Max Camo Makes You Invisible on Open Field! | World of Tanks UDES 03 Maximum Camo Value Build

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World Tanks UDES 03 Stealth, Maximum Camo Value Build with New Equipment. World of Tanks Best Camo Tank, Equipment 2.0 System. .

Today I am going to play with the a tank and an equipment build what so many of you have been asking for a very long time – The Maximum Camo Value build on UDES 03. We did some testing and the results surprised me a lot!

Enjoy the show!


  1. stay naked? woah, ok =P

  2. my favourite, most played tank 🙂 Best bushwanker/ snipersnitczhel

  3. Man, I never win anything. Fml

  4. Christmas Type boxes Thank you xD

  5. Lol hilarious
    I want to see the end game result of the last game 🙁

  6. 58% camo on M56 Scorpion made me doubt reality already; i’ll get me some fragments for Udes’ blueprints…

  7. Do me a favor and look what they did to World of tanks on Consol they ruined everything

  8. Awesome Content as always, my friend !! T_A_200. Server : NA.

  9. GLASS Scropion is pretty awesome on cammo too

  10. Please do e25

  11. camo 2000

  12. you can make the even90 literally invicible. just check oout honest gaming on youtube, he has videos where he doesn’t get spotted in the even 90 until proxy spot

  13. only works in test battles but not in real game battles that would be too easy and wargaming bend all the rule so YOU do spend credits/money

  14. Kevin Augusto Machado

    kevinZiKa. Server: US

  15. Now I regret selling the udes for the T9 tank….

  16. New light tank? Congratz dez you made a new light tank xD

  17. Wow dezgames using Kylarz. Like the kylarz from skill4ltu..

  18. even heavy tank in ASIA server is blinking..revealed then vanished on your sight even you’re infront about 10-20meters..

  19. Bourrasque called bbq… Just a fyi, if you didn’t know, it is pronounced “boo-rask” (using Bruins goaltender name as a reference).

    That’s just meant to be informative, I’m not trying to get it changed or anything.

  20. I can easily explain why you were getting such amazing team mates: you had the ‘Win 5 Games’ daily mission – a death sentence, if ever there was one 😉

  21. You don’t need to be double bush to be invisible.. As you move away from bush, camo increase after fire.

  22. Dang, his crew has 13+ skills! I thought I was doing good with 5+ skills. Just one of those 2 million credit training books only raises my crew’s skill by .20! It’ll take 10 of them (20 million credits) to raise it just ONE PERCENT!

  23. Practical use of TD Camo in Random depends on quality of enemy LT’s (CVS or not). Best thing a TD player can do is to develope a feeling for when it’s time to run away and stay alive, in whatever battle scenario – this is pretty much different for every battle.

  24. “BBQ” isnt the same as shouting “Russia!”

  25. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Pc players don’t care about console.

  26. I think having the view range, THEN having good camo is important. If you cannot outspot your opponent or have such a low camo while firing, it seems not as amazing.

  27. @3 Star Perfect Deer didint ask you bud

  28. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Get the T110E3. Its stupid good IMO

  29. Dez this is excatly why my UDES 03 has worst win ratio ” Camo is good but I lost ” every game.

  30. Your 73 percent bush

  31. Can we appreciate the fact he has never clickbaited us

  32. Orange inkling Knight

    *sad noise* welp, congrats to winner in giveaway part 1 :0

  33. WHAT ABOUT Elc even 90

  34. Interesting video! In all likelihood an UDES03 used this kind of extreme cammo yesterday while I was playing Ghost Town in my Udes 14 5. I was in the Southern ditch (attacking West to East) and thought he was shooting me from the bushes next to the rock in the corner, as many TD like to do. After taking 2 hits from him I finally detected him sitting way IN FRONT of that rock behind some very minimal low bushes about 60m from me…… No idea what setup the guy used, but SUPER cammo it was!

  35. Dez a reminder the gun 105mm reduces more camo than the 90mm

  36. UDES 03 be like: I’ve Mastered standing verry still till I’ve become invisible to see

  37. nice to see KylarZ in the video and hearing him too lol i think we can agree on one thing: we need more of him 😀

  38. Nice one Dez i like all these max something videos, you are awesome and you make me want to rebuy this little udes 😉

  39. Hi Gamez! Will you do a similar video but this time with a STRV S1?

  40. Are you color blind bc the enemys are blue and not red like the enemys in my game

  41. You should try that vs 06 wallst and his (st) EVEN 90 build

  42. Don’t buy the Strv S1 based on the experience with this tank…

  43. Kylerz gold noooob 🙂

  44. @jesus ramirez Commander’s Vision System?

  45. @NB WattKnot yes that thing jejeje I’m bad for remember the name of the modules

  46. I am gonna grind udes, now i am on tier 6.

  47. Please make max camo vs max viewrange video! would be interesting to see 🙂

  48. Now use this build against hetzer or low tier arty and check from how close it will spot you

  49. Maybe lets try to make 416 great again?

  50. Sick undercover!.

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