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  1. Hah, that alyster that said circ vs circ in the 2nd game is in my clan :D

  2. I think the best way to play the T30 and T34 is probably as if they were
    heavy tanks with massive guns. I mean, as you already know, both of those
    tanks used to be US heavy tanks before getting switched to the TD line! So,
    why the heck not!!!

  3. jesus max go have 8 hours sleep u look like death warmed up

  4. wow. I guess kids are the same all over the world :))
    daddy? what are you doing?
    playing tanks.
    why is it a tank?
    dunno, someone named it that way.
    where is it going? … why are you shooting? … i want to play (beats the
    keyboard with its tiny fingers, of course, causing you to die) … why is
    it burnning? … i want to watch something … come with me … why is it a
    tank? …. :-D

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