MBT-B Spotted LIVE and ANTI-FLIP + SPG Changes on RU | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

MBT-B Gameplay Review, Tier . World of Tanks Anti-Flip feature and SPG () changes on RU server.

► Information from:
– Replay shared by: boca1
– SPG stun info: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/
– tanks.gg

MBT-B seems to be under heavy testing by the supertest players on EU server, because it has been spotted more and more lately by the community! So today we are able to see this tank slap a bit, thanks to replay sent by boca1.

Also, let's talk about some of the changes on RU server… Like the Anti-Flip and SPG rework. Would you like to see those on our servers as well?

What do you think?


  1. But really you should care. If the two branches go different directions in developement its going to end up in a major disaster and a breakout in the communities. Updates need to be unanimous.

  2. we need more art nerfs this might be wt event gate tank

  3. The nerf to arty killing itself is actually pretty big i would always take adrenaline rush to and damage myself to get the extra dpm

  4. RU server was always seen as the server of clowns. They have to most cheaters, the most boosted accounts, and they cry the loudest. Remember when they wanted to nerf the 430U? yah… they biggest “WAAAA” on all servers came from RU. So when they add Clown mechanics to the RU, no one is surprised. I think The RU server needs a change in music…. let try all the different circus music tracks on all the maps on RU. Then, it will all make sense.

  5. lol he got sniped from across the map by an fv

  6. I wish they would take care a little more about us console players

  7. They should remove SPGs from the game.

  8. Teammates should never have been able to be stunned in the first place.
    SPGS should not have been able to blow themselves up in the first place, especially as people would grief their spgs by driving in front of their own team’s spg.
    SPGs should not be getting nerfed in any way shape or form in the current meta… It’s *miserable* currently in most battles… I am utterly tired of being in a tank with weak points, trying to dig out 0 weakpoint tanks that are just sitting hull down.

    SPGs munch on 279es, Chieftains, Krangs, as well as the idiotic BZ-176s all three of which have tin foil armor on top.

    The side skirts and turret on the MBT-B are kinda irritating. it should not be all red, but having flat green spots with 240mm on the turret, 145mm on lower plate and the front parts of the skirt sitting at 165mm… It’s pretty much going to be a punching bag.

  9. Great for russia, would have been better if they adjusted stun missions though so your average artillery hater doesnt have to do a few thousand battles to do the missions. Cuz with the lower potential stun those missions are obviously gonna be harder

  10. Eleminate the Arty shit from the game- all Problems fixed. Flip-back is welcome!

  11. The unflip mechanic should try to flip the tank with a light force, not force it to flip very hard

  12. Mishu Călian Oficial

    They should also make clickers float

  13. russian nazis getting more love from wg

  14. Already hate the antiflip, just learn to drive.

  15. They should make the wheeled memes very prone to flipping if anything.

  16. them russian have the right idea, eu should add these, no more rng spg stuns now, if they remove aimed shots missing it would be great, less rng more fair fights, unless we talking about gold ammo

  17. The antiflip should be a teameffort, I would not mind some sort of way to help tanks that are compleltly flipped in an easier way. But you should tobe able to flip yourself.

  18. Stun should scale with the ratio between max damage and the damage dealt

  19. They also added nice option in the overtarget marker to always show the distance to the visible enemy vehicles, which is really nice especially for the light tanks. It’s been now, what, 8 months since Lesta took over and they are already doing better job than Wargaming making the game better…

  20. Yes, it seems they are pumping the public testing of the new vehicles. I’ve also spotted the TS-54 double barrel tank and Latta srv tank destroyer these last few days.

  21. Anti flip NO. Arty changes YES (hull down meta and HE nerf has gone too far). Anti drowning NO (if we have no terrain variables it will soon get very boring). MBT looks balanced but Alpha too high. E5 could still do with a little love to the armour.

  22. Please no Anti Flip mechanic. If I manage to Flip an enemy they should still not leave its position. If I flip myself by mistake I have to wait for the act of humanity done by my comrads. If I Flip often in games I have to stop driving EBR.

  23. so they maded arty more retard frindly XD

  24. Ru Server is like China Server…completely uninteresting.

  25. Flip thing been in console for years

  26. World_Smartest_DoDo

    anti-flip have bin on consol for years.

  27. The towing feature on War Thunder. It is super nice because in addition to flipping teammates back you can tow dead tanks as trophy. Although War Thunder itself is just a another can of worms and I have recently started to play it.
    I would think about removing the flipped timer (or extending it) to incentivize players to help their teammates.

  28. I really think they did a bad job on the MBT. Right now what it seems like is basically ripping off the old MBTK project. I want to see more historical element of the game, especially since that’s what they tout the game to be.
    Balance wise kinda okay; all tanks should have one form of weakness or another. Probably next year or so.
    AP is likely translation of “APCBC” or other forms of shell with a “cap” to be more streamlined in flight.

