MAUS In 2020 (War Thunder)

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  2. Damnit Terry.

  3. ArticFreeze - Rover

    Mad respect for using Dream Riser from Girls und Panzer

  4. I wish to see Phly playing with Dollar in Maus in WarThunder.

  5. I had to re-watch that plane dropping bombs in the intro at least four times, it was a very much needed laugh with the sound effects

  6. I’m at 7.0 and vs maus every once and awhile I’ve been in a walker bulldog and a m59 and just walk up to a maus and went welp I’m death the got blasted to the next dimension

  7. The last game you played is what I normally get with my tiger II (H) so if I could use the Mauss I would be so happy

  8. Gives a new meaning to “long range yeets” love the Maus

  9. May I have the name of the opening music?

  10. i want this tonk so much

  11. The Zesty Lime098

    Can you still get this thing? I mean I eont even have anything bigger than the flak 88 truck for any nation but I feel the game has gone the complete opposite direction from when this was the king of armor.

    I’d like the relic of the past for what it represents in the history of the war and the game.

  12. We need to get our Maus back! Not by stupid damn tournaments or bloody “I hate my life” construction events, I´m still hoping that gaijin will decide to make same operation S.U.F.F.E.R. as last year and put Maus in 5/10 badges reward as non-premium nostalgy vehicle (because lets face it, while it is great, giving it away as max badge reward would be scam at this br).

  13. Wait. Is it back in the game?

  14. *intro start* Wait i know what this song is

    *inner weebs starts kicks in* AH SH*T HERE WE GO AGAIN

  15. 69 dislikes

  16. A Basic Understanding

    Does anyone else think it’s bullshet that the maus is removed from game but the object 279 is in?

  17. If you know the intro music then you’re a cultured person

  18. You should try playing Americans at 8.0 rn, it’s suffering

  19. I want those WW2 events back too….they were awesome, just don’t litter them with “steal x amount of kills” taks or something like that, just give us the WW2 experience!

  20. Zucka Blatt 🤬

  21. TheChosenNoob666 YT

    Is the e100 worth it feel free to comment anyone

  22. I thought evangelion has started for a sec

  23. There is also a lot of 6.7 British tanks that kan kill it frontaly like the fv 4202 thhat for some reason can go through the tiger 2s upper plate from close range

  24. Girls und panzer music at the start. Love it

  25. I can’t tell if 69 dislikes is a good thing or a bad thing

  26. Why did they remove it again? Because the armour was not good enough at 7.7?and it would be too OP at 7.0…why not put it at 7.3 then? Really not that complicated to balance…

  27. Does anyone else thought the piano music after the intro? Is it the GuP dream riser??

  28. I wonder if phly watches girls und Panzers



  31. The girls und panzer music works too well

  32. The bomb hitting the tank with a tap got me laughing

  33. Love how u used the girls und panzer opening there phly

  34. PHLY I also think that there isnt a good event in war thunder for years and many thing has changed

  35. Phly take out kv 122 its been years

  36. I kinda want to play my mouse….but it’s stock ._.

  37. Phly would you please remove your lines about PTSD from yout content?

  38. Girls und panzer song heard

  39. Been watching a ton of your vids and now I’ve downloaded the game. Did alright on my first game, but sucked in the second. Gotta deal with a Pkwiii at the moment. Loving your content mate.

  40. Ermin Ibrahimovic

    Maus is german kv-2

  41. Me: (before this video) Is this click bait.

    Me: (during and after) nope

  42. He, but how about playing the tortoise?? :>

  43. i miss the maus, i was to late i couldn’t resaerch him in time 🙁

  44. how does he still have it?

  45. A Gaijin event called tier one vs big bois

    (Tier 1 tanks vs maus)

  46. GF: You have an erection. You watching porn?

    Guy: Kinda

  47. Now tiger 105 and panther 2

  48. I hate that ill never be able to grind out the maus

  49. For me, this video started with a World of Tanks ad. xD

  50. The girls und panzer piano instrumental. Nice touch, Phly.

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