Maus / El Halluf / “The Slow Agent”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It’s been whole weeks since I last put up a Maus replay, which is clearly a serious and egregious deficiency, and something in need of rectification post-haste!

…Look, have some Maus, is what I’m saying.


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. Under 301 Club :)

  2. The pl from “Maus” is “Mäuse”

  3. Could it be possible if you could upload in 1080p? i sometimes find it
    difficult to read some of the texts on the screen.

  4. themightyvanguard

    I have vk45a and was thinking about stopping at the vk45b but WG are
    changing it yet again so now I’m very uncertain about proceeding down that
    tech line, I have tiger 2 aswel and also thinking of stopping at the e75
    and leaving out the e100 but who knows, I might just end up getting both
    tier 10s and keeping the e75 😉 

  5. The correct german plural of ‘maus’ is ‘mäuse’ which is pronounced like
    ‘moyse’, with the ‘oy’ as in ‘ploy’.

  6. Replay or Record Derp….No that was lag

  7. Vollmeissel3achtel

    The jpz could have shot he too though… And that tier X brit tds ra
    actually like arty that’s super accurate…

  8. In german the plural of “Maus” is “Mäuse”(i cant explain how to pronounce

  9. MAUS REPLAY. Immediate +1.

  10. That T-62 missed a Maus he was literally scraping sides with. Must be that
    accuracy nerf.

  11. Chuckles Bachelor

    Thanks again for putting up a normal video.. Any tips or facts that help
    me out come from failings or misplays and tips on how to avoid and it is
    welcomed. You at least try for us mediocre players who what to improve. Do
    you know any other people who still do that? I actually unsubscribed
    Quickybaby cause all his WOT videos were “Hey guys look at this outstanding
    play by (insert normally green or purple player name) and how well he plays
    in this 12 kill game.” That only teaches me how middle ground I am at this

  12. Hmmm, I couldn’t see the “Maus drivers do it with their pants up” bumper
    sticker on the back of Jedi’s tank…

  13. Well played to the enemy JPz E100 though! 9.9k damage from him! Anyways,
    great game Jedi, unfortunate to come out with a loss

  14. Well played Jedi, nice video! mause would be my kind of tank. Slow and
    steady. Just like my self! :)

  15. That camping Jg Pz E100 has over a 1,000 battles in that tank with a 45%
    WR. Makes you wonder how many of his games he just sits at base and
    contributes bugger all to his team

  16. another game only fun because there was no shitbag arty making everyone hug
    a rock all match

    arty ruins this game

  17. Lmfao tomatoe jingles being useless as usual at H4… what a nut 

  18. the maus is epic i thinks its awesome fun to troll gold spammers constantly
    and troll artys too :D

  19. In my opinion, it would have mattered if you act more as a meat shield
    rather than a damage dealer.. If you protected the E 100 that was with you
    around the corner, you might take 1000 more damage but then the E 100 would
    have live and you would not have lost all of your hit points fighting the
    T-62A.. Also if you flank that A1 corner earlier then the people in A1 will
    take less damage and can support you in taking out the Jg. Pz. E100, so he
    would not have done over 9000 damage, and 1 more tank means a greater
    chance of taking out the final camper. But hey, it is always easy to judge
    after a battle so I think it is a good enough result, as least for a maus

  20. Oh, so that’s how Intuition works… that’s the 1st time i actually see it
    used. (i guess having that pimped-out crew helps =p)
    Actually, does it activate on its own, or did you press the 1 key for AP
    and then it has a chance to activate?
    I’m wondering cause i might put it on arty to try….. and yea i play arty,
    i’m there to be sure you can’t play in your maus in interesting ways =3
    (joking actually, and i’ll be the 1st one to say that arty is broken,
    stupid, annoying, and way too much RNG-reliant to be fun on both ends)

  21. TheAllMightyLight

    i hate slow tanks HOW the fuck do u stand them…

  22. Jedi u should play heroes and generals, it’s free and it’s WT and Wot
    combined but there’s INFANTRY that you can be if tank or plane gets rekt. I
    know u will like it :)

  23. Hello tankers and tankettes and welcome to A MAUS GAME!

  24. ”Another fun game brought to you by THE LACK OF ARTY!” Jedi did awesome
    dmg, enemy Jageru did epic dmg, hell even Jingles did nice dmg in an
    unreliable TD, so thank you MM for the absence of skycancer.

  25. You say, “Caught with his pants down” a few times in this video. Starting
    to think YOU may play the Maus pants less.

  26. Maus Replay = Immediate +1

  27. “caught with his pants down” maybe it was an offer of butt sex for Jingles

  28. ചൊറിയാൻ മാക്രി

    enemy jagpze100 did 9,910 omg n he died one of the first 5

  29. Well, that was kinda painful to watch. O_o

    And Circon spamming prem rounds? Noooooo! ;p

    Not sure what to think of this, otherwise. Other than “heavy tanks get
    screwed by mediums”.

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