Matilda Craziness

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Source: Circonflexes

Platoon with Billy, in our Matilda Black Princes!


  1. Trying first comment 😀

  2. Wasup ma dudes

  3. The Premium and Reward Tanks 3-Marking sessions has begun? HUZZAH!!
    P.S: It should’ve been CRAZINESS, but you’re forgiven, Circon 🙂 🙂

  4. Billy? How old is this video

  5. The Matilda; the venerable Queen of the desert. Such a shame that the armour doesn’t hold up particularly well against tier fives.

  6. I had the Matilda no but it was to slow

  7. Aced it in first battle with 3k dmg never play it again from 2017

  8. The bot programming seems legit

  9. your toon mate sounds a bit like mimsey from south park XD

    • Chris_Wooden_Eye

      That’s the famous Billy ! Who according to Jingles its always Billy’s fault. No matter what happened it’s his fault.

  10. Happy 75th Anniversary of V E Day everyone.

  11. That’s super base exp at that tier gj.

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Are you kidding this tank is OP 🙃

  13. good show thank’s…the oi going over was perfect!

  14. The BlackTankFormallyKnownAsPrince…

  15. I do like the MBP, 1marked it the other day but since the recent hit point update I’m down to 60%😩😂

  16. Scintillating and riveting gameplay.

  17. 5:42 just noticed, Billy got shot for 107dmg (prob from marder) and then killed by the toaster, he didn’t get high rolled there by the toaster 😛

  18. Billy getting high rolled… #NeverLucky

  19. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Like I watch these videos and he has no RNG. If this was me 1/3 of my shots even aimed, with gold and at point blank would sail over the enemy or so it feels. And yeah I also feel for the OI Exp. I’ve had tanks roll off that stupid little road too. I think it’s because you used to be able to go there no problem then when they reworked the map they had to just put something in that would kill you for no reason.

  20. Saw Billy, rememberd watching Team Balles good times, RIP Team battles.

  21. @circon matilda golf when?

  22. IRL Cavalier had 410hp engine ( 14.9hp/tonne ) and Cromwell had 600hp ( 21.4hp/tonne )

  23. DarknessInferno15

    You think this is bad, I remember the tier V Matilda premium they brought out on console. It has a 2pdr gun. Just sit there and think about that for a second.

  24. I was watching the old Dream Team Streams the other day, laughed my butt off when you guys ran into Billy’s boys on the other team. Speaking of which, have we already missed “Punch Highflyer in the Dick Day?” I can never remember when that rolls around.

  25. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    It goes forward with like 15km/h and even stops to turn … yet it is not a Heavy? wtf?

  26. Quadroflix Humixerum

    2:03 you bounced the M4, because it is a M4 “Improved”!

  27. I literally couldn’t stand the pain of playing this tank, so I stopped playing it at 90% marks, returned to it after 6 months and fortunately, thank the lord, I got the marks on first battle due to expected values change. felt really good

  28. Sebastian Moore

    Hey, I was there for this game!

  29. #blamebilly

  30. why are you at tier 4 with gold ammo and prem consumables

  31. O-I derping with AP? 🤔

  32. The cavalier is just a shittier tier 5 comet 😛 if you make the cromwell tier 7 and give it vert stabs id only play the cromwell

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