Maxwell Streams | World of Tanks | Super Salty Tier 8 Grind

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. HI MAX!!!! Nice work. I love your videos !!!! Thanks from Greece

  2. The reason im not playing much WoT is because of the MM and RNG…and all
    the shit teams im ending up in. Almost 3 month last time i played…so
    tired of all crap WG doing with the game so im more happy not playing it. I
    see u have some shitty teams as well and the RNG fails 🙂 thats the way of
    WG these days.

  3. Eve Online if you want something with progression.

  4. T28 prot is just so slooooooow, if your in the wrong place there is no
    getting back.

  5. The match maker really hates you 😉 I play aggressivly in the proto. Just
    sit on the second line of attack

  6. i’ll need to grind that t28 soon. :(

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