Meanwhile in World of Tanks… BANZAI

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Meanwhile in World of Tanks… everyone is diving off cliffs, shooting under tanks giving away the positions of their allies… Just another typical .

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  1. BANZAI? no, more like BANANA!

  2. banzai? pffft. get with times QB, now its ALLAHU AKBAR!

  3. I’m so glad that the Dicker Max managed to win this after the Cromwell was
    giving his position away :)

  4. Hei quicky I need some tips on the T21 light my friend challanged me to get
    2 marks of excellence I said allright If you can do it I should be able to
    do it as well. Because he most often plays when he is drunk.

  5. @sorensch says WoT ultraFacePalm

  6. @jackson graves at a JgpzE10?

    At a JgTiger?

    At a Ferdi?

    At a JgPantherII?

    At a Jgpanth…xD well,yes if you get his ass.

  7. @Elias Kinnunen good advice.

  8. pls gamepley with T-10

  9. Ehh i don’t know why.. but i play better when im not top tier xD

  10. My tips: never trust your team and don’t waste time typing when you can be
    in other tank getting that sweet xp.

  11. The boss DM was boss I was watching the stream when it happened the chat
    just erupted

  12. Kristoffer Johansson


  13. It was in blitz and I was in the e-100 and I was the last one against 6 and
    they where telling where I was hiding due to that I only got 3 kills and
    died to a is-7

  14. always shoot high explosive at german tank destroyer

  15. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Saw the shot under the belly of the tank before it happened – was like:
    ‘nooo, don’t park there QB, he can shoot you’ *BOOM* :(

  16. that mean comet must feel like a dick now, and he should

  17. Even when the Comets dive failed, all he had to do was to drive forward and
    around the dicker.. not back up in front of the gun (fp)

  18. I am ashamed of that player’s attitude as he is from my country. But like
    him there are so many, many others who are just stupid and ruin the
    pleasure of the game for the other players. I have seen and been part of
    games with unexpected endings because the players believed until the last
    minute they could win the game and made a team effort to do so. I admire
    the players who start the game with a positive attitude or with a joke and
    do their best to win the game even if there are players in the team who
    don’t know yet how to play. I, myself, am not a gamer and became addicted
    to this game after I got tired of arguing with my husband for playing wot
    so much. So I’ve played many battles on low tiers, with no skills on my
    crew, without knowing how to angle my tank, how to change my position when
    needed and so on and therefore I have a low wn8. I tried to create a new
    account on which I am a green player, but I soon got bored to play with low
    tiers. So I turned back to my low stats orange account. Still, if someones
    starts blaming or complaining about my wn 8 in the following minutes I
    start taking stupid decisions and I end up dead because I don’t like that
    battle anymore. It’s never about the wn 8 or about the win chances, it’s
    always about doing your best in a game, helping the others even if your
    tank is destroyed or not. I don’t think people understand how important a
    good piece of advice is for someone who has the fate of a battle in his
    hand and how much an encouragement can help.

  19. Well that was unexpected for the cromwell hahahahhaa xD Congrats to the
    dickermax btw

  20. Does anyone know how to active the camera in the replays so i can see other
    parts or the map of when you can only see around the tank?

  21. love seeing people who are helpful after a battle, it really encourages me
    to do the same. don’t ever stop making vids QB, I love your stuff

  22. one time I got killed and I was pinging where the shots where coming from
    to help out the team and this one dude kept saying stop spamming when I
    only pinged the map like 4 time and that was it and he kept pinging the map
    like a mad man.

