MAXIMUM EFFORT – EBR 75 – World of Tanks

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Done 3 marking the double barrel, on to other premiums now!



  1. Ghostly Instincts

    Saw that you posted it on Twitter without a link, so lets see if it reaches more people 🙂

  2. BassBoostedSongs1

    @Circonflexes how much free xp do you have in total, if I may ask out of curiosity?

  3. Why is your camera so much to one side?

  4. 8:35 dat smooth gliding manoeuvre

  5. Its amazing how many times you have to solve an Einstein-grade puzzle to be able to win a game

  6. Christopher Estes

    😮 that carry! better check your tire pressure after this match… that was a lot of weight you just carried yo

  7. Ah hier is de link 😉

  8. This song goes with this battle only MAXIMUM!! 🙂

  9. Nice vid but OMG I hate these fake wheeled “tanks”….i.m.h.o. way too OP. They should get a league of their own

    • They just have to make them behave like dog shit offroad like they do irl. Wheeled armored vehicles dont like terrain that is not firm and flat.

  10. *Wheel vehicles are over powered.*
    And this is a dot: “*•*” it is placed at the end of the sentence.
    The dot means this is a fact, a statement, i am not looking forward to debating, this is just how things are… Wheel vehicles need a nerf becouse they render 99% of light tanks useless!

    • Imo they are not OP.They have bad pens (Except HE rounds) bad dpms (still better than manticore lol) very low hp and very bad view ranges.The problem is that they are just annoying.Nothing more but annoying.But at least they are the only ones that counter artys so i am happy with that.

    • @Naydenshaco didnt i just say i didnt want to debate *facepalm*

    • @Naydenshaco they completely ruin any passive scouting and the retards that play them die instantly

  11. Beep beep! Zoooom!

  12. A red arrow in the thumbnail, better not be clickbait XD wish you all a happy 2020 ma dudes

  13. and i thought yesterday’s game was good. nuts!

  14. How the hell do you pull off plays like that? Especially vs the SU-130 PM, that was incredible

  15. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I can see why people really hated you Circon your the master on every tank you play 🙂

    (According to Jingles)

  16. Badger and UDES 16 basically carried it for you.

  17. maestro!

  18. U pos.. y the ebr.. y need the o p tanks do ya

  19. 7:33 NOBODY SNEEZE! You might destroy the tank.

  20. What a game indeed.

  21. Nice!

  22. They made you work for that one circ. Well done.

  23. oooooooooooo… saaaaaaaah! great game!

  24. 10:22 so precisely calculated

  25. Pretty typical wheeled **** -game.

  26. May I recommend using a Toolbox instead of a Vertical Stabilizer? Soft stats on these things are so good that VS has almost no effect at all. And you can even slap on that Toolbox directive on top of it

  27. I just got my 2nd MOE today in the 13-75… Really happy with it, but I have to try these wheelies one day too

  28. Oh God the clickbait thumbnails have started

  29. This was glorious to watch, such skills!

  30. circon is op, please nerf

  31. Can someone explain the warhammer addiction please ?

  32. can anybody link the mod that show the armor thickness and if he can pen?

  33. Lol, warhammer addiction funds!

  34. 3 5 7 at its finest…

  35. Carry potential of Wheelshit is huge, but combined with carry potential of Circon its just straight up mental.

  36. Jingles!!!

  37. Holly F 😀

  38. Ya cuz wheelies are not game breaking at all. makes playing all other lights tanks pointless. GJ though circ.

  39. That was one of the best games Ive seen for a long time! My hands are wet from just watching it!

  40. “The amount of people yoloing today is insane.” Two minutes later, “The one thing we can do is yolo.”

    I keep coming back for the amazing commentary. That was not sarcastic, just dry.

  41. 6:26 WZ-120-1-FT sorta threw away its remaining health pool (~354hp) with that RNG-blessed (<10hp remaining after the M4 shot it) YOLO-ram but at least it took out the enemy's remaining heavy along with giving the TD the kamikaze medal.

  42. I just started an EU account. Compared to NA:
    Yolos are more frequent
    I see strange stuff way more often so far
    Carrying is more frequent as well
    I’m enjoying if

  43. cIRC – yOU PLAYING THESE B4 THEY NIRF EM? impossibly accurate light tanks.

  44. Circon I’ve been watching you for years dude, those rounds were some of your absolute best

  45. Wait, they turned friendly fire off?

  46. Circon:
    When it’s 3-5-7
    and his team is dumb
    He always keeps his
    Effort Maximum!

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