Massive SPG and HE Rework in 2021 | World of Tanks T92 HMC Gameplay – Artillery Rework.

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World of Tanks Artillery / SPG Rework Balance and HE Rework 2.0. SPG Gameplay, SPG Rework. World of Tanks New Ammo, SPG 6th Sense. World of Tanks in 2021, Future Plans and News.

Today I am going to cover the Developer interview session happened during the stream of the year on the official WoT streaming channel. Stay tuned for more!

What do you think?


  1. So very big topics, specially this arty one.
    What do you think about that, honestly? Of course,if WG is ever going to rework it and introduce those changes in the first place…
    Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for tomorrow for more Free Boxes! 😉

    • My only question is which one is going to be the premium round.

    • They are removing the only option f2p players had to finish off defenders and tanks with no weakpoints without premium ammo

    • Kids these days have such short attention spans, they need the game to remind them of SPG.

    • ekin deniz yıldız

      searching for more ways to reruin the game even more. what i do not understand is why the community creators, content creators, streamers like u and many more arent pushing for the mm to be fixed first. It doesnt matter how much damage artillery does, or doesnt as long as 95 perc. of games take less than 5 minutes. I have been up 800 points from 6600 to 7430 within the last year and a half.

      why is it so hard to implement a decent mmr system like dota 2 into the pub games ??

    • That sounds like a big buff to tanks with heavy armor. Chieftain and Defender will be even more broken

  2. yust dilited ARTI from game!!!!

  3. Whats 9+10?


  4. If they add the arty siege mode I wonder if they’ll make arty more accurate to make up for the handicap?

  5. CGC fires
    Across battlefield: tactical nuke detected!

  6. Arty is killing this game especially when 3 arty are in the game

  7. I will just say this on HE: yesterday I was fighting a Skorpion G in my Conway at shot range so I loaded HESH, bounced 2 shots in a row with 0 dmg and got fucked. Long live HE

  8. All I want is that Artie is less op

  9. I like the siege mode and tracer changes but the ammo changes not so much.

  10. In wot most arty are too slow, so if after shot were ping in minimap it would be too easy to counterattack . But it be nice to get kinda six sense when arty shot at you similar as wow has indicator ingame

  11. Personally I hate arty. As far as I’m concerned ONE per game would be a start and then I would happily see them nerfed out of the game. This is a tank game after all and SPGs aren’t tanks.

  12. Tampering with HE is just bullshit. WG just wants to make HE an ammo type that also idiots can use. At the moment players have to be aware of what HE does and when to shoot it and where to shoot it. WG aims to make the game all the time easier to even idiots. Changes like that will finally make good players quit the game.

  13. what about the gold ammo spam????

  14. AP round on fully equipped object 261 😉 This will be a fun patch 😀

  15. Hi Dez.
    I think just remove all artys from the game and its so mutch better after they do this!
    Or maybe…just one arty in one match!
    Because if there are 3 clickers on an open map and your in a slow heavy…you have no chance to play normal match…you just dieing and nothing more! ( they f. the game )
    Armored Warfare pve mode no artys,best change ever!
    If WG do the same thing ( the normal pvp mode in WOT )…many players sit down and play more and more the game!
    Have a good day. Bye.

  16. for record you know AW doesn’t have arty any more . Far as changes to arty I am all down for every Arty have 3 types of shell a Standard that does lets say Meduim amount of Pen Medium amount damage and low chance like 15% to catch fire , a Premium that does higher pen meduim damage and 5 % chance of catching fire ,and HE shell that does Low pen and Med damage but Higher chance of catching Fire 20% (but add bonus if 2 HE shell hits the tank from arty within 40 secs the 2nd shell has a chance of Fire goes to 30% ) stun damge can be med for 1st , High for second and low on third . Make HE act like real HE round where it first damages or weaken armor .

  17. Arty is toxic one way or another, staying behind and being able to hit nearly everyone on the battlefield. We cant take it out anymore cause too many “people” will whine and bitch about it so all we can do is limit the impact. Just limit SPGs to 2 or preferably 1 per battle.
    AND INSTEAD OF ADDING AND ADDIN TO THE GAME, MAYBE START FIXING IT, like the damn soapy rocks for example

  18. I was hoping an air strike lol
    Guess need to wait another 5 years
    Also it will be interesting war in night mode.

  19. All you arty haters whine and get ya way again.

  20. what arta rebalance its already balanced

  21. Wow epik battle, 5k damage… Btw you need 4k dmg+3k assist for SPG15…

  22. Kriegsmarine Tirpitz

    just give us 2000 DMG shots back with normal penetration

  23. Wargaming fucking here me: we need premium shell balance notHe. Noone asked for this

  24. Hell fucking Goo!!!

  25. Hey Dez we’re waiting for another motovlog 😀

  26. Bring back ap for T92

  27. Ah yes make SPG even more annoying as they already are

  28. Playerbase: we want less gold spam !
    WG: we’re working on HE rebalance to have less HE spam

    Why am i not even surprised…

  29. AusCan Plant Support

    Proposed changes sound good, evolution in the game is essential I think.

  30. I just hate the fact that even with a spall liner, my Type 5 “Heavy” takes 300-400 splash damage when an artillery shell lands 5 meters from the tank. and shells that land 10 meters away and do 0 damage still stun me for 15 seconds, like wtf?!

