Market Ends, New Events and Special Tanks Coming to World of Tanks | Frontline and Steel Hunter 2020

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World of Tanks Black Market 2020 – Special Offers, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits, Special Styles. World of Tanks Frontline 2020. World of Tanks Steel 2020. World of Tanks Object 777 II, Char Futur 4, AE Phase I Reward Tanks.

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Long-awaited Black Market aka Чёрный рынок is over… We received 14 offers in total, including premium tanks, styles, mission orders and really rare tanks…
What do you think about the Black Market 2020 overall?

One event ends, another raises its head… Frontline and Steel gamemodes are coming back with new reward tanks – Object 777 II and Char Futur 4 + previous season AE Phase I.

Let’s talk about it!


  1. They ended with quite a HIGH note indeed… Well, there were some juicy offers, but overall? What do you think?
    Also, hyped about the FL and SH mode in 2020?

    • Impeach the orange Clown

      Me as an ex player thinks that this BM shows how stupid people are and how greedy wargaming became. sure, for some players who are long enough in the game to own almost every tank and drowning in credits, gold, free experience etc this might be an opportunity to grab some leftovers but everybody else should just say no to that…selling orders to muppets to unlock tanks they never would get hands on? wtf? why not monetize literally everything then? stupid addicts, get a therapy. im glad i stopped playing for this shitshow doesnt deserve to be paid. but idiots never die out i guess. enjoy your 22 million credit deathstar until its nerf LOL.

    • Impeach the orange Clown

      @emphopho just great, another muppet player just using his creditcard. you must be so proud. too bad they removed team damage so people now have to push you over the cliffs or into lakes with that golden garbage bin. im sure if you would be an arab you would also buy sand.

    • It was pretty average

    • Looking at the prices and – especially – high bids, it is apparent that the economics of the game have really gone wrong somewhere. The amounts are so big, that there is no way purely free to play player will ever get any of the stuff presented in black market. Add to that injury, the frontline will be – once again – dominated by premium tanks, which of course are out of reach for the free to play players, which forces people to play steel hunter game mode, which just doesn’t work for everyone (myself included, can’t stand the friggen idea of battle royale grind).

      So yee-haw to wg for showing how the game is broken in – yet another – front.

  2. Can only hope it not a massive time sink. Hopefully I can get one just casually playing

  3. Black market was a massive disappointment this time around, more offers for gold, more lower tier rare tanks, all the rest I have, nothing new or useful, another great idea turned into another money grab by WG. Frontline, love it, SH hate it, now they’re forcing people to play game modes they don’t like in another mega grind to stand any chance of getting a unique tank, granted they have to make it challenging, I totally get that, but to give up my life for it, did that for the 1951 and it burned me out, lost all interest in mega grinds now.

  4. This was a fucking shit show Dez. It sucked the sweat from a dead Donkey’s ballsack. Fuck Wargaming

  5. I was expecting them to sell bond stuff cause you know “No rules”.

  6. I bid the minimum on NA server and got it

  7. BM2 is such a disappointment to the players. Last year was better than this. They should have at least sold those latest tier 10 skins and people were expecting a good tank for credits on the last offer as an end of bm but wg is all about bullshit.

  8. I got the x3 orders, the 261 skin, and the bt-sv. Didn’t pay attention enough to get anything else, would have loved to get the death star.

  9. Ros Vincent Alvarez

    The Lansen C was the best offer imo in the bm. The tank is a cdc and rev hybrid w high alpha for a mt, great camo values, good view range and mobility.

  10. I bid 13k gold on the ebr and lost. My friend bid 13,5k and got it

  11. The store was down when the 183 was available lol kms

  12. I have missed Black market completely.
    that 3 rewards tanks don’t makes extra credits like premium tanks so is not worth all the grinding.

  13. Lowest bid for the EBR 75 FL-10 was just over 12,000 gold on the EU server.

  14. As a F2P, this BM was a treat, I got all the 3 tier 8 prem tanks for literally free. I am a happy man.

  15. when is wargaming gonna learn, no one with a life has time for these grind fest missions

  16. The “II” no double barrel. I am confused.
    Not going to play the “Expedition”.

  17. Seriously people thought this black market was good?
    I’m pretty sure every deal was trash and overpriced, some people just want trash fed to them I guess, good luck with your overpriced rArE TiEr 3 tanks, have fun destroying lower tier matchmaking

    • Jarrett IceEarthGuard

      The tier 8 tanks that went on auction for credits were actually really good deals. (Well if you didn’t bid way too much hahah.) Plus the Lansen C.

