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  1. we lost 20k credits but got 420 euros

  2. im pretty sure its a mistake 😀

  3. all i want is BANG BANG BANG

  4. why no reaper medal

  5. >complains about E25 balance
    >spams HEAT at paper tanks

  6. 420 EURO??? HOLLYSHIT!

  7. 1 dis lol who is that bitch

  8. That guy’s going to be pissed off when he sobers up and remembers what he did

  9. OI; Im cominnnnnnn
    Circ; U shall not passsss! ZBAMM!
    OI; Oh fck, u are right!

  10. Well.. I think all Circon videos for a week should wear a Slovenian flag. Upvote for the beard to see!

  11. Circ didn’t read the small print. for 420 Euros he has to suck the guy off for a week lol

  12. No AP even loaded. Only HEAT and HE

  13. So number 1. Why don’t the enemy just sit there and wait to get shot for me ? Number 2 Why don’t people just give me 420 euros ?

  14. Circon seems to slide just a little further out of the frame each time, soon we’ll only be admiring the interior decoration. (love the wall ornaments in the back)

  15. Nice play ?

  16. And when you face tier 8 is3s you fire Ap in their turret top, overmatch it and do 700 dmg. Balanced only becouse most people playing it arent avare of this. Same as with OI.

  17. Circon: complains about balance – one shots 5 tanks in a row 😀

  18. Best moment @ 2:13

  19. Circ = the meme machine

  20. Top tier with no arty…drool….

  21. Totally balanced 152 mm derpgun in tier 7 fullgolds a top tier 3 level matchmaking.

    So sorry, but it is a dislike. TDs are mostly boring, this was no exception, and with 250 mm pen vs tier 5s? Really?

  22. Vlad_MinecraftPlays


  23. When you play SU-152, great things happen. It is best good luck tenk.

  24. 420 euros omg 😛

  25. lost 20K of in game currency & gained 420 euro monopoly money, good shit

  26. Nice one circon! Had a good laugh, because of those bounces! XD

  27. Marthijn van Oorschot

    “So fucking balanced” *oneshots a cromwell B*

  28. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    420 blaze it lmao

  29. Rimantas Lakstauskas

    Try play wity 122mm with amazing DPM

  30. Well Paid indeed!

  31. Did circon close donations after that? If he did he’s a good person.

  32. That’s awfully generous of him/her. Circon, you should get a Slovenian beanie with some of that money.

  33. think about it. At some point he will not be able to get money out of this. So he needs savings to bridge that. If some random nice person thinks “well shit, I donate that money to him because (insert reason)”, then why the hack not? Nobody said that life is fair.

  34. What would wt auf e100 be like with the new italian autoreloading thing?

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  36. Not sure which is more OP. That game or that donation?

  37. not a mistake, POGGERS

  38. Great Content deserves Great Support, Congratulations

  39. 12 E25 owners downvoted ?

  40. The T127 in a platoon with 2 or 3 is incredible – alone, not so much.

  41. 420 Euros – quite a tip – and shock to the sender. CF- you are good, but not worth that LOL- that’s like $650.00 WOW

  42. Circon you should go back and do some Type 61 and STB 1 action. It’s been awhile. Also you should try the 90mm on the Type 61 with that cancer ROF

  43. 4:38 you hit the E25s tracks with heat…..and yet it didnt get absorbed and actually did damage….

    the really fucked thing is that the tank did the “lost a track so i do a 180” thing….after he was already dead
    this means he 100% hit the track….

    Russian bias confirmed…..

  44. Im-mor-tal.

  45. I assume that guy went on the wagon or something, that’s a good three months bar tabs.

  46. What a shame is this WoT, a great game and you still lost credits even with a premium account!
    Money grabber!

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