Maximum View Range is CRAZY! | World of Tanks Rheinmetall Panzerwagen Update 1.10

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Source: DezGamez

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In my previous episode I showed you the most accurate derp build in World of Tanks, featuring XM551 Sheridan. This time let’s jump into another tier 10 light tank, into Rheinmetall Panzerwagen and I am going to show you The best possible, the longest, maximum view range in World of Tanks. To get over 630 meters and combining it with Commandor’s Vision System equipment unit, it is actually crazy!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. Now that was one super fun episode to make! 🔥
    Let me know which crazy things you want to see me doing next?! ❤

  2. Dez,

    With classy endings like that on Berlin, you may just turn folks opinions about Rhm Pzw on their heads!

  3. You know, Dez.. when you hype all this “exciting” broken shit, I want you to guess this: Guess are the quitting players still gonna watch videos about WoT after they leave it? I can atleast tell, I wont. EBR 105 already made me to stop playing tier 10.. Wheelie “nerf” is a joke and now this also. Many people listen to you, have you thought that if you wanna play Fortnite, maybe you should? I can tell, the direction of WoT has gone totally to wrong way for older guy like me. Thanks

  4. Well at least now that tier 10 german scout can be worth something

  5. Great video, but so X-Ray vision is a thing now? Fk’n ridiculous. What’s the point of playing anything with stealth camo as it’s strength when you’ll be lit from a mile away and dead in 10 seconds.

  6. This is just stupid. The ebr nerf is now pointless because he can just equip this and spot all anyways

  7. Péter Hollóvári

    Hy Dez great video.
    I was thinking about that wargaming should add and other feature to the game wich allow you to setup more tank layouts. Example you can use a full scout build light tank and a more dmg/sniper prefered layout. For that you can switch layout in the menu, it’s “rebalance” your ammo , consumables , and equipments. To be fair to still hold the remove pay in game, i would sugest this. Example: you build a scout like u did here in the video , and when you switch to layout2 you can still use your equipment in both but only u need to buy/equipe one , or you change the binoculars for optics or any other eqipments. So you can use likethis minimum 3 to 6 different equipments on a tank. (example: you got scout equipments that 3 on the tank and 3 other equipments on the other layout that’ mean you bought 6 equipments total , and you can’t install used equipments from layout2 on other tank if you use layout1). Still need to think how should work it properly but i think it’s would be a nice feature. (Means ppl need to spend more credits/bounds on equipments). Still if you want to demount you need to pay the gold.
    Suggesting this because now there will be to many equipments , so you can creat a lot of different focused tanks. (Or you can install all equipemnts on your tank or as many as you want 1 / each than you can chose wich one you want to use (this one not really good in money for WG losing that 10gold removing on tier 6-8-10 tanks or perma tanks).
    I hope you read this 🙂 Sorry for bad english. GL keep up the good work.

  8. That tvp was best player on team , and enemy had zero campers,,like the mentalist vs the mental

  9. Einzelgänger Geist

    16:20 Flipwagen confirmed, Skill was right in naming it like that. lol

  10. I always make blind shot from afar when using HESH tanks, just for fun. Especially common popular bushes and junction.

  11. So pzwagen finally time to shine… at least.

  12. Golly, when will more of the maps be increased in size to allow somebody to actually get out of spawn before being farmed back to the garage by 633M viewers??? 🙂

  13. this is the worst LT but with the equipment 2.0
    it became average LT now 🙂

  14. Love the crap match making. Every other game 1 team completely runs over the other team

  15. Did someone even saw message from that Leopard?

    Btw he said that Dez is *bot* but leopard actualy run into enemies

  16. The x-ray vision needs to go whats next drones.

  17. Just when you thought this game couldnt get any worse.

  18. Доржоо Баяраа

    Nahhh it is flipwagen . T100 and ebr better

  19. What is the point of all this equipment changing. I get the impression the same people who thought race cars are a good idea for this tank game, are the ones coming up with these changes. Go fix something that needs fixing, like cars in a tank game. Experiment? I don’t need no experimenting. This is not fortnight.

  20. wz 132-1 just in the corner, crying.

  21. Are all these equipment changes you have been making on your channel really all going to happen? I stopped playing because of COVID-19 when my life and business had to come first. I tried playing some battles back in May or June and not playing for a couple months really showed in my poor play. Since I’ve played I tried another maybe 10 battles and sucked again. Lately just been out on the bike riding with the wife but still catch a video of yours from time to time and always read your titles. If these changes really happen especially after they are nerfing my Standard B and Progetto 65 I’m just going to keep riding all year long.

  22. That leopard at the end of the battle must be cursing you dez. I mean 1 HP is 1 HP 😂😂😂

  23. The -% on enemy camo is insane!!!!!
    Commander vision system OP
    It can easily find tanks behind bushes.

  24. What’s the point of view range to spot wheelies? You can see them but can’t hit them…

  25. This Is the wrecking ball to the game consistency we needed. To finally quit, i am a bit sad wot Is kind of a unique game.

  26. If yall want realism, press ‘V’ key and enjoy.

  27. Just waiting for the new update, hopefully this and the nerf for wheeled vehicles will be a buff to it, I just want to play it again without loosing every battle…

  28. Game becomes crazy shit.
    You can see tanks behind foliage –
    and other tanks are able to go stealth in middle of a street 🙁

  29. Show the T100-LT and see what you can do with that tank. do a camo build and spotting build.

  30. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    I think i already saw this on Quickybaby’s video last last week. He played it on sheridan.

  31. Wow this is dumb.

  32. You didn’t earn all this? Because you have wayyy to much stuff for it.
    And your name is “WoT_Contributor4_EU”

  33. Oh yes… Camper players crying already… After the updadte: ” nerf rhm pzw its OP ebr gets nerf, and now rhm its better than ebr???!!! Nonono NERF IT!!! Nothing better than ebr nerf the pzw !!! ” this crying players kill the game…

  34. Ralphy’s Replays

    M48a5 patton has more view

  35. Is this the perfect EBR counter?

  36. Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, Rheinmetall Panzerwagen! Rheinmetall Panzerwagen say it again Rheinmetall Panzerwagen.

  37. PeterDoesShitposts


  38. At Least dez is having fun because i was doing ranked and after 26 battles i cant change my blasted rank 9 division 2 into a rank 10 division 2. I mean like wargaming issint that a little harsh?

  39. 2nd game still only 2nd class.
    Nerf Rheinmetall Pzw!

  40. Now you can run around like lunatics shoot each other. No skill or battle placement . Great job wg devolution into a shit 4 min game’s

  41. @12:58 “Let’s see what we can see” Well does anyone else see a bra hanging in the tree? lol

  42. these changes improve the EBR’s further – they can go faster / spot further for longer. making the games become speed races to churn quicker & quicker. Top Tier EBRs already so OP. why improve them more??

  43. Yay, more power creep. As if we weren’t already getting spotted before getting out of the spawn on some maps.

  44. A question that i dont understand, maybe you guys know that: why does the circle on the minimap didnt Show that viewrange, it still looks like 450 meters on the map
    Edit: never mind he answer it in the video

  45. could you match max view range, with bush finder vs max camo

  46. Well played games

  47. Do you know maybe when it comes new American Premium tank T77 ?

  48. imagine this settings with m48 patton

  49. Ofcourse u get in this setting himmelsdorf lol

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