Massive Heavy Gun, The Biggest On Heavy Tanks! | World of Tanks 60TP Gameplay

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I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today I am going have a lot fun in a heavy tank which has the biggest gun in the game on any heavy tank, The 60TP.
I do not even remember when I previously played with this tank, so it was kinda exciting for me, it’s like a bit better E-100. 🙂

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Enjoy your weekend, Beasts!


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  2. my favorite heavy tank has to be the t57 heavy american autoloading monster, everytime i play this tank i just have such great games and so much fun it just fits my play style
    In game name BadCompany182
    server N/A

  3. My favorite tier 10 heavy is the Super Conqueror, because of the gunhandling and the overall playstyle
    In-game-name: ErnieLP
    Server: EU

  4. My favorite tank is medium AMX 30B. I really enjoyed him.
    In game nick: rzorek89
    Server: EU

  5. My favorite tier X heavy: WZ-111 5A.
    In-game name: Qazior
    Server: EU

  6. Well I only have 2 tier 10 heavies: the IS 7 and the Kranvagn. Love both of them. Very hard to pick a favorite but I think I would have to go with the Kranvagn for its wild DPM with an autoloader and the turret armor and gun depression. Super fun tank to play

    StormDragon_121 on NA

  7. my favorit heavy tank is FV215b. i know, i know, but i like it more then super conqueror.
    in game name: elodiu
    server: EU

  8. Hey Dez, love your videos.
    My favorite is the is7 ( i dont have any other tier 10 heavy) but i think i would kinda like the wz5a as well ( i love the wz 1-4 altough it is not as easy to play as 257).

  9. My favourite tier 10 heavy is the IS-7 for its speed and trollish armour. Makes it great for bullying lower tiers.
    Username: Christian1m
    Server: NA

  10. My fave T10 HT is KV2 ofc!
    No explanation neccessary.
    Server: EU

  11. Hi Dez, your‘s is an easy answer. The best tier X heavy tank is Súper Conqueror. It’s accesible for every one, not like campaign tanks, has extremely good accuracy on the move and an astonishing turret !

    Ingame name: D0ct0rDave
    Ingame server: EU
    Che era!

  12. cwolff EU server, favorite tier X heavy is obj 705A. Just for that alpha and better reload as 60tp for example

  13. The Pz.Kpfw. VII is my absolute Favorite 😛 Good Hull Armor and a really nice Gun handling, also the look of the Tank is different to the other Tanks 😀
    IGN: KrawallNudel
    Server: RU

  14. IS7 would b my pick cuz its bad mofo.? but my fav in entire game would b kv2. The most fun.?
    IGG. JAZZ_ba

  15. My favorite tier 10 tank, hmmm, the tank I played best in on the test server was the tvp t50/51, I’d like to get it for ranked too ;), but I’m still on the skoda t50, which is also a beast 😀
    But if I have to choose from the tanks I have in my garage I’d pick the bc25t, the speed, the clip potential makes it an absolute beast if you get it in the right position.
    username: feroks
    server: EU 🙂

  16. Hi Dez! My favorite T10 heavy is the T110E5. Not competitive anymore, others do the same job better, but I have so good memories playing it back in the day. It used to be a mobile hull-down heavy, a well armored medium.
    IGN: Benesis
    Server: EU

  17. I don’t own any Tier 10 heavies, but I’m enjoying the Object 705 on Tier 9 a lot, so I’m gonna go with the Object 705A.
    In game name: ThorVonTeutoburg
    Server: EU

  18. hello dez i unlock 60tp it is beast my favorite 🙂
    user : killman57
    server eu

  19. My favorite heavy is the T29 really enjoy playing it good armor, good gun, decent mobility
    IGN – Moggster
    Server – NA

  20. My favorite tier X heavy tank is the super Conqueror – why, it’s my only tier X tank :o) … I think it’s been a 3 year journey to reach it, but finally got it, and it really fits me. I’m not a city brawler, but I like the hills, using the gun handling for weakspots.
    IGN : Eskiss
    Server : EU

  21. My favorite tank is the IS-7. I love tanks with mobility and a big punch, but it’s also one of the most beautiful tank models in the game for me.Ingame name: Blackbloodbandit, server EU

