Maus weak spot guide!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. So now my 2 key magically transforms the target tank into a TOG. Best new feature this year.

  2. Marko Brocic - Марко Броћић

    Using premium ammunition is a backbone of WG’s business plan. So just forget about armor nerfs, accuracy buffs and introduction of truly open maps where you can actually flank. That’s not going to happen. And don’t forget all the idiots’ and noobs’ constant whining about how the armor of the heavy tanks is weak. The first thing every idiot in this game was ever going to tell you is how the armor is weak and unreliable.

  3. I don’t really care that they gave the Maus a frontal armor buff, even if it is completely historically inaccurate. The biggest problem, as we just saw, is the side armor. Even with the 268 pen that you get on mediums with a 105 like the AX or Leopard 1, it is still completely random if you will go through the flat side of the Maus. Like what the fuck WG? “Oh just flank the Maus” my fucking hairy asshole! And none of this is helped by the fact that 99% of Maus players have such micropenises that they need to spam gold at everything cause 246 pen definitely isn’t enough at tier 10 kappa.

  4. Wargaming: Continuously fixing none-problems and ignoring the actual issues…..What did you expect….

  5. So the buffed E100’s AP would be totally useless.

  6. Six samuraï Willy

    When the Maus changed to a Tog 2, it was fucking glorious

  7. and who shoots no gold on a maus? E100, Maus, Type 5 everyone shoots gold on this tanks long time before the buff!!

  8. i know most of people call themself video gamer… so pretty sure a lot know what ‘META’ is.. they way i see it Maus is now meta. Use it! abuse it! before it got nerf. I pretty much don’t understand why people so salty about people playing OP shit. Don’t blame the tactics and don’t blame the player for playing what is meta instead blame the developer for doing a shit job at balancing their game. Just play the Maus and shot the all the salty to the oblivion and keep playing that shit until Wargaming decide to nerf that shit

  9. Kilian Lindlbauer

    why a tog?

  10. I knew Foch was going to be a smartass at some point in the video.

  11. Paused the Video in the beginning, now let me guess there will be the sentence “Shoot Gold, or go fuck yourself” in it.

  12. Jan-Willem Jansen

    weakspot guide:
    For arty: shoot anywhere you want.
    for other classes press 2 or fuck yourself.

  13. maus should be impenetrable at that angle…..

  14. Nah you just have to play arty, ez


  15. Press your 2 key and spam the turret front. Expensive but what else can you do?

    HE if you have a big gun can wreck modules too.

  16. You are genius .. thx for the tips!

  17. I wonder how many people noticed the TOG?

  18. I knew this would be good. Lol

  19. I quit this game since some time now, it is no more a free game, you need at minimum a premium account and you consume more and more credits on consumables, premium ammo and so on or of course, you buy premium tanks to get along. I don’t want to pay a single cent more to them. I still enjoy though Foch’s videos and streams 😉

  20. you should test the gun mantle, it can be penned when angled I think

  21. There was a Tog II at the end not a Maus! lol

  22. still not a weak point if you have apcr, or the enemy mouse use his A and D keys

  23. can you please make a foch (tier9) guide? I’m struggling with this piece of shit.

  24. I feel like they should keep the underlying side plate buffed (currently at 140mm), but nerf the spaced plates (that cover the lower portion of the Maus, by the road wheels) to compensate. I felt like one of the most annoying things in the Maus was being tracked and damaged at extreme angles because of the poor side armor by the front road wheel. Now that it’s buffed, however, it’s much more difficult to accomplish a track + damage shot, but definitely still possible.

    To detrack and damage the Maus, you have to **avoid the 100mm spaced plate** that covers the lower half of the tank. Yes it’s silly, and yes the spaced plate should be nerfed to 20mm or less, but imo the armor under this plate should be kept as it is.

  25. Don’t get all the Maus hate thats going on. Am I the only one that still feels happy as fuck if they enemy team has alot of Maus, E-100 and other tanks like that?
    Sweet fucking 3200hp for me to farm!

    The Maus should be the best tank in the game when it comes to head on fights or els what is the point of being the biggest and slowest?
    Same with the Japanese. You should fear being infront of them and seek the environment advantage to take them out.

  26. you seem to cry alot

  27. Foch u so funny

  28. Only mouse weakspot now is the driver

  29. Vincent The Keeper

    Killed a Maus yesterday with an SP 1C I had to shoot through the turret roof while he was occupied though lol

  30. I would like to propose a Bill that puts a TOG in every video. All in favor say ‘aye’

  31. I quit originally because gold spam got pretty common and now its practically the main ammo type wargaming/10

  32. Krisjanis Valdmanis

    lol’d so hard.

  33. I dont’t play Wot anymore, I am here just for the rants. He still delivers, I still enjoy.

  34. Muas has to be one of the most retard proof tanks in the game you could literally BROAD side someone with your side armor and if they hit your drive wheel they wont pen i mean WTF. Sadly the type 5 is even MORE RETARD PROOF then the Muas WTF. What is with wargamings stupid addiction to op derp guns JUST REMOVE THEM the 183 is so retarted it can two shot my is7 even shooting it hull down if it fires its prem rounds even if it doesn’t pen you wanna talk about retard proof why aim when you can just point and do 1k damage per shot now we have the retarted type 5-4 derp guns now i mean holy crap.

  35. tog memes

  36. cmonn makeittwerk

    SIR FOCH I GOTTA SAY I LOVE YOU DUDE, YOUR VIDEOS ARE FINE AS FKKK :))) keep it up dude, you must not change !

  37. HE aimed at low on the turret that is still above the hull can splash down through the hull roof for okay damage, and has a chance at damaging the engine and fuel tank. It’s been my approach to dealing with the Maus if I don’t have its lower plate or a 300+ pen premium shell. I’ve netted a lot of damage against the Maus with the BL-9 and the D-25-t this way… and a lot of it through repeated engine fires.

  38. Just spot it for arty or pray there’s a Type 5 Heavy on your team 😉

  39. gold is breaking the game wish they would just remove it

  40. next video ,on the ridiculous Japanese heavies please

  41. that’s why maus need that buff so badly. Because if it’s stay on the old stats that tank is going to be thrown to garbage bin. Not even worth to grind. becase meds should be able to take down any tank right…..

  42. That TOG moment cracked me up 😀

  43. Maus vs BL10 still works in the new patch.

    A pair of mices will fuck up any match.

    Uncivil treatment of HMS TOG.

  44. what’s the name of that intro music?

  45. The maus, weak spot guide! Oh wait. . .

  46. I like how the 2 button induced a transformation in the Maus.

  47. a Tog 2 is NOT a Maus Foch lol

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