  18. The tank not even bounce shot lol

  19. Imagine missing the FV because you tought it was another auction so you actually went to sleep, Turned out it wasn’t and once agains WG fucks me in the ass

  20. I got the Lansen C, not great, not terrible.

  21. I think it was rude of WG to change the times of sale on the NA server 5 minutes before the SU-76I went on sale and told no one before hand when if you were logged on in the more for the sale it said the next one would be at 6pm missed out on that tank and am not happy about it.

  22. Well, I guess WG made enough on the BM to keep themselves in nose candy, vodka, and hookers for a few more months…

  23. I am glad that I was able to get the Lansan I don’t care that I spent every last credit that I had accumulated for it.

  24. Dez I have 3 kids, is it posible to play casual and get maybe 1 reward tank?

  25. Good thing I didn’t waste 10 mil on that tier 2 pooper. I was saving my money for the E-25. I like how they will neuter the Tier X tank deleters meanwhile the Foch is fine. Oops 2200 dmg in a clip. F WG.

  26. Steelhunter is okay-ish… But Frontline is a complete shit-show, just my opinion

  27. I’m grinding hardcore right now for both the 113 and T-62A. There’s no fucking way I’m gonna pay 20k gold or 30 million creds for a tier 10 tech tree tank.

  28. The final offer was the opposite of juicy tho

  29. hehe, oh guys, complaining about how wg is milking you and at the same time you are begging to be milked:) black market is for all of you, because you don’t deserve any better. In reality, we are all feeding WG these ideas and we are the ones to blame. Take some responsibility for your actions.

  30. HE changes on test server are shite. Wanted to see how much it changed my prem tanks. black dog vs leo1. Shot his lower plate (would’ve penned normally)
    !!!Did 80dmg!!! Where do I get my refund?
    Also su100y (box tank) premium ap rounds now do less damage and have same 171mm pen (less than new standard ap). = Refund please and thank you.
    But they won’t touch the KV2 cause all the seal clubbers/scrubs would riot.

  31. frontlines sucks….its is shit when they make you play an undesirable game mode and they KNOW it is shit because they link the reward tanks to shitty events

  32. SleepingKnightsRS421

    Oh the WoT reddit absolutely ate up the black market event. Some good memes and salt going around

  33. Was hoping they would switch between Frontline & Steel Hunter every other month instead of running them all in a row for each mode, just to mix it up. Not as fond of Steel Hunter, as there were some issues with rigging by sync-dropping clan members, running around as a pack to kill off everyone else so they could finish at the top.

  34. Justin justintheman

    Much caernarvon cost the price it took to win the bid?

  35. Got the Lancen from the Black Market, did bid on any auction. Might have bought the Death Star, but I was busy at the time.

    I’m looking forward to more Frontline, but I don’t really care for Steel Hunter. Might only grab the Obj.777, depends on the format of SH.
    Btw your first pronunciation of Char Futur was pretty good. Now go for the full name: Char Futur Quatre 🙂

  36. I had 60M credits ready for black market and I got only Pz38 for 7M credits. Didn’t enjoy black market this time.

  37. I got it for 10,000,001. I got it for the collection

  38. Great…repopulating the servers with pay2win premiums…Frontline pisses me off so much. Such a pay2win event. More gold rounds are spammed there than in tier 10. Steel Hunter is fun, but Russian bias even I’m that mode lolol

  39. The Lansen C and SU-76i weren’t even available on time on the NA server.
    I’m disappointed that they didn’t have more of the unique styles available like they did in the previous black market.
    I’m hoping they come out with more maps for Frontline to keep things from getting too stale.

  40. i was waiting for foch 155

  41. I was actually happy I had no credits or gold to waste on this sht event. Although Lansen was a good deal.

  42. i bet 13,500gold on the ebr i was going with 15k but that was just to much

  43. 5:35 you could jus say they killing the game if this sh$t hits the live server how it is now

  44. what are those 3 campaign orders for????

  45. Im tempted to get the French tank but know it’s more likely to be the object that’s competitive (OP)

  46. The French medium looks the most interesting to me.

  47. Okay f wargaming for the BTSV for 10 mil instead of a tier 8 prem for 10 mil

  48. I didn’t bother with this crap after the waste last year was.

  49. the problem woth frontline its because its the same fucking shit every single game

  50. They still have not sorted out the SU76-I problem after all sorts of excuses…not good enough.

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