  23. QB why would you leave Tiger, IS and M6 alone just to go away and farm some
    dmg on newbies Churchill and KV-2?? You had fantastic hill-side-shots
    position to harass them!! Without arty, that corner position is very
    strong, even if all enemy tanks point their guns at you, you get to proxy
    them and lock them… if they try to push they get to be sideshoted by
    kv-85s, panther, dicker etc… dunno mate, I’ve watched your last two
    livestreams, seems like, imho, your super unicum edge got kinda dull tbh

  24. I love this style without your face during the game please please try it
    much better

    REKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):) Comet must be saying, “WHAT
    DA FUG JUST HAPPENED???????????????” AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!:) Totally EPIC


  27. sexy monster did sexy act

  28. that tiger had 6 mastery stripes on his tank

  29. I once drove on top of 2 AMX 12 Ts with my T32 and killed them both.

  30. the enemy comet is a pu**y and diker max is winner

  31. ive made an even amazing shot in my T49 the tier 8 american LT , i was on
    the move the aim circle was wide open there was an enemy T49 hiding behind
    a dead tank , i just fired my HEAT shell anyway and the shot went under the
    dead tank and into the enemy! how bout that?

  32. when they say “replay website” is it the or other site?..
    i guess i could find some “meanwhile in world of tanks” material in asia

  33. William Baron (willmiester)

    well sh*t – quickybaby 2015

  34. Gabriel Dan Salcianu

    if 2k dmg in a tier 6 is great, what about 4k in a tier 5 ??

  35. Thanks QuickyBaby for those words about bad behaver in chat. It seems that
    EU server has been going lately in worst direction and Wargaming is not
    doing anything to get it out of the game. I personally don’t like it,
    because there is young people in game that are influenced for that and take
    it in use also out of the game. I really would like to see Youtubers to try
    to get that positive influence in the game that you are doing…

    Thanks Quicky

  36. I rarely pay attention to chat, cause of some of the stuff that is said.

  37. great work +QuickyBabyTV

  38. That awkward moment when a guy gets killed on the other side of the map,
    then blames you because you are a top-tier heavy who decided to help the
    weaker flank. Calls you an idiot, tells the enemy where you are (because
    you’re so dumb that of course the enemy *needs help* killing you), and even
    claims he’ll give gold to whomever kills you. And before you finally die,
    you manage to do three times as much damage as he does…

    True story

  39. So many people rage and blame others. it’s quite amusing actually. I just
    try to ignore them. Sometimes, SOMETIMES I get sucked in. lol

  40. Comet
    Weeell shit

  41. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Very nice sportsmanship, I’m glad to see it isn’t dead, even with all the
    crap I see coming out that makes me not use replays for my own channel.
    Thanks for this encouraging note Quickbaby.

  42. loooooooooooooooooool, i have a similar win with my amx 13 F3, where i was
    1 vs 1 with a soviet TD that was on low health, and i was on the same
    position as the dicker max, but the enemy td was down there waiting to shot
    me if i tried to close the distance with him, so i decided to do a yolo
    jump shotgun shot, and the splash damage killed him, i did 5 kills and 2k

  43. Thanks QB i genuinely like your content(or I would stop commenting like
    this because it’s not worth my time), I enjoyed having to watch this in
    480p stretched on my 1080p monitor because you continue to not release
    down-sampled 30 fps versions of your content. Keep up the quality 480p
    work. I’ll just hop into my time machine and go to 2005 where 480p is still
    considered tolerable and have a watch.

  44. +QuickyBabyTV I need your do i buy the t34-85 m or t34-85 Rudy ?

  45. One of the most well-deserved finish to a game I’ve ever seen! Like many
    players I understand getting frustrated with team mates, but calling out
    someone’s position to the enemy is bad sportsmanship and I think more
    players should be reported for it. Anyway full points for Dick!! I bet he
    felt like a million bucks after that game!