  29. Now with this thing In the game, I’d love to see strv 2000

  30. looking at the armor model seems fine to me, insanely easy to hit weakpoint on the front of the turret so def gonna be a tank that takes skill to use, seems like a heavy tank brother to the M60

  31. Antiflip feature good, but WT mechanic is better.
    No more team stun and selfkills of arty is also good, other changes bruh are bad.

  32. @Xavier Jiang my guy.. historical accuracy left wargaming offices half a decade ago. its all napkin sketch tanks

  33. Anders BG Jansson

    So no stacking of stun means simply deleting stun from arty-shell, another SPG-nerf. Fixed stun-time less than old average time, yet another SPG-nerf. As no buffs are announced this is another crap change for SPG-players and something players only playing 4/5 of the in-game classes will like.

  34. Komrade-Sergent Kaktus

    I think the unflip mechanism could work only if allies are near, but would still be automatic, for example, if an ally is 25 meters or less away from you, it would take 5 seconds to unflip, if its 50 meters it would take like 7-10 seconds until the unflip wouldnt work anymore. Nearby enemies would slow down the unflip

  35. suicide drowning happens regularly by cowards on the HK and AU server. Bring on that patch to stop that.

  36. They just took the anti flip mechanic from the Steel Hunter game mode? I think that’s stupid, driving skill so you don’t flip is an essential part of the game, already sucks that you can’t flip wheel shits. You can also flip enemy vehicles in a brawl if you have the right tanks and terrain, so this would ruin such situations, too. They should rather fix that you can get a teamkill for trying to flip your teammates back onto the tracks.
    The issue of people drowning themselves simply can’t be fixed, because too many maps have water as an essential part in the design, and putting invisible walls around it would be really stupid. Ramming enemy tanks into the water is again an essential part of the game.
    What are they going to fix next? Blocking and pushing teammates? The free physics engine is a big part of the game, of any modern game. There used to be no physics at all in the early days of the game and blocking your teammates was even worse back then, because you simply couldn’t push them back at all.
    They should rather implement better penalties and automatic recognition for these types of behavior. Especially drowning yourself would be possible to recognize I think.
    The change they did on the RU server with arty no longer being able to take it self out against a wall is really good, they should take a look at that for the other servers, too. I don’t care that much about the stun changes, but the change to flipping is pretty stupid.
    Letting you unflip friendly tanks kind of automatically would actually be a nice feature, since it is also based in reality. Many regular tanks have towing equipement, and there are even specialized pioneer tanks with cranes and bulldozers etc., that are designed for recovering other tanks and removing obstacles etc.. But these would have no place in the game, since they often had no main gun.

  37. Žygimantas Petryla

    Artilery changes would be grate but flip mechanics is awful

  38. oh so ru gets to do personel mission better in arty why we still struggle on eu …typical

  39. I really like the SPG changes. Especially the inability to drown or to splash yourself to death, which is imo a perfect example of unsportsmanlike conduct. I play a lot of artillery myself and when I see one drowning himself, whether on my own team or the enemy team, I feel ashamed and angry because it only feeds the aversion that most players already have against artillery.

  40. Attila Felföldi

    I was just thinking about watching a replay where i met the MBT-B and now i see this video. That was me in the T-100 LT lol

  41. SPG needs some love too. Not stacking stun should be compensated with an increase in artillery damage

  42. I want the auto flip SOOOO much. With low turning TD I am constantly flipping myself over in mountain and city maps with stair like ridges

  43. MBT could be in either Caravan or Black Market, if they are planning to bring either of those back. Or as you said as an Onslaught reward

  44. Wait a sec, yes the RU server are run by a different company. But this doesnt mean that they can change the game codes and mechanics and basically create a different game.

  45. I dont like the arty changes, especially the fixed stun mechanic.

    And the anti-flip mechanic is silly. It destroys just another mechanic which makes the game interesting. It is the only thing which makes driving somewhat challenging. Actually clown cars should be made so that they flip much easier.

  46. Pig game ru!

  47. I saw it a week and a bit ago..

  48. I kind of have mixed feelings about arty not being able to damage itself. I remember one funny moment when I was 1v1 against an arty in the end game and it was a draw because I shot it when it was too close to me, so I destroy my own vehicle as well. Funny moments. Years later still makes me smile.

  49. I do not like anti flip. It will make the game even less realistic and flipping is funny sometimes. And when it isnt you know its because of your fault. There have even been times when I outplayed for example a Strv 103b by flipping it, so adding anti flip removes skill AND fun from the game.

  50. Let’s hope they dont stop the drowning, that will only leave deserting and cliff jumping when the MM gives yet another autolose match up. As it does frequently. I usually desert now, anyway, because there are no repercussions for that, while if you suicide off a cliff or in the water you can get a ban. But why should we have to waste time on a game that is lost before it starts? When the opposing team has 6 players over 55%wr and you have no one over 49%wr.

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