Maximum DPM on a Heavy Tank! | World of Tanks The Best DPM Heavy – Super Conqueror

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I will always be providing free entertainment and content you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today I am going to have a lot fun in a heavy tank which has the biggest gun in the game on any heavy tank, The 60TP.
I do not even remember when I previously played with this tank, so it was kinda exciting me, it’s like a bit better E-100. 🙂

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Enjoy your weekend, Beasts!


  1. What other Maximum Possible things you would like to see, my friends?
    Let me know and enjoy the show! 🙂

    • The chieftain is also a console meme and it has a crazy gun. I think stock reload for S. Conq is like 8.7 and Chieftains is 8.2 with same alpha more accuracy and better base pen of 270. pretty crazy them tier 10 british heavies.

    • How about KV-2 gameplay with those same equipments and derivatives used on Super Conqueror?

    • Maximum View range,
      So spy knocks + optics (but they don’t work together, or do they)

      Then you probably need a tank with a radio man, tho that he gets an extra 10% boost from commander to his view skill.

      And then sit in the bush in malinovka and spot everyone

    • What about highest TD dpm

  2. M8 you had the chance to do so much more in those battles and it hurts to see.

  3. My best game in this tank was 6k dmg and 5k spoting and patrol duty lol i still can belive patrol duty in SQ ?????

  4. Is the T9 Conq. worth keeping? Is it comperable to AE Phase I?

  5. Er macht gute videos aber ich kann ihm kaum zuhören xD nicht böse gemeint?

  6. Dez it doesnt matter what relaod time is is it 3 minutes or 2 sec rammer will boost it equaly. that tiger is not tiger 1 and if you would have that tiger it would have highest dpm possible but that tiger is a press account only or i odnt know not in game yet. Rammer affects every reload the same(DPM wise) its always 10 percent better

    • It boosts dpm at the same rate however because it boosts on a percentage of how long it takes to reload it will effect the dpm of a tiger less than the dpm of the type 5 for instance and on the other side it will effect an e25’s reload less than a tiger’s.

    • @bombn47 Good thing that he have an expert here… *rolleyes*. Frano is right. Since DPM is a product of reload time * alpha damage, it does not matter how long or short the initial reload time is. The effect of 10% bonus to the reload time is ALWAYS and LOGICALLY exactly 10% increase in DPM. So whichever tank is on top before a certain reload bonus is applied, will always still be on top after.
      Not exactly rocket science.

    • @lefishemaque Except it doesn’t work that way. Since he plainly showed that boosted the higher base damage/sec of the tiger 1 wasn’t higher than the S. Conq after boosts. Stop being a condescending ass.

  7. abdeldjalil derouiche

    The game lost it long time ago, it is not like it used to be. All the fun faded to the idiotic changes and mechanisms applied.

  8. Actually reload time doesn’t matter, tanks always get the same dpm increase from rammer. It’s always 10% more dpm. Which makes this Tiger L/56 have more dpm, though I think it’s not in the game anyway so SConq still wins.

  9. Motovlogdezplease

  10. whats with the WoWs bgm?

  11. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Nobody has affraid of Grille 15 and sees it like easy damage. Only for those idiots of Wargaming it is toxic and should be nerfed. Fucking shit vehicle that Wargaming pushed over us. Zero defensive power and shit anemic offensive power: this vehicle is so weak, it is so underperforming.

  12. I didn’t even watch the whole video, but I thought the conqueror, super conqueror and fv215 had the same reload time? Close enough haha

  13. Hi dez could you double check the Conquerer with the stock 32pdr gun mine is at 3700dpm with no improved equipment I don’t have loads of bonds

    Love the Content ✌️

  14. Tiger 1 is still better because its 3 tiers lower

  15. Yiğitcan Pıçakçıoğlu

    Play best tier 7 dpm machine tiger I.

