MAUS – HEAVIEST TANK IN GAME Just got “HEAVIER” (War Thunder Maus Gameplay)

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MAUS – HEAVIEST TANK IN Just got “HEAVIER” (War Thunder Maus Gameplay)

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  1. #comebackmaus

  2. Pls say to gaijin to fix the br for the 6.7 because the poor german tigers 2 can not play with 7.7

  3. are you just trying to piss the players who just started researching tier 5 when it got removed right now?

  4. Robert Bartholomay

    I got killed by a jumbo so I came back with 2000 kegs to drop right on his face

  5. nimkoman lol 242

    Maus need to be 7.3

  6. Its so much phun to play as the Maus on xbox

  7. Wait i thought the maus is no longer there

  8. Add subtitles in spanish 🙂

  9. The Winning Drake

    I dont play war thunder since they did remove the maus

  10. *wehn die soldaten song(Germany 🇩🇪) *

  11. Matthew Rikihana

    In answer to “what year is it?” Owing to the increase of the already massive armor of the Maus, gravity potential in the vicinity of the Maus means while the battle occurs in the mid 1970s , the Maus itself is still in 1945. (ref: Richard Fynman)

  12. Day 9 of trying to get Phly to play the AB 43

  13. Nightcore Family

    i LOVE the maus

  14. Can you do j20 2a review

  15. My teacher: So what does a Mouse do?
    Me and all the war thunder players: *Brainless piece of sh_t*

  16. PhlyDaily, did you just rage quit @15:10?

  17. FuBRRRRRTck

  18. Panzer VI Striker

    Play Asu-57 in 10.0 attempt 2

  19. 0:12 ayyy the song I used in my war thunder video I just hit 40 subscribers GAMERZZ

  20. I’m not crying… I’m not…

  21. Γρηγόρης Πανούσης

    phly: that’s an isu, no it’s a t10m
    me: bruh thats a bush

  22. Your the best xd have a good day… 👍😁

  23. I got so damn close to getting a maus, Sadddd

  24. TheMetalfreak360


  25. Some one should replace Mighty Mouse rockets with maus’

  26. Armageddon armada

    You’re as *thic* as the day I lost you

  27. Virgin planeflys
    Chad TankPlayers

  28. Why in the facking world of Gaijin they are updating a removed tank ? FOR real Gaijin non sens fix ur facking Game!!

  29. the maus is so broken….. i shot it with muh .50 and it did nothing …….it should go to 11.7 and have its armor halved

  30. Ferri Anandri Husen

    @Phlydaily 19:14 That’s me holding the A Point using BT-5 (Batavia_Crews) OMG!!!


    how do you get the maus its not on the tech tree i think

  32. If you play Animal crossing you will get 1mil easy lol

  33. “Wish my team had come over to the objective” – says Phly who is camping his ass all the time in the back lines.

  34. Omfg… got an Xbox live pass ad right after the kruppstahl meter popped up! Perfect coincidental sound design!! x’D

  35. How to get the maus ?🤔

  36. @PhlyDaily could you play some Leopard 1?

  37. The hooded Figur

    Phly I just realized you have never made a pz 38t attempt#32

  38. Revenge-killing is the dumbest thing there is! IMHO

  39. now that everybody who was researching their maus got it, and no new players even see it in their techtrees, they have buffed the soft stats…. not many people play it (myself included), but sometimes everything works your way, and those matches are more satisfying than any other match you might play just right. perhaps, now that almost nobody plays this tank, they see how much the powercreep has affected it, and they make it better. i should try my maus…

  40. 2004 toyota corolla

    petition phor phly to drop 0:13 on spotiphy


  41. Loved the Vid Phly! 🙂

  42. wait thought maus was delete from the game, how did he play it?

  43. Once i bonced 18 shots with a panther A, dudes got really mad lol
    Challenge: bounce atleast 10 shots with any panther gl Phly, love ya

  44. Phly I love how Gaijin loves to talk about how overpowered the maus is and then they buff its armor

  45. 2:17 you can ciws in that???

  46. Chally 2F video when?

  47. Gay in logic remove the tank then buff it…

  48. Maus actual weakness is not their speed or outdated machine….
    their biggest weakness is team up with Leopards.

  49. And here I am just wishing I could armor view the maus so I could see where to shoot it.

  50. The maus is back?

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