  22. My favorite heavy tank is the FV215B with it’s great dpm

    In-game name: Niko_333_1
    Server: EU

  23. WZ-111-5A…. Due to its all rounder performance and also medium heavy.
    Username- electrode249
    Server – ASIA

  24. IS-7 because it is just sweet and original

  25. Mine is the T57-Heavy, because of the amazong dpm ??

  26. My favorit Tier X Heavie is the forgotten one 113, because it was my first Tier X Tank ever, it has a very good dpm, a Good Gunhandling, its fast and over the distance the armor very well.
    My ingame Name is: Master_of_Disaster01
    Server: EU

  27. My favorite heavy is the IS-4. Why? It’s a beast. I like it over the IS-7 because it has much better armor. When I go head to head with an IS-7 I’ll win the engagement about 80% of the time.
    Coppercon on the N/A server.

  28. Favourite tier X heavy is the 277 because it’s the perfect combination of armour and speed.

    k9crusader EU server

  29. my favourite tier X is the kranvagen, its great armour still baits people into shooting it, while its able do do great damage

  30. I love the IS-7 because it’s a good tank and it’s a beast of a tank.
    Nick: Bojan_SRB_BM
    Server: EU

  31. Is 7 fast and strong username grga30 server EU

  32. My favorite Heavy Tank is the Kranvagn, because I love to punish people with autoloaders.
    IGN: MrPeterPan95
    Server: EU

  33. My favorite heavy tier ten tank is AMX 50B although I only play it on common test server
    Username : Z83Bismuth
    EU server

  34. My fav tier X heavy is:obj.277, cause it can play like a med and ima med main
    Ign: Diesel01HUN EU

  35. My favorite tier 10 heavy is the Kranvagn because I <3 <3 <3 <3 autoloaders and that turret...! Oof!!
    Unreliable_Noob from the NA server.

  36. Its already 1 year since I stopped playing wot. Is there still so big powercreep and OP premiums or is it better so I can start playing it again?

  37. My fav heavy is 57 Heavy mad autoloader , ScareCrow81 NA server thanks Dez love your content

  38. Kranvagn because it was my first tier 10 tank and it looks awesome and when i miss cause im bad i have another 2 rounds 🙂
    User: The_Spud_Gun
    Server: Asia

  39. My fave tier 10 heavy has got to be the IS-7, it’s fast gun works well and the armour is a joke at times!
    Server: EU
    IGN: martyn32

  40. My favorite heavy tank is probably Kranvagen because its a hulldown god. XD
    Username: BalrogTheGrey
    Server: EU

  41. HomerSimpsonistcool

    My favorite heavy is the 277, it‘s fast, got good Dpm and 265 AP pen
    Name: hund1
    Server: hund1

  42. is 7 but i sold it as im poor but was great for bounce eu sever totalwar1963_PH

  43. Gotta be the IS-7. Classic old school badass and also my first tier 10.
    In game name: cdis
    Server: SEA

  44. If “favorite” is measured by “most games played”, then it’s the E100. Like so many other players, I went down the German HT line first. I even chose a German account name!
    If “favorite” is measured by most fun these days, then T57 Heavy. Quick reload (only 30% longer than the E100 takes to load one shell), doing more than double the damage of the E100. Don’t have to worry about my turret facing the enemy either.
    Hans_von_Twitchy (NA)

  45. T57 Heavy – insane clip damage
    Username Anarchytect_Krile
    Server: EU

  46. My favorite tier X: WZ-111 5A, because of its flexibility, mobile like medium and hits hard like hevy should
    In-game name: _Vajco_
    Server: EU

  47. Hy Dez my favorite is Is7 because no matter what they do to game its still fun to play with it he is like dynosaur in the game .

  48. IS7 is my favourite tank in the game, because of the amazing turret, new buffs and because it was my 1st Tier10 tank?
    User name: rober11
    Server: EU Europe

  49. Object 430u def !!! What? What you mean it is not a heavy?
    I like playing 277 but it s medium. It is not?
    Ok, my favorite tier 10 HT is Obj 277!
    Morana1710 EU

  50. Fantastic videos. Please continue providing entertaining content. IS-7 is my favorite tier 10 heavy tank. Its the original Russian Boss Tank to have when competing in Clan Wars. North American server in game user name:  BrokenMonkey

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