MBT-B Looks PERFECT!? & Udes 03 Alt 3 Preview | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks MBT-B, Tier 10 American Heavy Tank, New Chieftain? World of Tanks Udes 03 Alt 3, Tier 9 Medium Tank. World of Tanks ST- Version II, New Tier 9 Reverse Auto-Reloading Light Tank. World of Tanks Supertest News, Update 1.20+ Patch News.

Today I have another set of tanks being tested on the supertest server, including a tier 10 American heavy tank MBT-B, which looks scary good on paper at least. Also, lets talk about Udes 03 alt 3 and ST-62 Version 2, which was already moved up by 1 tier.

What do you think?


  1. So the question is… Are they really making “new Chieftain” or it will actually ahve some weakspots?!
    What do you think?

  2. WIth all these paper concept and other fake tanks why can’t we have real Chieftains?

  3. On paper even better than the Chieftain? Definitely tier XI material.

  4. It’s not the first time WG introduces a tier XI. Why does everyone look surprised this time ??

  5. I would actually love to see more modern era/ tier 11 tanks. but that MBT looks really fun, Its got onslaught/ ranked reward vibes, cus it wont be clan wars reward as we just got a new one (Chinese autoloading heavy).

  6. then the MBT of this kind. it makes you want. but having tiers 11 in Wot is not a new project. it’s even been 6, 7 years since WG wanted to do with leopard 2, M1A2 Abrams, t-90 ect. but that was quickly rejected because it absolutely did not suit the historical logic of the game’s Tanks. but maybe in the future we will have tiers 11. with one Tank or several, we don’t know. maybe

    and elsewhere on Wot Mercenary. there are already modern tanks of tier 11 and above. full lineage limit.

  7. absent-minded goldfish

    wg really should put these things at tier 11 so they get matched against each other

  8. And once again wargaming is putting more fuel in this already burning dumpster fire.

  9. Hello do you sleep? but I love waking up to you uploading a new video and Jessie Murph – About You. What a start to a Friday, thank you.

  10. rustedniddleslinger

    Just pit the ratte in the game wg

  11. When we get something like this, Athen we can get also german Marder Tank. I hole so.

  12. I m back in the game , last played 2016… it feels like different game at this point 🙂 Anyway this is new acc and i know i love mediums so i went for e50m abd udes for my first 2 tanks.. i got the e50 and at the moment im on Udes medium tier 8… however this new Udes that you showed us is kinda strange. It is better than tier 8 but much weaker than tier x Udes .. so what level would be this thing at all ? Cant imagine it at level 8 with that pen .. at the same time is so much worse than the tier x that nobody would prefer it. Anyway Udes line is strange at least at tier 8, it has no armor , at the same time its not that accurate to be the sniper tank like Leopard is.

  13. @0:56 The Power almost doubled (650hp vs 1050hp now), but Power/WEight Ratio just went up from 31hp/t to 35hp/t???? How much heavier did they make it?

  14. Looking at the stats I highly doubt they will add MBT-B as a tech tree tank maybe assembly shop or clan wars reward.

  15. Long time ago tier 11 and 12 where a joke…
    Now it would be a balancing option…

  16. Another OP reward tank by the looks of it. WG are trying very hard to break their own game.

  17. At this point the only cure for this game is to be bought by another company that is quick to rebalance the game

  18. I love new mechanics, I love new tanks. But why is WG ruining this game by OP BS tanks, is something I don’t really understand. Sure even Chief has to be played by good players cause otherwise it is still canonfolder. But I hope they won’t make Chief 2.0 through this MBT-B.

  19. There’s a finite about of vehicles from ww2 erra up to say the 70’s. So sooner or later the game will have to enter the more modern era, what other choice is there?

  20. The way they got MBTs/modern tanks into WoT Console was by having “cold war” and 3 ERAs. They introduced dozens and dozens of new tanks but it’s a completely separate game mode.

  21. MBT-B will be a ranked/clan wars reward as there’s no way it’s going to be a tech tree vehicle as Wargaming love to keep the pleb players down and deprive them of a decent tank.

