Meanwhile in World of Tanks… IS HE CHEATING?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Meanwhile in World of Tanks… something is going to happen Simpson21 that is so stupid that he will be accused of cheating by his own team…

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  1. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Derp Penn sounds pretty good.

  2. This replay shows the incredible level of stupidity of the normal WoT

  3. Donkhov

  4. Mind Meltown

  5. Since arties like to park there, and they are generally called “scumbags”,
    call it the “Wretched hive of scum and villiany”

  6. Last one lol. Lemmingrad

  7. Lemming lane

  8. I think Simpleton Square or Stasse I think QB

  9. + Anthony Simpson. I take it that was you then, simpson21? If so awesome
    stuff bro

  10. Quickybaby why aren’t you uploading WoW as much ships need love too.

  11. Kristijan Bozinovic

    Prison street? Majbe?

  12. maybe derpkip

  13. Why….. WHY IS NO ONE CAPING??!!!???

  14. xdddddddd

  15. Khderpow

  16. Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in WoT?

    KV-5 running down the center road of Fjords… with a three man Panther II
    Platoon shoving him along at 40+km/h. My M53/55 wasn’t even finished
    loading the first shell when he made it past where I could actually get a
    shell into, and proceeded to One-Ram kill a T28 Proto from my team that he
    slammed into the broadside of on his way to the peninsula.

  17. we dont have to make a name u ust did “pig penn” :)

  18. Should be called Butcher’s Box; where the useless tanks go to be

  19. How does that artillery get in there in the first place? They look too big
    to be able to get through that crack too.

  20. I swear 90% of WOT games you put up these days are Heartbreak Videos, put
    something uplifting on for a change QB! :P

  21. Alex “Lanimereala” Mano

    Got it. Penkov or Pigkov, choose your favorite.

  22. i call it the piggie hole

  23. pubbies.avi

  24. Simpson is so shit 

  25. Bacon Cave

  26. Hillel Buchsbaum


  27. I think it should be called the derp corral.

  28. !!! *ONLY 75000 CREDITS WITH PREMIUM* !!!

  29. Daniel Winstanley

    it should be called camparkov (camper and kharkov)

  30. Derpkov lol

  31. I would call it the Cage. You can get in but you can’t get out =P

  32. Just highlights the depressing level of tard in this game. Rather than
    simply WIN, these muppets died one after the other for the potential of a
    kill and a little more damage.
    I think you should call it “Chromosome Corner” because most who go in there
    seem to have a few extra (and, yes, that includes all the arty).
    So “chromosome corner” is my suggestion. Being terribly PC, I know QB won’t
    accept that, but what do the rest of you think?

  33. Who else thought that the G.W. Tiger was going to kill the leopard at the

  34. DerpenCorner!

  35. Kharkoderp

  36. I have only ever seen one arty get back there on the NA server.

  37. That corner is the Cradle of Kharkov, because arty players on city maps are
    big babies.

  38. how do you get the mod pack that shows damage and win%?

  39. Lemming Train Conductor (Serene)

    “The Pig Pen”

  40. Scumbag Square

  41. Derpenkhov

  42. i bounced a shot to my upper plate from a KV-85 once..

    in my ELC..

  43. GJ WG, map making at its best right there!

  44. The Kharkov Kennel.

  45. Is that possible to go though the building in 3:58 to 4:05?
    And.. that’s a sneaky bastard… which I would like to be one!

  46. Here’s something to call the corner: arty party.

  47. It hurts my eyes. Do you know what Vietnamese say in situations like this?
    “Ngu như bò”, mean “Dumb like cows”.

  48. Dumbfounded Corner

  49. call it “the Pig Pen”

  50. Samuel Giovannucci

    I’m just going to call it the Pigpen.

  51. I love your vids, QB, but when you try to say the names of tanks and towns
    in the accent of the native language, it goes through me like chalk on a
    chalkboard; esp. Waffenträger

  52. Marco202Destroyer

    Quickybaby, you should call that corner of Kharkov the Khar-can’t-get-in
    corner. Sounds silly but just a thought. Anyways, perhaps one of the most
    crazy things that I have seen in WoT was when I was driving my type 62
    light tank on redshire. I had that tank souped up for staying hidden and
    when the match went sour I stayed hidden in the scouting bush at the bottom
    of D7. A whole bunch of enemy tanks just rolled past me, even as close as
    100m. I ended up losing by cap but it was pretty hilarious to experience.