  46. well shit XD

  47. sixth Sense Perk sound mod with Quicky saying well S**t

  48. awesome QB!! love that you should things like this on your channel. I hope
    it makes others think twice. i can understand the frustration of the
    cromwell but not to the extent of giving away his position. keep up the
    great work

  49. Why are you so PC, going as far as censoring “shit”?

  50. Yes these things really irritate me, whether the player giving away
    positions is on my team or the enemy..

  51. You can still have an influence on the game if you’re dead. I’ve helped out
    my remaining team members countless times by telling them the enemies
    probable cause of action, say for instance where they’ll be coming from and
    where my allies should focus. Also, by keeping an extra pair of eyes on
    lookout, I can spot trees falling in the distance or buildings being
    destroyed, whereas my ally would be focused on other things. Of course,
    this all depends on the ally understanding english :P

  52. I really hope that the cromwell gets banned for atleast 1 Month for his
    behavior ..

  53. Never EVER give up your teammates’ positions. Always uncalled for and shows
    a lack of integrity.

  54. Trash player that cromwell

  55. Love this video :).
    Best thing to do after you die is as QB giving a bit of encouragement to
    the players

  56. This is the reason I love your channel Quickybaby! Keep up the amazing
    content and funny vids :P

  57. You should submit this replay to WG so they can ban him for a few days.
    It’s players like that, along with prem spammers, that really ruin the game
    and drive new and older players out.


  59. Video needs to be renamed to “Keep calm and carry Quickybaby” like the old
    series was.

  60. Really enjoy your channel here and I’ve even managed to put your tips to
    work. Just wondering if you’ve ever played wot on the xbox one and what
    your thoughts are on this version of the game. Thx

  61. This video is veeeerrrry honorable (u)

  62. the weeell sh*t got me :D

  63. Im a sinner I rage sometimes but I never EVER give away an allies position
    unless if there afk. Anyway lol

  64. quickybaby was actualy lucky to bounce the second shot of the IS in 3:30,
    that couldve killed him if he rolled good enough


  66. The improv at the end, lol

  67. could you do the T7 car

  68. same

  69. qb scared of saying that he would carry if he as alive

  70. I guess the OI thought he was in a Stringhold like usually… XD

  71. Friðbjörn Jónsson

    Tanks QuickyBaby it´s always good to know that you (or any one) don´t need
    to be rude and nasty in world of tanks I really like it when people give
    positive feed back rather then raging you in chat :)

  72. Saw this on the livestream, absolutely hilarious xD

  73. Cromwell guy had no chill.

    I mean, come on… if you’re gonna rage in chat, rage at the enemy! Give
    your last surviving teammate a chance to carry the game instead of trying
    to get him killed!

  74. how you do this open camera vieuw??? :/

  75. The Comet is not as good looking without the exhaust covers it had. :(

  76. Do reviews on each separate Czech tank please. Well at least tier 6-10

  77. This is why I turn battle chat off.

  78. “Nailed by the dicker max”

  79. I was hopng that the players reported the Cromwell for Unsportsmanlike
    Conduct for giving away the Dickermax’s position.

  80. death from above is cool if it works lol

  81. “Can you believe there’s a tier 6 Japanese heavy tank just sitting in

    Yes. Yes I can.

  82. So, we all know what to do if we ever find ourselves in a team with that
    little shit “otelo2015” from the PHBRO clan, who must be really happy to
    have him in with them !!

  83. Japanese heavy tanks really made the game so much worse imo

  84. I agree with you QB, negative chat does not help anyone. But it’s always
    the frustrated dead players that do all the bitching. Maybe if they didn’t
    die so early in the game, they’d be much more nice to people.

  85. the cromwell is fine. when u doing everything you could to win a game but
    the teamates just seems to dump it, thats the feeling usually has. but i
    will jus back to garage instead of crusing, it is simple. add the guy that
    cause the loss to blacklists.

  86. I usually try to give my team helpful advice, information and occasionally
    encouragement and praise. Unfortunately most players decide to ignore you
    and the loss is all too predictable. They seem to think that dying in the
    first two minutes or being top tier and sitting on their arse for the
    entire game while their team dies is the best way to earn xp and credits.
    Maybe they actually enjoy losing. It’s hard not to rage, however, revealing
    a teammates location is unacceptable and also especially stupid when the
    game is winnable.

