Maximum Effort – P.43 bis Italian Medium!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. IndustrialDonut


  2. Hey Circon love your stuff. Now please unban my Twitch account 🙁

    • I have rarely subbed, a few prime subs here and there, but I have literally never been in trouble with his mods, so maybe ts not them…

    • I literraly got banned just becouse I said playing the 50 120 gonna make him cry after he said playing the Emil II is not fun.

    • Not to mention how that mod instantly called me a “shitstick” after banning me.

    • and yet here ya are crying about it.

    • Tesla The Brave

      I got banned by snooze a year ago because my messages were too long and didn’t include a TL: DR. I saved a screenshot of it and asked to get unbanned a few months later, only to get laughed at by another mod (cant remember her name) saying that if I wanted to get unbanned I should donate asking for it or consider subscribing. I haven’t watched on twitch since. There are some nice mods, but the bad ones spoiled my favorite twitch streamer for me. Its good to know that only Circon can ban now. I might make a new account and come by some time if that’s the case.

  3. Pizza pasta, bada bing bada boom

  4. big pee pee boys play minecraft

  5. Hey Circon keep up the great WoT vids!

  6. Proof that sometimes you need absolutely no skill to win a match in an autoloader.

    • Yup. Once i was in my lorraine 40t and fought hard. Turned out i was last one against 3 oneshot tanks and one clip was all i needed to win.
      If any autoloading tank survives longer, it becomes even more damgerous because it can kill low hp tanks quickly

    • Tharaka Wijerathne

      You need skill to maintain your HP till end game while helping the team in the start of the game.

  7. The whole prem. ammo being only available for ingame credits is not a big deal. I don’t think alot of people bought prem. ammo for gold anyway because it’s a bad deal. People who have a prem. acc. and prem. tank can easily afford to buy gold-ammo for credits so nothing is going to change. Back in the good ol’ days when prem. ammo was only available for gold it was more of a Clan Wars thing.

    • Its a setup to change premium ammo in the future, but first the economy has to reset. (They want all premium ammo bought for gold out of players inventory, cant imagine people have many gold premium rounds, but okay…)

    • Jainsaw they have plans to change gold ammo in the future.

    • lets hope they do something like, more pen for less alpha, sorta thing.
      or more crew/critical damage for less pen

    • Thats what they did in Blitz didn’t they?

  8. taras kreslavsky

    I missed the stream yesterday my internet broke down 🙁

  9. Bad idea to shot HE vs Amx. Well played as allways.

  10. Joakim Andersson

    never lucky 😀

  11. So this thing seems to be a teir 6 Leo

    • Tesla The Brave

      Look at the line though. The 6, 7 and 8 have the same gun. The 9 also has the same gun stock. This will be a shitty grind.

  12. hey! show some bottom tier carry:P

  13. Circon you are wot royalty! I was just watching some old content just slaying half the enemy for fun as always

  14. i have 5 tier 9s atm xD
    too lazy to get up to tier 10

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Nice, i’ve been playing for two years and no tier 10 XD but it’s fine, i’m going down 5 lines at the same time, my highest tier tanks are T-44, Comet, T29, IS, T20.

    • Funny those are most of the lines ive gone down i have the centurion its pretty fun,the t54 i just got so its not upgraded and t32 is good too usually what i use in clan wars

    • Tesla The Brave

      Tier 10 has a much higher skill cap to do well in and is very punishing cost wise for credits if you mess up or get bad rng. I myself have almost every tier 10 but less then 1k battles between them all, excluding clan wars and advances. I love playing in tier 5-8 and spend most of my time in the game around those tiers, regardless of the lines I’m grinding.

  15. Dorä the Soviet Explorer

    Cancerous team

  16. almost as sad as the end of infinity war

  17. Chandler Kristoff

    KV-85 is the only other tier 6 i know of with a 240 alpha gun, but it was balanced by the tank being slow and having no gun depression, then they release the P.43 Bis, semi-fast, good gun DP, and that awesome 240 alpha gun, i look forward to getting it.

    • Paul TheAverage

      I stopped playing a long time ago, but didn’t the M6 have a 240 alpha gun as well?
      EDIT: Also KV2 was always a meme. And that french t6 thing had something with relatively big alpha. I don’t count TDs coz those are uncool.

    • Kv85 have 250 aplha and M6 have 240. You have to learn a lot, boi. Btw… Kv2 have 107 zis6 with 300 alpha… Leo have 100mm with 400 alpha too and Arl 44 have 300 with Ap and even more balanced Apcr with 330. Lol. You know nothing. Kiddo

    • Paul TheAverage

      Yeah, sorry that I have a life 🙂 all jokes aside when I stopped playing I had 6 tier 9s in garage and that was the only thing I played so I have no clue about anything lower than tier 7.

    • Arkose Lamekose

      Michal Taranza >Calls somebody a kid
      >Doesnt know 2nd grade grammar

  18. Chandler Kristoff

    Anybody gotten the P.44 pantera yet? how is it?

  19. a tier 6 medium with a better gun than many of the tier 6 heavies. totally balanced.

    peace (from the UK)

    • Tesla The Brave

      Its gun handling is crap though, pen is low for its damage, without a really good crew and food you will miss most of your shots, its a horrible grind. But any tank is good in good hands with a good crew.

  20. HE phail.

  21. P43 is not worth the US P47 :p

  22. Should’ve gone for a tracking shot at the end and hope he’d bounce one off your front.

  23. If you haven’t done it already, try the Tier IV with some HE. It can easily shit on a lot of tanks (even on some Tier V and VI) with the 70mm pen HE memes.

  24. James Nicholson

    Circon, i love your vids but i honestly didnt see 1 tank you shot at that you needed to use premium ammo. I know you have tons of money and it dont matter to you but jesus dont turn into one of those assholes that just spam premium at everyone. especially at an s-51. that was just shameful…

  25. Spamming gold rounds like a mother f**cker. So much for the claim only 5% rounds shot are premium.

    • Tesla The Brave

      It has very low pen for a t6 slow med. 140 pen is what you get on most t5 tanks. Also they aren’t gold rounds anymore. War Gaming removed the ability to buy ammo and consumables with gold. They aren’t even premium anymore, because a lot of tanks now have high credit ammo in their base load out.

  26. The Real Killer B

    Circ; less than 500 damage AND a loss? Is this a parallel universe? Has the world suddenly gone mad? What great darkness have we entered?

  27. Heartbreak feelsbadman

  28. What a heat break

  29. You have to play heavies or autoloader scouts… only way to be able to carry

  30. Obj 257 > IS-7 any day

  31. name : EDIT aka Konvalina11 – CC WG contributor use a cheats and WG is trying to hide it under the carpet
    video is in Czech lang., but you will not need a translation

  32. I love all that uneeded AP CR

  33. Not saying the tier 6 is OP….but the fact it has a better gun than the T20…is annoying.

  34. KV-2 drives down the entire East flank unopposed. Yep, it’s WoT alright…

  35. I’m beginning to agree with Circon. Just buy another tier 9 rather than a teir 10. I have a bunch of tier 10s I never play.

  36. that ending

  37. Autoloaders are so frustrating to play against. I don’t play them out of principle – the same reason I don’t play arty. I’m not a scumbag.

  38. Why use HE ?.

  39. Alexander Stoyanov

    Basically a vk p but Italian 🙂

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