  16. Try the E50 with the 8,8 cm cannon I have my reload down to like 3.9 seconds
    Its wicked fast

  17. K91 has higher dpm than obj907 !

  18. I watch al these videos, yet I keep sucking at the game! Damnit! Haha

  19. Before I watched this you tube made me watch a bra advvert

  20. I’d love to see some different tanks, tanks everyone has forgotten about and non meta ones which when you look them up on YouTube most results about them are at least 3 years old or so, and keep up the amazing work dez absolutely love the content!

  21. But Dez, the DPM boosts are all percentages, the length of the reload time has no impact on the relative improvement in DPM.

    A 10% decrease in reload time will increase DPM by the same amount whether the gun has a 10 sec reload or a 30 sec reload.

  22. longest reload

    no equipment
    25% crew from swapping types
    dead loader
    dead commander
    ammo rack damaged

  23. hey Dez, what is this effect you talking about that the gunrammers give more boost to the high alfa guns? not clear to me, arent they all give you 10%? than it should have no effect on them, so whats the case? pls dont kill(troll) me guys, i`d just like to know it

  24. Im still waiting for the lowest possible accuracy in WOT

  25. 11:34 when the Shitbarn says “eat kaku” you eat kaku. (as Skill4ltu would say that hahaha)

  26. Still vibing to that WoW music, not bad

  27. “Epic dpm battle” in dez accent

  28. I would like to see War Game actually fix the fucking match making. So tired of 15 to 3 battles. Does not matter what your dpm is if you get a shitty team all the time.

  29. best dpm heavy
    best gun handling heavy

    best hulldown heavy
    best heat absorbing heavy

    ???? soviet in disguise?

  30. What about E5? I guess is the same quick in reload like Super C.
    You speak for T57H but, E5 have the same gun and can add rammer and more.

  31. What about that chieftain dez ? Wink wink 😉

  32. Play the A-43 and KV-13, both not super played Russian tanks.

  33. I can play Caernarvon and Conqueror very well but not Super Conq… I don’t know why… Maybe it is too sluggish

  34. Come on over here to the console WE HAVE THE CHIEFTON!

  35. No Dez,
    The tier 9 baby Skunk has even better dpm with the stock gun.
    (You could also take a look at the E50 with 240 alpha for the next episode)

  36. Next:Worst DPM in game??
    World of DPM:)

  37. That’s my SConq! 6.43 reload time, I love it! ❤ I won a CW duck hunting on the enemy heavies and meds rushing my team and as I was the slowest one I kept sniping every tank that jumped on my team for 8k damage ?

  38. My tier 7 E25 had 3,400 dpm…..

  39. Maximum possible specific power (power to weight ratio) Dez plz.

  40. I once did a 1853 damage to super conq in one shot with FV 4005. What a face palm to that super unicum Emilia_fv on test server with HESH round. So so super conq is not good if you are not in hull down position.

  41. So in the thumbnail the tank has three dpm?

    Uhm what

  42. Hey Dez, the chieftain is available as a clan war reward vehicles in the Hong Kong server.. alot of people have it now and tier X game is getting broken including 279(e)

  43. You bounced 430U because he was going sideways. Only because everyone complains about russian ammor you pay more attention to it so you think you bounce the most of those tanks.

  44. Nice rental T95/Chieftain in the garage, perhaps the snowglobe? 🙂

  45. 2:50

    And now you have a Maths fail! Since the values are percentages, this means that the increases remain proportional throughout.

    400dmg x 20s rld = 1200dpm (3rpm)
    300dmg x 15s rld = 1200dpm (4rpm)

    Reduce the reload by 25% and you get:

    400dmg x 15s rld = 1600dpm (4rpm)
    300dmg x 11.25s rld = 1600dpm (5.33rpm)

  46. Sadly HESH is utterly broken

  47. Best autoloading light, med, heavy, td?

  48. 430u:
    hit while fully aimed…… Nonononono
    Hit on the move
    Sure why not

  49. Best DPS? Probably B1 and Pz b2

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