Maximum Effort.

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  1. Hey guys, the channel gained a lot of subs lately. Thank YOU so much! I’m streaming later today at with more World of Tanks. 🙂

  2. Henri Liimatainen

    What do you think of the T92, the T7 American light with dispersion values of 140 and the speed and the size of 9.17 ELC?

  3. Thanks Circon, I almost pissed myself watching this one XD


  5. I thing that zoom out mod is illegal just saying

  6. Circon what is that zoomout mod called, I want it. Thnx if u do respond!

  7. Ummm,I’m pretty sure that out zoom mod is not legal

  8. I was upset that there were no airshow at the end today 🙁 Still no shits given tho!

  9. That gun man… two great vids with this tank. Hilarious.

  10. That Light Tank Is INSANE!!

  11. man..that was just so damn wrong

  12. You should have made him blow himself up by shooting you ?

  13. I want to see circon 3 mark the. Kanoenjagdpanzer (or whatever it’s name is) 😀

  14. Watching you play makes the game feels so easy, then get motivated, log in, and get stomped on ~.~

  15. it keeps getting better and better… keep up the great content Circon

  16. 2:26 Raid boss has spawned,

  17. United Nations should take Circons 57 away…. it makes him such an incredible weapon of mass destruction

  18. Between that map and Karkov, i dont know which one i hate most.

  19. Gotta be the Tesla

    im in this mans clan never been so proud.

  20. God I wished they’d sell this tank again, it went from utterly useless to meme gold material in the light-changing patch 😀

  21. La ne çamur çirkef bi tank bu.

  22. “Make it stop humping my leg!”- best twitch comment, easily.

  23. what is this tank?! I want it!
    also what mod does he use? I want that too!!

  24. Hahaha the way you humiliated that GW Tiger was priceless!


  26. that was awesome, perfect countdown for ikv to appear, lol

  27. It isn’t maximum effort unless you push it to the limit. 80’s music or get out!

  28. Vaul the Creator

    Man, I love the 13 57. You have to be having a reeeeeally crap day *not* to have fun in a 13 57 😉

  29. Why do Dutch speak American English instead of british

  30. You screwed up at the end against the arty. Instead of ramming him you should bave blocked his gun barrel with yours so when he fired the second time to kill you the splash would have killed himself in the process as well.

  31. Circon: “I got you T28”
    *A wild Type 4 appears*
    Circon: “See you later T28”
    T28: “Hello darkness my old friend…”

  32. mooi gedragen 🙂

  33. TheDragonStation

    Love that tank LOL . TDS .

  34. To funny ????? but good at the same time xd

  35. Martin Procházka

    It’s a shame you didn’t get the remaining 1% for the third mark. You deserved it for this game

  36. That was fucking hilarious! Gj Circon.

  37. wow – i was literally rolling on the floor laughing 😀
    OMFG – BEST ONE EVA… the one with Foch155 was not half as entertaining
    EDIT: still LMAO after watching it the 2nd time 😀

  38. Has no one ever told you not to play with your food? You are THE man.

  39. The Scorpion's Den

    I **REALLY** regret not buying one of these now. It’s so much bloody fun with the new MM.

  40. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    RIP T28. We barely knew you.

    Is this the only tank that started out poor and was changed to be too good? Circon seemed to actually have fun while 3 marking this tank.

  41. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Keeping rockin’ Circon. U da best!

  42. They need to make different voices for this tank… By the time they’ve said ‘Enemy is hit!’ you’ve already hit them 3 times

  43. That Emil took like 10sec to fire 2 shots what

  44. hello twitch chat!

  45. Omg you just abandoned the T28.

  46. Lmao… “I got your back T28… *6 seconds later*  pffft I got things to do…”

  47. that magic though

  48. 3:12 Hahahaha

  49. Always the most OP tanks.

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