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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ELC Even Best Equipment Setup for Stealth, View Range Spotting / Scouting. World of Tanks Best Camo Tank ELC Even 90 .

ELC Even 90 is back on the channel, after I was finally able to 3-mark it despite quite a crazy map rotation… and we did it, by mastering the art of Invisibility.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Javier Parcatres
  2. Next time please play with sturer

  3. Great little tank! Thx Dez

  4. I’m just here to leave my comment


    Its sa tiny french fries,very fresh camo rating and lala improved very perfecto,mammamia


    He always make me laugh or makes me enjoy the rest of the day

  7. I love running mine this way but I go with binocs and not coated optics. Might as well defeat even more camo.

  8. My favorite light. Elc is a pure ghost

  9. I have replays to prove wg is rigging games and sadly no one famous in wot wants to show the truth about this game

    • 2 days ago i was playing amx 49 tier 8 heavy premium that i got for free and i was at 2 shots maybe to ace it And fkn WARGAMING GHOSTED MY 2 SHELLS IN A FNK SCORPION G FACE TO FACE COMBAT…showed it at a friend that alredy left wot for being so pay to win and he was shocked with what he saw….so yeah problably im to good to play for free and wg is just fucking me or this game ia totaly fake rigged and discusting


  10. The Invisible Baguette XD

  11. I love the Focus on Target directive with a crew trained in Designated Target.

    Right click on someone and they stay lit for 4 seconds longer than expected. Actually time for arty to aim down on someone.

  12. Face reveal dez plz

  13. i play better in bc 12t than i do in elc. not sure why


    Can we just say TY for his amazing content?

  15. Even 90 on Studianski was the key to the last roadblock for the 279e for me. There were so many light tanks playing a few years ago that the Patrol Duty mission was almost impossible solo. Got the 279e the next day after using some directives then completing the last 2 mission 15s (which are a joke if you can do a lot of the previous missions).

  16. Stealth commentary, nice. Gratz with the marks, was a hard birth.

  17. James Irwin-McConnell

    I’ve gotten over 8k spotting (11k comb) in my elc passive scouting lol

  18. can u try next time the k-91-pt and see how much concealment u can reach with that tank

    not gon spoil it

  19. Manticore is also quite fun to play

  20. Elektra Elektra

    t95 was 4 bushed becouze u stood close to tree trunk wich is considered as a boosh …and t95 is a bit higher tank than elc

    ..thats why his commander cupola was in bush and u had no chekpoints to spot untill u proxied him..i think u can test it if u have time 😀

  21. Choppin my way downtown

    I would be ashamed of myself

  22. T95 being invisible until only proxy spotted is ridiculous. Yet another example of why I stopped playing. Mechanics ,like alot of other things in the game don’t seem to be consistent, so much of the game is just RNG and unbalanced.

  23. Not RNG
    It’s RMG (Random Map Generator)

  24. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    To practise invisibility M56 Scorpion took me into south cap on SiegfriedLine where i was hiding in a bush and was not to be seen by players more than 51meters away.

  25. in 2 of the 4 games there is also an afk…………….in a little while only the rollers the ”golden boys” and the Bots will be playing by their own. the game is nightmare

  26. That ram made me think of a shopping cart dinging my door. Here in the US sometimes a cart will get going down a slop and run right into the side of your car leaving a ding, small dent. LoL

  27. In this film, we hope to show you, how not to be seen.
    This is the ELC EVEN 90 of France, would you stand up please.
    The ELC has learned the first lesson of not being seen. Not to stand up. However he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover! *KABOOM*

  28. Anders Karlsson

    I think you had a Jingles moment there Dez.. That’s not a even 90, that’s a stEven 90… I’ll see myself out. 😀

  29. They all coping iyouxin

  30. Congratiulations Dez 🙂 Can you do this kind of spotting also with AMX 12t (tier 6) and Batchat 12t (Tier 8)?

  31. Stephen Johnson

    My experience with scouting goes something like this, I light most of the enemy team and keep them lit for three minutes for approximately 100 spotting assist. begin to wonder why nobody is shooting the enemy and before I can finish that thought ten of my team are dead and my MoE progress takes another nose dive.

  32. What makes the ELC even deadlier than the Manticore, is the fact that at tier 8, most tanks don’t have 445 view range or higher like they would in tier 10. Sure, the Manti can crack 56% cammo or something crazy like that, but everything has more view range and cammo by default at tier 10; I was on Minsk once, and I knocked down the tiniest tree on the road in the city, and my ELC was not spotted the entire match, until a T28 proxied me; I was standing still behind the smallest tree ever, it was great lol; now, CVS instead of vents, that’s something I gotta try

  33. I have 42% camo on my Sheridan with 506 m view range and cvs is this good enough for a light?

  34. Dez what video capture and editing software do you use?

  35. E25 has also insane camo, pretty much like ELCs camo!

  36. Had a similar experience marking the T-54 ltw, something like 121 standard games, Prohk once, Malinovka once. Light tank marking is just painful because of this, you get bad map rotation and you really struggle, get good map rotation and it becomes relatively easy, which makes it more about luck than it should be.

  37. Jari Heimoluoto

    Some times i take the lt432 just to go ram elc drivers. The elc has a shity gun but i still have one of my best damage light tank games on this tank.

  38. social3ngin33rin

    Who needs to be an artist when you can pay2win?

  39. congrats !!

  40. @DezGamez, I don’t know, if someone mentioned this already, but you can make the camo value even more crazy by adding the Natural Cover directive, on my ELC the camo values are 56.63/14.16.

  41. heres a tip: low noise exhaust directive is better than the camo skill directive, just in case people were using the latter 🙂

  42. are those Crew Members from an event or something?
    they don’t look like normal French crew.

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