  22. Will Chieftain ever come back to the game?

  23. hope its not a clan tank, im a solo player, im not even in a clan or something so i would like to have something comparable to chieftain and this kinda looks like it

  24. Well MBT is gonna be the new Flawour of the month if it does not get prelaunch nerf

  25. I think gradual introduction of tier 11 and maybe 12 is inevitable – and probably good for the game in the long run. Wargaming need to keep a slow progression to keep the game alive and aits the best way of satisfying power increase without creeping power in the existing game.

  26. World of tanks has gone from being a game about historic tanks to being a game about sci fi tanks. It really pains me. Old school historic tanks are usualy shit compared to scifi tanks, so its pretty sad

  27. I’m hoping the MBT-B isn’t a clan reward / black market / assembly shop tank, and is instead something that everyone could possibly get even a “new player” but that is just my own thoughts and probably will be a clan reward tank

    • @Wbillestedt what I’m trying to say is that putting it behind a wall and not allowing your casual player base to get it is stupid, and we already have a bunch of noobs running around with chieftains, 279e, etc. So I don’t really see your point

  28. Just another op campaign-reward-tank for unikums. Nothing more, nothing less.

  29. Best part at 5:26

  30. Main Battle Tank – “but Better” is what it stands for. We have Chieftan 2.0 ladies and gentlemen.

  31. From the looks of it alone , i feel like they just created a better s conq. Better speed and alpha. God

  32. The tier system needs overhauling, a long overdue and fundamental issue in the game.

  33. So this MBT-B is going to be the next clan rewards OPasFUCK prize tanks for people to cheat like mad for?

  34. seems like it’s time to add the T-64

  35. yayyy lets go even more non existing tanks being added to this garbage game hell yeah real wargaming style!

  36. its probably another broken clanwar tank bc now too many have chieftains so they need to refresh it

  37. I think if WoT wants to stick around, they have no choice but to introduce newer vehicles. My fear is that putting in higher tiers (11, 12, etc) might put the older tier 9 and 10 tanks at a serious disadvantage. Maybe they should be looking at a new game mode for the more modern tanks?

  38. It’s about time that they moved a lot of this stuff up to tiers 11 and 12, out of the way of those of thus who want to play WOT rather than World of Batshit Crazy…

  39. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain

    Ever since WOT on console added modern tanks I keep wondering if WG is going to do the same on PC. Doing that and changing several things killed the game for a lot of players so I hope they don’t make the same mistake on their more successful platform.

  40. World of tanks has increasingly been adding more and more tanks that are similar to and function similarly to more modern mbts, without increasing the tier system since they don’t want modern tanks in their game. The tanks that they are adding (like MBT-B) are also super fake and probably only exist as a written description somewhere, or in the best cases are at least a “blueprint” design. This means that they can add stuff that might not have worked out in real life because of space issues or logistical issues.
    This is why I never play wot anymore.

  41. I am worried with WG’s current tanks, I feel like they intentionally have omega buffed them in the start and when they get feedback they tune it a little down, but only so much so its better than everything else. There is no reason a heavy tank should be able to out spot light tanks so we may be lucky if they tune it down to 410m which still is a lot.
    I’m tired of new op tanks all the time just so WG can fill their pockets, or if its going to be a reward tank only the sweatiest of players get it. They nerfed the chinese heavy tanks before they released (thank god) but they still don’t have the balls to nerf the bz-176 just because people payed for it, even though its the most toxic tank for the game right now.
    (rant over)
    Amor like that does not belong in the game (expect on big slow heavy tanks). If the turret is going to be 350mm where would be 8 tanks which are able to somewhat pen it and when its able to go 45km/h it will be too fast for something with that kind of amor.

    I beg WG to really think more about the upcoming tanks, because they have a whole lot of techtree tanks which cant do anything because they are getting outclassed by better same tier better premium tanks. You are putting yourself and your team in a disadvantage if you pick certain tanks, and this also applies to stock tanks.
    Take a look at the T-832 its better and worse than the counter part this is a fair tank.

  42. We don’t need an additional Chief in the game …

  43. That udes looks broken on paper

  44. MBT-B is new clan wars reward tank ….will be XD

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