MAUS IS BACK | Gravity Warping SUPER HEAVY TANK (Maus Gameplay)

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MAUS IS BACK | Gravity Warping SUPER HEAVY TANK (Maus Gameplay)

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    • @Chris Riggs Its because the servers are slow right now for console, so it says the arcade battle rating…I too am a fellow PS4 Player

    • The Most Interesting Man On Youtube as long as you have some research points into the maus, after the 2nd the maus will be still researchable for you. You don’t have to go crazy trying to get all pts for it in a couple days.

    • THANK YOU PhlyDaily thank you.

    • I said I wasn’t going to buy more eagles today, until I saw 3% off…

    • @Paul Boddèle
      If you can find a better discount, use it. If you can’t, well, any discount is better than no discount. Or you can simply not spend the money. You’re choice…

  2. 20:41 Almost messed up your word choices there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Phly why aren’t you hyped about the BB’s yet?

  4. Do phly has discord?

  5. In my personal opinion, the Maus in real life would be much better than it is in game. The Maus got nerfed into the dirt in game. In real life, those bullets would barely scratch it. But then again, fairly modern vehicles dating around the 1950’s-1980’s up against a heavy tank from the 40’s isn’t a good idea. So I could understand why those bullets penetrate. Gajin really needs to do their battle ratings more realistically. That’s just me though. Think what you want.

  6. I don’t think I’ve played that chunky boi in a year I really need to go for a roll

  7. Time to play the cold war MBT of communist China, the Type 59! Attempt: 1

  8. Blackhawkdown Semper Fi

    Beautiful gameplay, so majestic! Honestly maus should be 7.3 or 7.5 something because it’s not as beautiful and menassing as it used to be

  9. Shit playing the Tiger 2 is painful. Heat fin stabilized on the front plate is the worst. War Thunder really needs to divide Cold War and ww2 tanks…

  10. hey phly love the vids but can you do a pershing line up (m26 , T26E1-1 , m26E1 , m26 T99)

  11. well i won’t going to get the maus :’3 because server crashing a lot! and i can’t play

  12. How much SL did you lose is a better statement then getting hit by 600-1200mm pen ATGM:s.

  13. Ahhh finally a worthy opponent to fight

  14. this remember me to never touch germany 7.7 again

  15. Can you do War Robots pls.

  16. Sooo close to 1 mil

  17. Very historical, maus fights with helicopters and MBTs

  18. Nigel…. *get the AVRE*

  19. Its all fun and games in the Maus untill you see a ATGM flying in ur direction and get ATGMd

  20. yep i like to play maus in WoT( World of Tanks) but i can’t saerh it on PC

  21. Good ol days when Phly was adult-friendly

  22. MAUS Panzer is stronk, unless i play it, on this point it has an armor like a cardboard box. ^^

  23. “Merry christmas everybodey.” on OCTOBER 30TH

  24. I don’t wait playing Maus, but i just want that in my collection :D.

  25. “Mauwus”
    -Warthunder officially Instagram account

  26. A tank the size of a hangar and it can only fit two fire extinguishers?

  27. O , i have found the maus ! Where is my reward Seb770 is my name 😂😂😂
    PS: Phly i like your videos

  28. LOL @ “Strong independent male”!!!!

  29. Wtf,? Sorry about that but mause together with heli🤯🤯🤯😵😵😵

  30. 2:20 is my new message alert

  31. “You’re a strong independent male!” Haha I almost die 🤣🤣

  32. lol even at 7.7 i will absolutely annihilate the maus in my is-4m

  33. Hey Phly. Got a suggestion for a cool video.
    Please play some matches without using the in game HUD so you don’t have the minimap or can see friendly player names etc.
    Makes for some fun and scary games.

  34. War Tinder sounds like a dating app for war thunder players

  35. Marcello Alexander Siregar

    yay mause back

  36. CREEPER 0:02

  37. KMS Friedrich der Große

    Finally after playing the game for eight years I can actually research the maus
    I should have just went for Germany and only did Germany the entirety of the eight years I probably would have been up to the leopard 2A5 by now but I wouldn’t had as much fun as I did playing the American mediums and the Russian tanks and Japanese planes

  38. I have a Problem
    I can t make a new squad an i cant play war thunder anymore with my friends can sombody help me
    Sorry for my bad Englisch i am from bavaria in 🇩🇪

  39. Heard something like war tinder – kinda yeah

  40. Pls play with the japanese ki109 (14th attempt)

  41. I wonder if they make it available again

  42. I used Maus and survive 21 bombs

  43. its so slow it should be at 7.3 cuz anything at 6.3 can pen it anyways

  44. He’s stuck at 900k for ages.

  45. 4K away from a million love the channel keep it up 👍

  46. Guess who’s back, back again, Maus is back, tell a friend Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back

  47. I hope he get 1 mil soon

  48. tfw im at t3 and I literally can’t get the maus no matter how hard I try and my only hope is next year despite it being my favorite tank

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