  53. i did not know about that hideout in the crnr

  54. the new japanese tanks are gonna be bigger

  55. why u show people the spot?

  56. Derpity Derp XD

  57. i tried to play arty, game crashed. when i loged back in i was dead and my
    team capped. finished the game with a class 3 mastery. best game lol ever.

  58. Just awesome. Call that corner ” hell hole “.

  59. The Corner of Fail

  60. as a pig player i think the “pig pen” needs to be accessible both ways. Fyi
    i play lights as well

  61. Awesome and funny replay, good job Quicky

  62. Grandel svk (Pravdomluvný)

    What about Khorne corner 😀 

  63. Chicken Coop, or Chicken Box :3

  64. Kornerkov

  65. Donkey Kov adventures. Derpkov. Krapkov. Karcass.

  66. That spot needs to go, It’s dumb and gives arty an advantage on that spawn.

  67. its the arty playpen … definitely ;)

  68. Thats where I hide too.. Hahaha.. ??

  69. Call it “The Hood”

  70. Thumbs up for comedy routine at the end

  71. Stupid tomato 50M and IS7

  72. Way to go down fighting Simpson you almost won. Saw the first half of this
    video with Jingles but the full video was so much more funny. I love how
    the arty had to cap because the team was so obsessed about killing one
    light tank. Definitely a last stand to go down in history with the Alamo
    and 300 (thermopylae) ;)

  73. How do I send you clips? I had a great game with the new a45 tank that you
    haven’t showcased yet!

  74. A noob with fucking luck .. But GG

  75. The Tank Graveyard

  76. 1:00 …….I still think that map looks like Midgar from the top
    down……but maybe that’s just me ^.^

  77. Let’s call it the ‘douche box’.

  78. The most ridiculous thing I have seen is the amx Chaffee 

  79. Yeah, Pig Pen is good.

    Most ridiculous thing was when I was in my T-127 on a fraction of health
    and I was up against a Tier III Cruiser with the high penetrating 2pdr
    firing APCR, a Vickers Mk E Type B, an M7 Priest, a Renault FTBS and a
    PZIIG. I was in Karelia and was near my base when the last of my team died
    close to me and had arty on my ass. I decided to just go out in a blaze of
    glory and the Cruiser had the worst case of RNG I’ve ever seen. He bounced
    every shot while I killed him, the Vickers was also on low health so I got
    him too, and the arty was so close they were no match. The PZIIG? Turned
    out he was AFK in his base. For once, I had RNGesus on my side.

  80. fckng hax stett pedding bush kemping nub

    < ̄`ヽ、 / ̄>
    ゝ、 \ /⌒ヽ,ノ /´
    ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
    > ,ノ

  81. the slaughterhouse

  82. +QuickyBabyTV I want to upload my Obj 268 6,601 dmg and 4 kills game but I
    can’t. When trying to post it, it says: 413 Entity too large Ngjix. The
    only way people can see it as of now is on my channel. ): please help.

  83. Ah the WoT playerbase. *golf clap*

  84. Holy shiet, And thats a freaking Tier 7 LIGHT tank xD Good job by him. and
    yeah we do indeed have to find a suitable and very good name for that spot

  85. The Arty Party Corner :D

  86. This guy.. This guy…

  87. Ricky Setrodimedjo

    gg mate

  88. as his clan mate ive decided to call i the kwiki mart just because it gets
    on his nerves

  89. how stupid, just go and cap, simpson cant do shiet

  90. I think “The pig pen” is a great name for it.

  91. If you needed more proof about how awful people can play in this game, you
    have it here.

  92. Radovan Cetkovic

    The most stupid enemy team I havent see in a while

  93. With the amount of brain cells you lose while playing World of Tanks, the
    enemy team could be that stupid by time they reach teir 10

  94. +QuickyBaby TV In dutch the maps name sounds the same as ‘kerkhof’ in
    English: Graveyard

  95. thx man :P

  96. Well played Simpson! I will try the same position next time I am on this

  97. lol I don’t think that’s gona stick :P

  98. Cheatkov

  99. Parking garage? maybe?

  100. You can clearly tell this guy is an average scrub at the end because he
    tried to manually aim at the Leo instead of autoaim. He just got lucky how
    idiotic the enemy team were. I mean the only option he had was to sidehug
    him and move backwards and forwards so the Leopard could miss. Obviously a
    noob woth no light tank experience. 

