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  1. 🚀SALE HERE GET 3% off War Thunder GE & Vehicles 🚀 – –
    Thanks phellas 🙂

    • How the cinnamon toast f*ck do you fire the 2 main cannons seperatly? I can not figure out how -.-

    • Phly can you please do another “ 15 Maus’ vs the smallest tank In War Thunder the L3/33C the Rematch 2021” I’m sure most of us would love this again but this time 15 Maus’ (mouse’s) Vs about 50 “Tiny Italien L3’s” as the last time you did this which you died multiple times lol, also this would make me happy since I’m going through a hard time, if you can’t do this I would still be happy if you can acknowledge this reply phly keep up the great videos.
      – Sincerely OrangetheMaus
      (Ps your Videos make me happy every afternoon and every day thanks for that)

    • I think they should add a fuel system into war Thunder like it’s supposed to be realistic so they should have wear like if you shoot the gas tank off the back of the mouse that it starts leaking gas and can cause a fire or I can run out of gas and then you’ll just be a bunker in place

    • Real question is can Maus Kill a 🐁🐭🐁🐭🐁🐭🐁

    • Hey what’s the best tank in 4.7? I’m new and have just been using Great Britain

  2. Maus gameplay = Views = Me Click!

  3. not to be that guy, i thought that when a barrel is disabled (broken) that the gun could not be fired, am i missing something? (no hate please just a genuine question)

  4. Most beloved vehicle in the game. It’s unbalanceable and is rightly so. Screw fairness! Rank does not matter – Skill matters. In old shooters or action games of our childhood, did we give up just because one level was too hard? No. You come back the next day, better refined with lessons learned.

    It’s War Thunder. For CCCP, it’s the T-34. It’s why we’re here. There is the Maus! The one from all your test drives! It’s… why we’re here!

  5. Bruh:can’t research maus because i dont have enough sl to buy a rank 6 ithink

  6. I am having my o-levels so I can’t play


  8. While you’re having fun with German vehicles, perhaps you’d consider: # 239 – Take the duck to the pond. (Hs.129 b-3 in naval battles)

  9. Spawncamping in an almost unkillable tank for the BR. Warthunder 101. What a joke of a game.

  10. Day 20: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness.

  11. You do these videos, then all the retards take out their mice.

  12. For those newer Maus players, dont be like Phly, take some HE in the 128.

  13. gaijin
    not premium
    they did something right?

  14. Phly makes a video about MAUS, everyone starts taking it to battles

  15. Hey everyone I need help the sale for war thunder is coming up for USA and Germany should I get the m46 tiger or t54e1 and mPKz m47 g or ru251

  16. Generalfeldmarschall Cryatoc

    Just readd it to the damn tech tree!!!!! No way I’m gonna get to it in time, I’m pissed

  17. Another year of missing out on the Maus

  18. Now I regret punching my computer on face

  19. cardboard fortress against guns that can go through it’s armour multiple times over, love to see it

  20. when you see a maus or tutel you know your fuck if you don’t destroy quickly their cannon barel

  21. 21:39 That stop sign just started breakdancing

  22. maus and b1 ter have the same gameplay, angle and hope to don’t get spot by plane

  23. this makes me wanna take my Maus out for fun but i know for a fact imma get F*cked by ATGMs in like 2 seconds and be SL bankrupted XD

  24. did anyone else see that sign?? 21:35

  25. unbelievable. im actually reinstalling this almost phun game beacause of a single vehicle….

  26. Иво Неделчев

    sometimes phly just switches to some alien language and this terrifies me

  27. yo do u know who 2and900 was @phlydaily

  28. Now I just want panther 2

  29. It’s fun to think the “small” side gun is actually the same 75mm of a stug/pz IV

  30. Ah yes, the Maus: a bunker that roleplays as a tank.

  31. How can i get the Maus 🐭 Tank

  32. Imagine being in your first 7.0 tank and you roll in and turn a corner and this thing is in front of you

  33. No wonder why i saw like about 5 maus in my team and about 2 maus on the other team XD lol too many maus or should i say mices

  34. I’m buying dat maus

  35. in my opinion the maus is just the greatest tank ever made, leave it to the germans to make such a beast

  36. I spent all night yeeting MAUS players with the fv4005 hesh soooo fun

  37. The Soviet aphe can’t penetrate the mouse frontaly at all 7.7 and below only tanks with heat or apds can pen it frontaly

  38. I can finally get the maus! Literally one month after I began playing War Thunder for the first time, they removed the maus. I play world of tanks, so I already knew about the maus and wanted to get it. SO HAPPY!

  39. Should you angle your turret armor, like in world of tanks? I can finally get the maus!

  40. Maus is relatively balanced vehicle

  41. Can confirm. I’m a high school graduate and I have the Maus.

  42. Xa-38 use it in tank rb and bonk some panzars

  43. Just wanted to know are you using the 300+pen round or the other 28kg round…the one same as the Jagdtiger.And as always an absolutely awesome video 🙂

  44. The 100 dislikes are victims of the MAUS

  45. My computer just craped out on Wednesday, she’ll crash after 5 minutes of game play. Guess I’m not getting the maus.

  46. Minecraftwizzard 2010

    Maus exist

    P47, Soviet bombers, or any plane with bombs: haha easy target

  47. *Doom music kicks in*

  48. Mattman vlogs /games

    “what are you doing?”
    “Hunting tigers”
    “Dude that’s illegal”
    “The germans can make more”

  49. The Maus rises again

  50. Main reason I started on german tank tree was for the mouse , so maybe I shuld get a try again

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