Maus did The Impossible in 1 vs 8! | World of Tanks Maus Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to show you one Epic Battle where The Mighty Maus itself goes alone versus 8 enemy vehicles. The things are about to happen, definitely deserve your attention! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. Dezember is here… let’s get things going with some juicy Maus action! Everything that happens in this game is just… From an Oscars Gala. 😛
    Stay tuned, some beautiful things coming soon! 🙂

  2. Sorry but a full gold load out doesn’t make you the best player, makes you terrible because you gotta compensate for how terrible you are.

  3. the red team are morons

  4. well, mine enemy’s never stop caping the base..

  5. Its not maus its the mighty bauss

  6. easy when playing lower teirs and morons

  7. 15 impostor on the enemi team

  8. Full gold noob

  9. The enemy team: Nice we Will win this game easily
    Maus: imma end this man whole career

  10. Who could have thought a tank that is super hard to pen and kill with 3300 hp would be able to beat 5 low hp tanks and 4 full hp tanks. >.> You’d think after 5 kills they would go cap the point. >.<

  11. Oh look an all Gold load out. What a surprise. Don’t even feel like finishing the video.

  12. all the t30 had to do was take advantage of that hill to accelerate and beat the maus side or back .. that’s it Game over

  13. shoutout to that stupid t30 lolololol

  14. Michael Grießacher

    dont show it to WG or the will nerf the Maus, only Russian tanks are allowed to do something like this

  15. 1 game from 10k will get all thys enemis -muppets-

  16. Foch announcement reaction?

  17. am always amazed how scared top tier tanks are scared of losing hp. If that T30 had just taken 1 – 2 shots, he could have easily driven around the mouse in his side or behind and probably pen him.

  18. adCaptandum Vulgus

    all this did was show us, “use special ammo!”

  19. Oh, T30….all you had to do was roll downhill, eat the maus shots, and put 1 gold round into his side.

  20. The decal is top tier.

  21. Ostravská Klobása

    Finally a sequel to the legendary Maus 11 kills video from 2012

  22. I’d love to know what equipment they use in these epic replays

  23. Wow what a battle. He went ham for sure

  24. There was a battle I had the other day on that map with the GC and I had to support a Maus who was at B6. Sitting at D1 gives you a lot of options to give support as a clicker. We ended up losing the match, but it was pretty close. I believe it was a 1 vs 4 for the Maus in the north with 2-3 tanks popping from mid. After having played the map a few times with the changes… I think it’s even worse than the old version in some ways. I know with the old map, a clicker could not hit tanks on the North side coming in from the east. Yet, on this version, you can hit pretty much everyone. The play style of the map didn’t change one bit. The players still play it the same way.

  25. I wonder what build or equipment he use for the mighty monster maus.

  26. Luckily for Alies, Germans built only one and a half of Mauses.

  27. I had a Mouse in my team last night . Died with 0 dmg against a t95 and a t28 proto .

  28. Well dezgamez you did it again you made a awesome video hopefully I will win in the giveaway .

  29. Situations like that 140 make me so mad. The game just keeps saying NOPE to you while a tank 100 tons lighter than yours is outbrawling you in a corridor. That guy had no right to be alive for so f888ing long.

  30. Amazing!

  31. This video is great reminder why World of Tanks sucks balls…
    You have most epic game in ages and manage to win 1vs8 situation and achieve 8 medals! You don’t spam consumables or gold and you are running premium account so you should have steady gain of credits… right?

    NOPE! Wargaming thinks that even if you win and play well you should still feel bad and punished for playing the game without premium vehicles from the gold store or loot boxes!

    There should be real rewards depending on your play style that would give you credits for each medal earned. This would make players play the game so that they could try find each tanks role and style that would suit their own playstyle. If you give players lets say reward like 2000*”tier”*medal (2000*10*8=160 000) then this game would have felt rewarding and you would be hyped to go into next one but after seeing all the work you did and getting slap on the wrist makes you want to close the game and not get your friends involved.

    I understand that as game house you are supposed to make profit but seeing how bad the economy in WOT is then there really is no enjoyment in this game anymore for me at least…

  32. In this map, cap the base is always guarantee win. That enemy biggest mistake.

  33. To be honest, if the enemy teams’ WZ had a little brains, this battle would be an easy win for them. This is epic battle indeed, but you definately need some brainless players in enemy team, to perform like this

  34. 竹音ヲタ_飲兵衛

    Super mickey mouse

  35. Already seen it, but very good replay isn’t it?

  36. Didn’t know Maus had APCR for standard…

  37. Too many paid actors :-). Only good player, was Obj.140, rest of them was a crap.

  38. nice music

  39. wasnt the MAUS using only gold apcr?
    and i completely get the t30… stock gun sucks big D, and a free to play player wont use gold in most situations…
    when i am low on credits (and thats often due to grinding) i wont use gold in a situation like this because i know that i probably wont hit where i am aiming…
    i use gold only if i am the maus on 8-9 kills and i face something like a maus too…

  40. What no 3 Arty no game this is a old match

  41. I saw this video and I got excited because the Maus is my favorite tank and my first tier 10

  42. 1:43 “tertiary” is the word you might have been looking for. What a game and commentary!

  43. Full gold, disgusting

  44. Dont get me wrong he did great but I got a lot of lucky moments and things

  45. Because decent players would have capped anyway.

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