Maus / Lakeville / “You cannot pass!”

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I almost went with “The Maus: An Unexpected Mastery” instead – there’s something very Tolkienesque about this particular tank. Maybe it’s the fact that has a secret inscription in Elvish on it, that says “Load prem ammo, friend, and pen”.


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  1. congrats, nothing better than a derpy mastery 😉

  2. Seems like PHJ really really likes his Maus…

  3. Keep up the great vids jedi

  4. Can’t play on iPhone?

  5. You have to stop zooming out before you shoot. You messed up some shots that way :/ But gratz anyway.

  6. I don’t have a maus my self, but why were you wiggling after the T110 fired, he wasn’t going to fire before you did.

  7. “Ace Maustery” is why I’m subscribed to your channel.

  8. Jedi, it’s called the Maustery badge! No different!

  9. The ability of the maus to just sit on a road and just be like “YOU SHALL NOT PASSS!” is epic.

  10. Gandalf Maus….Noooo!

  11. Your description was very humorous this morning. 🙂


  13. If you’ve played it at the very beginning of the week (like 1am on Monday), that might explain the badge.

  14. More Maus video plz!

  15. Maus uses spot… Oh this can only go well!

  16. I like how caption guy held his bad words on this replay 😀 Very well played sir! Now I want a Maus, gimme yours? 
    (By the way : bewm!)

  17. Ooh! You forgot to mention you’re top tier Jedi!

  18. That pun was legendary.

  19. this is y im grinding toward the maus

  20. Thanks Jedi.Man you have this bad habit of not taking your time shooting,I was to the point of wanting to smash my monitor watching you donk those simple shots lmao.

  21. I think the “Lawl, gold noob.” argument needs to go away now that “gold” isn’t… you know.. Gold. “Lawl, more expensive better round using noob! How dare you come prepared for bigger more heavily armored tanks!”   

  22. I have the same “weird low exp” for a ace tanker on my obj. 140. Guess the 140 players had a bad week!

  23. ace maustery PERFECT joke hahahahahahah

  24. Thank you so much for correctly quoting the book 😀

  25. haha wtf not even 800xp and mastery badge damn

    • Well to be fair the actual base XP was 1200+. Courageous Resistance denies the Loss penalty (you receive as much XP as if you won).
      in 8.9/8.10 however in the team results it showed the base, BASE XP, while in the Detailed Report the Courageous Resistance was displayed as a bonus.

  26. why are those colours on minimap? are you daltonic?

  27. The awards depends a lot on how many other players have played that vehicle in a certain period and what they did in those games.

    Maybe, not that many people play the Maus.

    It was a gg on your behalf holding off those tanks for so long.

  28. 15k+ potential damage! Awesome angling Jedi. Great replay again.

  29. I think you should get credits for bouncing shots. Depending on the caliber of the gun the more credits would you get.

  30. DAMN you JEDI Now I want a Maus!!! I haven’t even started that part of the German line yet…(haven’t bothered buying the pz38na) but to T9 in the other lines DAMN YOU!!!

  31. This is a perfect example of why win rate means shit for a lot of players.

  32. One of the people that deserve more subscribers and likes is you, jedi. Great vid, recently found your channel and it rocks!

  33. are you german?

  34. i think ur using mods

  35. Jedi killed Chuck Norris!

  36. There is no such thing as a bad pun. There is also no such thing as a good pun. Some are worse than others, but that is all.

  37. I have seen couple replays and i must say. What is this counter-strike style of aiming? You aim and shoot like its awp?! Do you get accuracy buff or what when you aim like that? When i aim, i turn back to 3rd person after i see shell going to its target. For me, i see the 1st and 3rd person crosshairs little bit off if you change between the two. Does the game auto correct crosshair´s position when it´s over a target when you are in  3rd person and after you switch to 1st person to aim?

  38. My first time watching PHJ. To be honest this was hard to watch. There was a lot of mistakes made. I don’t play on the EU server though. I understand if you like PHJ’s channel if you’re going to hate. But, honestly I average 900+ raw xp and 800+ games 59% win rate in the Maus without platooning. I don’t know if his computer creates the poor reaction times or if he doesn’t play with much patience in his shots. Was hard to tell, maybe both. If I could give PHJ advice or any other WoT player for that matter, if you’re going to poke out and take a hit from an enemy you might as well make your shot count too. Otherwise you’re wasting your ammo/health taking shots without returning/penning one back. Doesn’t matter if they pen or not you’re taking a hit to give one. Make every retaliating shot count. I think it would go without saying but I will anyway, this doesn’t really apply to an auto loader unless you’ve been counting shots or are familiar with a tanks alpha/drum.

  39. dude save it: you just got waxed there at the end

  40. idk about you now you modding noob

  41. aiming  helper, 

  42. Where is Pointy from?

  43. that shot at the end, going through your side was completle ridicolous … 5° and that guy just shot right through … awesome physics wot <3

  44. excuse me but u are not good player….

  45. Everyone knows that the mighty Hetzer can defeat a Maus 

  46. it’s “you shall not pass”, you goon

  47. The map helped the use of the Maus

  48. Crappy angling, majority of those shots couldve been bounced

  49. its “you shall not pass!” you got it all wrong gosh 

  50. Yes that big shot was from the M53/M55 firing AP :_)

  51. Hey pointy, just a word of advice.  Once they have fired, you don’t need to keep moving.  You will reload first so sit still and aim.  It’s when they will shoot before you that you need to wiggle-wiggle…

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