  31. If there going to do these changes well change the mission requirements for SPG’s .

  32. What I’d like to see is rebalancing of normal and premium shells. Leave normal shell values as they are for the most part (some might need a small pen increase), but lower the damage of premium shells, while also lowering their costs to that of normal shells.
    This balances the game almost overnight, no more brainless premium spamming people that have premium account, no more stressful days for non-premium players trying to figure out if they want to make gold or win the battle, and most importantly, no more “I want to win this fight so I’ll dab the 2 key” moments. You must think, do you REALLY need to pen but at the cost of DPM? Or will you risk not penning, aiming for weak points and having a higher DPM if you do pen.

  33. It’s good if they limit 1 arty per battle and no top tier arties…
    sorry for my bad english:D

  34. That WG producer need be fired asap HE did not do damage always certain heavy armor even right now do 0 damage … There is one big problem teams in MM it time to implement skill based MM in random or give players option leave match – evacuate if he/she see that match is lost due to poor team skill or tank setup for map … (You see it in first 2 minutes ) Second we need new lines for tanks with new mechanics that’s it. Premium rounds should stay as they are but players who use them against lower tier tanks or equal tier tanks in random battles get punishment 0 credits and 0 experience for that match even if use 1 such shell in this case. In e-sports events (skirmishes, war games etc,) use them as you like but not in random.

  35. empty talk or “I cant say anything” was most of the “interview”…pathetic

  36. Some maps are so small I think some of the good features in AW like the counter arty mechanics wont all be possible…

  37. Patrick Gelineau-Roy

    stupid changes. how about they fix wheeled tanks first.

  38. I know it’s too early to whine, but we will see. Now the problem with high tier arty is: either you try to counter the enemy arty -> You miss, then you did 0 dmg but have to wait for 40 seconds, -> You hit, GG you did 500 dmg max. And it’s pretty easy to just move between shots, so the opposing arty just wastes his shells and his time. So they have to somehow fix this, because if the enemy arty just lights up, then you will easily counter them and thus the whole arty gameplay will become a game of chicen. The first to fire will die. And while the arties are trying to counter eachother, they won’t support the team, so the whole class will become absolutely useless. And besides all this, one teams arty will die in the first few minutes no matter what, which is not fun gameplay at all. Just a couple problems to solve.

  39. But of course, no plans to fix the broken wheelies that cross the map in 90 seconds.

  40. The improved counter mechanics and siege mode idea could really butcher every slow SPG. Russian and german spgs will die very often if that goes life. Sounds good at first, but that will just populate tanks like the M55 and the M44 even more i fear. Mobility will suddenly become a very relevant factor

  41. Don’t like the sound of some of the changes to SPG shell type, not sure that artillery being able to better circumvent cover is a good thing. However, changes to counterbattery play would be hugely welcome, at the moment you rely on having a skilled artillery player to manage counterbattery or you’re getting hit by arty all game. Making it more accessible to the average SPG player so they actually try to counterbattery, force enemy arty to move etc sounds like the right direction to take. As you say, the Armored Warfare artillery was one of the things they got mostly right in that game, my only complaint about Armored Warfare artillery was the relentless focus you got from it in the PvE mode (Berlin mode gave me flashbacks of that) 😛

  42. Remove stun from all shell types. Dumbest mechanic ever made.

  43. hey, guys I am arty player and those things which WG is planing to implement are I think good – because they are going to make arty a class that require a lot more skill than its now. BUT the “SPG sixth sense” seems to me like a very bad move from WG I was thinking about these two: 1. some arties like CGC are hard to play on longer range – its shell travels slowly so you will need to shoot somewhere where you think the tank will be going when your shell reaches the ground and 2. thing is that some maps does not have much space to move for arty for example mines northern base have 3 spots where you can go but you cannot really muve much so it would be even more easy than its now to counter enemy arty – one team will have an arty the other team will have nothing and thats really imbalanced. This is of course only my opinion maybe other arty players will think its actually good but… we never know when its only part of testing 😉

  44. I have been waiting for this video for so longg!!! “Arty nerf”

  45. The HE changes dont seem necessary but not too severe as stuff like hesh shells still have great pen and will be able to overmatch side armor and medium armor. They still should fix gold ammo though makes heavy tank missions impossible 😂

  46. If they are going to make arty spotted when it fires, do the same for TDs. And if a light tank spots you, you see where they are spotting you from. Sounds fair.

  47. no changes will make any difference, the only type of players who like arty is shitters, they will spam whatever is the easiest to get dmg and assisted dmg, nothing will change that unless they suddenly make it actually take skill to use one, as in your shell does nothing if you suck at timing it , no stupid splashing behind buildings, or thru roofs, or hitting 3 or 4 tanks trying to stay out of arty fire on a shit map with no cover, people can whine about it and say how much skill it takes and bla bla, but it doesnt, look at the numbers for arty across a whole server, look how many stupid shitters drown themselves, look at the avg dmg in a total shitters garage of tasnks vrs it’s arty , their arty will ALWAYS have over 2x the avg dmg as their tanks do, because they are safe most of the battle in most battles, they dont have to survive in a straight up fight, the other players have to fight multiple tanks at the same time, often from differnt flanks, AND then also try and dodge arty shells from these shitters, if only people would just stop running them in protest, if just everyone stopped running them for a few months maybe they would do something about it

    (i suspect it doesnt matter tho, the vast majority of arty players are terrible at the game, and they make the majority of the entire playerbase so they cant remove arty or all the shitters would leave)

  48. Foch might come back sooner than he thought

  49. Still sounds like they are ignoring the playerbase who want a significant rework of artillery to make them support, rather than the hand of god. To me these changes sound like they make SPG MORE dangerous, rather than less.

  50. Yeah yeah, EBR HE spam. Then there’s the HESH. HESH everywhere.

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