  87. SNAPgamig SNAPgamig

    Could you do a t57 game play

  88. Well today a WZ-131 driver on the enemy team constantly called me a bot and
    so on i played in the M46 KR and he was statisticly a very good and
    experienced player and there i have a question why are always the assholes
    the pros in WoT i dont understand it (so certainly not all good players are
    but most very good players go on in the chat and rage calling others noobs
    etc. i just dont understand it cause they also were a noob in the past you
    cant learn a game in 1 match so

  89. Nice voiceover at the end another lovely video

  90. Who else saw this on the livestream and came here from the latest

  91. :'(

  92. (IS6 or jg tiger 8,8 cm)

  93. awwwwww u didnt put a video of which one should i get awwwwww :(

  94. Thought this replay looked familiar! Then i remembered i saw it live ?

  95. This is one reason why people like QuickyBaby

  96. thankyou QB a pleasure as always

  97. Like how that Comet backed up into the Dicker Max’s gun lol

  98. If i want to help my allies i say often, as example : THAT FUCKING DICKHEAD
    IS AT A4 !! GET HIM HE STOLE MY KILL! But- He isnt at A4. He is , again as
    example , on H 9. so the enemys goto A4 because the really think that i
    would give away the positin of my allies which i never would do.

  99. That Cromwell was a right dh!!

  100. sad to say but more and more players give allied positions almost every
    game on na server, complaints don’t seem to help either.

  101. Hey quicky think you can gift the dicker max some gold for being a good

  102. Wich is better -Ferdinand or JPanher II? Why?

  103. i got called a moron by a player on my team for lagging at start then got 4

  104. commentary at the end of the game was 10000000000000/10

  105. Seriously love these replay’s, but WOT is seriously messed up right now. MM
    is a joke, and Bots are rampant to the point that you have to worry about
    over half the team not doing shit. I wanna go off about arty but if your
    watching this, you already know

  106. isn’t giving away a teammates coords a punishable thing?

  107. sad that wot has one of the worst communities D:i see peaople like cromwell
    every game

  108. Hey QB is the Dicker Max worth the gold?

  109. put some wapanese heavy gameplay :)

  110. Love the commentary. Keep it up man

  111. YEH what an asshole that Dicker Max was a camping noob with his great big
    gun and his paper armor and impressive camo rating… what a complete idiot
    he should have yolo’d into that tiger and held the front line for the

    Honestly some people just don’t even realize how idiotic they sound

  112. you should die at least 2 times earlier,lucky bounce from IS and track
    absorb from OI

  113. What the Cromwell does there is so 100% typical… looking for someone to
    blame – and always among the tanks still left alive… Kinda sad testament
    to the typical intellect of WoT players really.

    And a shining example of why it would be a very, very good change if WG
    removed the ability to chat with enemies completely. The downsides would be
    minimal compared to making crap like this impossible.

    Had a very similar thing happen to me on Malinovka playing my CAX… had
    been working the E5 square the entire game, sitting at about 6k damage when
    our heavies finally lose the top of the map – at which point a dead T57
    starts whining about me camping… and reporting my position, continuously,
    to the enemies. Almost makes me sad for winning the battle for him in the

    Also, big kudos to QB for not hiding the bastard’s name in this case.
    People like that deserve some naming and shaming indeed

  114. Guys, if I have 1250 wn8 and a recent of 1900 (last month)
    should I get CDC or T54 mod 1?

  115. This game breads elitism, like COD you can’t play it for fun without being
    barraged with insults that your “win8” is not very good. I love this game
    but it is very frustrating when someone calls you a “noob” or a “scumbag”
    because your are not on their level.

  116. today I was playing in my SU-100Y and I was alone against 5 enemys, but dan
    a kv-85 from my team shut give the enemys my position. but it dont matter I
    have earned de kolobanovs medal for de second time today and I am happy
    with it! 🙂 (sorry for my bad English)

  117. Skandranon Banefire

    nice commentary…oh sh*t

  118. Personaly I always defend players who are being provoked by others.

  119. FlickzHD Gaming Videos

    Could you do a T32 review :)

  120. many times it happend , WG should ban them for chat for 7 days or 30 days
    then they stop doing it

  121. The end was hilarious! Was like a jingles video ;-)

  122. Great video QB. I loved it and thanks for doing all of these videos :)

  123. Hahaha well sh*t

  124. I’ve had this situation, too , in my Grille, and I really cursed in the
    chat at the one who gave away my position. But we’d probably have lost,
    anyway. Still just bad and childish.

