ME vs YOU 📈

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  1. Holy shit I finally caught a Circon upload

  2. its happening!!!!!!

  3. Pog after stream vids

  4. Hey all, currently NONE of my videos are monetized. I’d be very gratefull, even if you only watch my YT, if you could throw me a bone by subbing on my twitch channel for 5 bucks! Thank you and enjoy the vid <3 (PS you can also sub for free with prime and i still get the full amount!)

  5. Welcome back

  6. another daily, yas plz, also where did that shot on the KV-1 even go?

  7. happy to see you back in business Circon, let’s go for 100k subs <3

  8. Circon; happy to see you posting more WOT videos. Thanks

  9. Speedbird Schwarze Legion

    69th like 😉

  10. ᛅᚢᛋᛏᚱᛅᛋ ᛒᛅᚱᛋᛅᚱᚴᛦ

    HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ga je ook op vakantie?

  12. Welcome back to ze utubes Circon 🙂

  13. Mino needs a hot nerf like the AMX line. Give it a turret like the E4.

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I hate playing high tiers with the stupid hull down meta I prefer play low tiers easy to gun mark, easy to make credits without using gold and is fun

  15. Thorsten Heimbruch

    I m Happy that you are Back 🙂

  16. give tanks weak spots that aren’t tiny cupolas and lower plates

  17. Platoon w/ Skill or daki this Christmas?

  18. The top kekker is back!!!

  19. So glad to see you my favorite WOT player to watch .. I have prime ill subscribe to your twitch later when I get off work

  20. OH SNAP😲

  21. Oh man its bhin awile, happy birthday 😅

  22. amazing to see you back man!

  23. Need more game sound on the vods

  24. Love that your back

  25. so glad you’re back Circon. Missed your content

  26. day 3 of telling Circon that his comeback is welcomed

  27. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Just used blueprints to spare the experience required to unlock them. Only need to research the modules and Italian TD is up and running. I am looking forward to making them work.

  28. It’s funny. They nerfed the Kran and the just added the new TDS that tier 8 and up are blatantly overpowered against equal tier opponents unless you have a numerical advantage over it and can flank it. Trying to fight those bastards 1 on 1 is rage inducing.

  29. Hes back!! Yezz sir!!:)

  30. He’s alive???

  31. Very happy to see you back man. It has been too long.

    YouTube crew stay WINNING with this blazing™ fast™ consistent™ upload™ schedule™.

  33. YOOOO CIRCON IS BACK THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Also i think wot i generally just in a fucked state. 2 things they need to do rebalance all the tanks including premiums (i think no one would have a problem with that as long as it makes the game fun again) and they need to introduce +1 -1 mm. If they do that there is hope for the game (there are a lot of more needed changes but those 2 are the most important

  34. Holy shit the king is back

  35. Wait….Circon is back??? Love you brother!

  36. I only just got reccommended this. A whole year without Circon. Sweet relief

  37. Youtube algorithm.


    This man absolutely should be the number 1 in wot category like xD circon has the best personality of all the streamers and is actually amazing at wot as well best of both worlds 😀

  39. You’re back!!! 🎉

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