the worst tank in the game, nor is it the worst Tier 8 TD.
    I can compile a far worse list of Tier 8s for you if you like. Starting with the two worst of them all. The AMX 65t, and the O-Ho.
    I challenge you to play them and see what a bad tank really is.

  27. I must say you are into some kinky stuff man, 3 marking that thing must be some kind of fetish

  28. dez havent tried ballbreaker it seems, a TD with mobility and gun handling can only be good, like cda. just that you dont like it , its not the worst

  29. Kannonenjadpanzer 105 is my Favorite Tank

  30. tank for masochists same blokes who main TOG II

  31. so basically you have just proven that WG has just “RNG’d” the equipment too?

  32. That grind was 100% of hell !!!! , 😀

  33. i dont like this tank too -.-

  34. I love mine

  35. I live the 105mm version,but the first version sucks a****

  36. All tanks I marked I haven’t fired a single gold shell in. Tier 5 or tier 10, premium or not, it’s possible and not difficult at all. If you’re capable of marking vehicles you’re also definitely able to do so without gold rounds.

  37. “It’s so bad” *tries to shoots at people through mountains*

  38. I have the 105 mm version and it also just keeps missing despite that “good” dispersion, but at least that one hits for 390, and not 240… Also 4/5 german tanks in worst tds by winrate… Damn

  39. Standard shell has better velocity in the 105.

  40. Another proof that accuracy means shit in this RNG game…

  41. i mean, the kjpz 90 mm is more of a collectors vehicle than a vehicle thats supposed to be used in battle, i think it looks good, but the stats are pure garbage.

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