  125. do you know these situations where someone tells the enemyteam the wrong
    position and helps so his team?

  126. Hey QuickyBaby, can i ask why do you have the percentage above enemy tanks
    instead of the number of hitpoints, just curious, because its much more
    useful, for example, i have no idea how much is 23% of tigers health, but
    if i have the number of hitpoints displayed instead of percentage, i know
    if can oneshot him or not.

  127. Hey QuickyBaby, can i ask why do you have the percentage above enemy tanks
    instead of the number of hitpoints, just curious, because its much more
    useful, for example, i have no idea how much is 23% of tigers health, but
    if i have the number of hitpoints displayed instead of percentage, i know
    if can oneshot him or not.

  128. what do you think of the indien panzer? you did a video on it but it’s 2
    years old and its been buff since then.

  129. The worst thing your team can do is call you or any other player a tomato,
    potato, noob or anything just because a mod tells them they are below
    average players… Like you are not helping anyone by making your teamates
    feel bad, you are just an ***hole

  130. is was at that moment the comet realized , he f*cked up

  131. comet on mines. I think thats QB favorite combination

  132. I saw that tiger shot coming before you even died.

  133. I personally as a gamer have always been the supportive and respectful
    player online and i too don’t get the point of all the trash talking to
    other players because of what ever reason as its not going to solve
    anything and in a situation like that at the end, you want to be giving as
    much helpful and positive advice as possible and make the other player who
    is still alive feel more willing and calm to carry and win the game instead
    of bringing him down and just making think sod it and not even try anymore,
    not good at all when you get those toxic players…..

  134. [Comment only available for Youtube® Premium™ account holders]

  135. LEL I love the end of this battle, hahah ..but If I was the Dic*er max, I
    would hit once the Comet and then roll down instead of what he did – shoot
    him once and then for a second goes forward to the rock. Or at least before
    the first shot he could stay a little bit closer to the edge and roll down
    when he shot, because the RoF of the Comet is.. well, he don’t want to stay
    there and he can buy some time rolling down. But still he did the job
    About the bad words from the Cromwell.. well, lets be honest – everyone
    have bad times in this game ..I repeat EVERYONE. Even QB have times when he
    rage like crazy. It’s a different story if the person decide to trash talk
    in the chat, hit the keyboard or anything else, scream like pig (in real
    life) or etc… I too use “trash talking” sometimes, due to 45% players who
    well.. they don’t do mistakes.. some players don’t even makes mistakes –
    they do nothing! and this piss me off sometimes, because sometimes when u
    make good game, few players screw the team.

    Still great video, thanks! +1

  136. dont worry people if you play world of tanks blitz there are alot of
    players spam stuff at you and your team

  137. QB, Don’t show videos like this! It will only encourage kurwas to camp in
    the motafuking A4! A tank in A4 (or in anyother camping position, made
    specifically for TD’s) is a burden to your team! If the DickMAX had been in
    on the frontline closer to the endgame you wouldnt have died.

  138. plus the fact the D max is a slow Tank destroyer. What did the Cromwell
    expect him to be pushing? …

  139. watched this one live and was so funny with QB face expressions

  140. Morons like the Cromwell is why I stopped playing WoT. Hope he gets
    clankick and a bann for his rulebreaking (annoncing friendly players
    possition that is)

  141. I have seen on TWITCH – amazing – and was funny again…

  142. Haha i remember the stream

  143. Those people who reveal the position you are in and start to rating
    teammates are cancer of WoT ?

  144. really nice editing skill at the end GJ :D

  145. I admit it, i have also given the position away of friendly tanks a couple
    of times, but those were usually top tier heavies that camped in the base
    the whole game, so i don’t really feel guilty about that. But that comet
    (or was it a cromwell?) was just an asshole.

  146. The worst thing ever is when your teammates take a shot, get scared by it,
    and instead of giving the enemy a shot of their own, they pull back, and
    take another shot. And the cycle repeats…

  147. Surprised in seeing that?Join me for more :D

  148. saw this in twitch

  149. I hate this map. All you really need to do is rush mine’s to win. If i had
    to pick a map that needs to reworked this is it. GG

  150. It’s so annoying when you have such a great game and then die as a result
    of no support from your team. Then a tomato left camping loses the game for

  151. This is why I subscribed

  152. what perks do you have on your comet? i have this tank now since 2 days
    with maybe 5-10 games and i dont know what i cant put in the slots

  153. Christian Hornbacher


  154. LOL Quickybaby!!! Thank you so much for putting up this vid, it made my

  155. thumbs up for this… I’m not the best player, but I enjoy giving good
    words to my team mates, even when the game is over, I find the player and
    send him a message, telling him that he was playing good and to keep up the
    same gameplay… my kind of player….

  156. I like it when I stay alone against 2+ enemys and team gives me info… I
    hate the scrubs who start pinging the map and telling me what to do… and
    most of the time they are just another noobs with -800 to 1200 wn8…

  157. In regards to trash talk, as soon as I see someone in chat be
    racist/dishing out hate to our team/enemy team I blacklist em. The game is
    meant to be fun and if you expect people to play seriously in “random”
    battles then you need to think about playing in a league or something

    I understand that winning is what it’s about and I want to win my games
    too, I’m fairly certain everyone on the same team does, but to go to the
    lengths of berating your team in a game for making mistakes or doing things
    that you wouldn’t do yourself kinda kills the enjoyment at times.

    If your teammates want to do stuff that help the team to fail well what are
    you gonna do? Drive their tank for them? When they notice a pattern of slow
    grinding and little xp and a low winrate forming they might try other
    things than camping or yoloing into the enemy. On the other hand that may
    just be how they get their fun from the game.

    We have to remember that this is a free to play game and pretty much any
    age of player could be in the battles we play. All you can do is offer
    positive advice, if it gets heeded that’s great and if it gets thrown back
    in your face well least you know you tried to help and you move onto the
    next battle in hopes of a better outcome.

  158. We want stories.I leave like.

  159. Marco Pfander Pfander

    Itz from livestream right?

  160. “can u belive there was a tier 6 heavy tank camping inside the bushes at
    base so well” what!? cmon quickybby, its x5 xp for another month, of course
    there are camping heavies. u know dis shit happens

  161. 😀 100% of people watching this video things that they lost 😀 But on the
    end the HUGE realization :D

  162. well sh*t

  163. So many bad things in the game nowadays and no punishment.

  164. Quickybaby propaganda xD

  165. I just today failed to carry a game in my SU-85I
    I was with my T40 team teammate vs AMX 105 anc Churchill III
    T40 got killed and then my heart was beating like a clock on a Big Ben 😀
    I managet to kill the arty and waited for the Churchill but he spotted me
    aswell and killed me :(

  166. You’ve had a dose of suprise buttsex-ram by sexymonster XD ohhh I hope
    jingles watches your vids, he would love this;)

  167. Another Comet video smh

  168. how can you fly as a spectator (in the replay)?

  169. I like these meanwhiles. They are really good, continue making them :)


  171. I remember seeing this on stream, QB’s reaction was amazing

  172. To be honest, I play with the chat off. Why? I got fed up with a lot of
    spam, swear words, foreign languages, insults and gibberish that does
    nothing to make me perform well. Personally I perform better without all of
    the distraction from chat.

  173. Awesome Daisycutter of a shot

  174. RNG Baby RNG :P

  175. I always try my best to help out when I’m dead, I’m far from the best wot
    player but I like to think I can help/guide someone through to the end of a
    game 🙂 quicky should defo show less cam and more chat :)

  176. what is that Cromwell name and clan because his clan look like name look
    like mine it so blurry

  177. a tiger 1 with less then 1000 wn8 isnt a threat anymore, ITS FOOD! :D

  178. indeed, saw this in the stream 😀 so hilarious!

  179. I’m on WOT console, every match is a shitshow.

  180. gg Dickermax

  181. My name’s Andre, yeah representing there Dicker

  182. Fahrudin Lagumdzija

    my god is it enough stattpading with this tank


  184. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015


  185. Please continue you “Being the Good Guy” – series, Quickybaby! =)
    Not the series the community deserves, but what it needs most.

    Great video by the way. Keep it up! =)

  186. O god i do that all the time screeming like a fool against my team if we
    got absolutely rekt, of when i see noobs…cuz their decisions, my gaawd,
    somethimes i just can’t take it but i know i shouldnt lol

  187. QB the noobkiller

  188. Giorgio Appignanesi

    Best game ever hahahhah

  189. most of my best games have been with terrible estimated xvm win rates. Got
    my first radley walters from a 18% chance.

  190. Is cromwell better or comet for its tier?

  191. Is cromwell better or comet for its tier?

  192. You all should look up Otelo2015 (whiny cromwell) in noobmeter :)

  193. Saw this on livestream, it was hilarious XD

  194. Was hilarious on the stream…

  195. and what was so crazy with tiger killing you??

  196. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    QB, thank you for saying in public what I say in game chat. I understand
    good/great players being frustrated with bad game play, we all have to deal
    with it. I see bad game play from high ranked players as well who die in
    the first min of the match too. But share your knowledge, like QB does.
    Have constructive criticism, angry chat always leads to a faster downfall
    of the game. Build people up don’t tear them down. It is sad to see an
    individual corrupt their character with malicious thoughts and attitude.

  197. Well, good to see that you suck in between

  198. LOL ;)

  199. u want to play whit you

  200. I always report people who call out positions on the own team. Even if it’s
    helping our team. Unsportsmanlike Conduct to say the least.

  201. Please keep doing the 1 video each day

  202. Maus or E100?
    Jg.Panther II or Ferdinand?

    Also tell me why. Thanks!Q

  203. The only time I ever call out the position of an allied team mate is if
    they are the last tank left alive and they are botting, AFK, or appear to
    be so (i.e. not moving for a long period of time, barely moving, etc.).

  204. It looked like you were being hunted QB…….probably the results of XVM
    and everyone typing that purple player has to die at the start of the
    battle. Lets hope Wargaming doesnt create an official medal for QB hunting

  205. the worst thing is doing what the comet did. give away his/her location!
    (he/she is a dick)

  206. well I take hits for my team. I eat the shots the enemy throws at me. I
    detract them while my team f*** them up from their butt

  207. Omg I have a replay I didn’t upload yet of my Cromwell in witch I ram 3
    tanks and kill 2 tanks

  208. Its sad that always seems to be the case that good players cant interact
    like a normal person with the rest of their team or the enemy, QB ofc is
    one of the few who can.

  209. Hey QB, Will you ever play WOT BLİTZ?

  210. Had something similar the other day loads of abuse from 2 ‘team mates’
    (after they had died) and then I went on to take out the 3 best players on
    the opposition to win. Be positive, It’ only a game after all.

  211. If you look to past game stats … DICK MAX DRIVING CZECH PLAYER :D

  212. I keep chat off. If I’m the last man standing, I find any “help” I might
    get from my teammates distracting. If I’m in “try hard” mode, I don’t want
    any distractions… PERIOD

  213. Pretty stunning finish! Very nice!

  214. that tiger shot so much RNG in his favor!

  215. Mateusz Dobrzyniecki

    GJ for the D.Max

  216. Why does it have the flag of Belarus on the turret?

  217. Hey there, QB. I’d like to ask you a big favor… in the future, could you
    please put a link in the description for the videos you promote/suggest at
    the end? I’m mainly (about 99% of the time) watch your videos on mobile,
    and the in-video links are not available on mobile. It would be a real time
    saver for me (and probably other people too) to be able to get straight to
    the video without wasting a lot of time searching for it. Thank you. Keep
    up the nice work.

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    like this!!!!

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  221. QUICKYBABY DID A SWEAR ;__; what is this?!?!?

  222. I see 2k and Im like “Thats all they did?” Then I realize WoT isn’t Armored
    Warfare where most tanks do 2k in 3 shots. Ive been playing to much AW

  223. That dicker max was a useless inbred shitbag though and he just got lucky.

  224. What i seen on the EU servers is, that all (99%) players are assh*les…

  225. Jindřich Kadlčík

    Giving up position of allies is just unforgivable, but you actually cant do
    a lot with players who do it, just report them and hope for WG to take
    care….. Once, a guy gave up the position of my friend which was up for
    his best game ever and he lost it then… we have done so much to punish
    the player, we even wrote to the leader of his clan, but did it help?…

  226. BANZAI!!! :v

  227. 1:56 wtf quickbaby you use hacks you was fully aim in the middel of the
    rear and y hit the track and made dmg and befour few sec O-I hit your track
    and no dmg

  228. that was a very entertaining video good stuff

  229. cromwell had to be really angry and you was a little bit nervous as well
    QB,the difference between you and the cromwell player is,that he started to
    insult the dicker max only because he played camper style and he didn t
    even think about a win,your eyes saw the opportunity to win and so you
    started to give hime some tips. Really adult reaction QB! I am 15 and i
    have 51%(i play blitz and sometimes i have good games like +6k dmg which is
    really gopd on blitz,then i lose ,because my team played like a bunch of
    tomatoes) and sometimes i start to insult the team for their mistakes and
    the thing is so childlish,because wot is only a game!
    All in all thx you for showing how a true gentleman have to be in this kind
    of frustrating moments that you can get in the everyday life!

  230. it will make my day, when wg begins perma ban these *** **** who reveal
    80% of jerks on my ignore list , are on it for that reason.
    Have sent in half a dozen tickets to wg demanding they do something about

  231. Want to buy this tank back now :3

  232. I get this very occasionally, why berate the surviving players? It’s the
    ones who have played poorly and died that have lead to the situation.

  233. I love how you add both strategic suggestions and mentality suggestions to
    maximize performance! You helped me come from a tomato to an almost above
    average player!

  234. This tanks turret is so good i got a pools medal

  235. I allready saw this replay but where ?

  236. Hey QB, when can we expect some object 260 gameplay?

  237. the worst thing? some times I get players whit xvm that says we will lose
    and they go full retard and suicide mode and die

  238. that was funny?,awsome video

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    keep up the daily uploads you are a bowwsssss!!!!!!

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  243. When ever someone says openly a location of a teammate, regardless of side,
    I always report them for unsportsmanlike conduct. Many times without saying
    a word.

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  249. Is your modpack compatible with version 9.13?

  250. QB please play a game with you wanna drive tiers 5-7 pleeeease

  251. Holy shit, what a shot from the tiger!

  252. Hey quicky, would you consider taking some Xbox one replays at some point
    or another? Maybe to mix it up a little bit and give the pc players a
    chance to see what it’s like, and I’m sure many of your subscribers play on
    the Xbox as well.

  253. Perfect video to watch right before work :)

  254. 11th commenter

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  256. It’s my birthday today, I’m 15

  257. the worst thing for your team is when you spawn in and you have your xvm
    activated, and see that your top tier heavy tank, only one of three top
    tanks and he’s as bloody as the red sea, ya know you are fucked

  258. I watched this live, it was so funny ?

  259. just played on that map

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  263. What are some of the best and worst things you can do for your team 🙂

    I’m livestreaming right now – last of of twenty-fifteen.

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