  101. Kaiser's Gaming Kollective

    The corner should be called Park-hov

  102. Simpson’s Pen

  103. It is areas like this that make maps fun. It’s a shame WG remove them as
    soon as it finds them.

  104. +QuickyBabyTV I had a battle when I tried to get there at the end but WoT
    told me “nope” and I was fired up in the air 😉

  105. Epic move hahaha

  106. Isn’t this map based off Detroit? Looks just like it.. maybe less death,
    but close.

    • +White Chocolate
      The map is called Charkov.
      Which is an actual city in Ukraine. So no, it’s not based off Detroit (also
      I do realize that you might were jokin’ at this point)

  107. i think that the name for that corner can be the slaughter house. because
    people who try to get in there get slaughtered, and people who are in there
    get slaughtered.

  108. Martin Dubbelfeld

    where are this video in our outro?

  109. lol maybe this place could be called the cock carver ?

  110. +QuickyBabyTV wow, that’s creepy! 2 days ago i think, my dad bough hinself
    a STA-2 and you upload a video about it (1v8) today i picked up myself the
    WZ131 aand you upload a video about it! GG :P

  111. The *Karma Korner* on Kharmakov

  112. The corner of idiocy?

  113. Pigpen works because arty sits there like the filthy bastards they are.. XD

  114. I ramed a tiger 1 into the river on Abby once in my pz3/4 killing myself
    and drowning him. I had forgotten to load any ammo. Thought that was a good
    result considering

  115. Hey, here is a pretty good replay of I game I did in my T71, if you can put
    it on your channel I would love it
    Thank, hope you like it

  116. another example of the intelligence of some online players in the
    world…the game would be over minutes before and EVERYONE would have
    received bonus exp if they had just captured the base. Instead, people want
    to get their own personal kill.
    Wargaming needs to boost the xp for capturing a base to be better than
    going after one kill.

  117. I have seen a ms-1 (tier 1) killing 10 maus tanks

  118. That spot must be called scumbag hideout

  119. Everyone knows World of Warships is out right?

  120. Khark-trough ?

  121. I personally like to play kharkov with light and medium tanks

  122. Call that “Simpson’s Corner”….

  123. Wow that’s just sad. . .

  124. 1 tank allone against 11 tanks and he win 

  125. 3:57 I was like ooh I didn’t know you could go over those rocks there…and
    of course the scumbag is waiting there to shotgun him…I guess everyone
    but me knew about it.

  126. Zerobladetion Wot

    So stupid i would have cap long time ago.

  127. That was amazing! 131 is one of my favourite tanks but never seen anything
    like that. That area needs to be called Cancer Ward coz its where the
    arties hide!

  128. lol that’s funny :P

  129. Quicky Piggy Pen :D

  130. The dumb corner of doom. ;)

  131. Karkov’s Korner

  132. Hey quickly baby I have a question. Do you play WOT blitz on your iPhone,
    iPad, iPod etc?

  133. what if we call the slaughterhouse 😛 see pigs go in the there and die 😛
    and they cant escape.. i.e slaughterhouse

  134. How about Pig’s Pit?

  135. manofsheerawsomness

    Kampy Karkov

  136. goddamn fuckin youtube sucks again 720p is delivered with 18mbits+ while
    1080p is capped down to 2000 mbit ….WTF makes no fuckin sense

  137. Jingles would laugh his ass off, about that players, well the is-7 at least
    knew where to go from.

  138. “Rape pen”

  139. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen personally was when I killed 8
    enemy tanks in a tier 2 match… in my Loltraktor.

  140. Just watched Jingle’s why you heff to be mad, exactly the same situation.

  141. Prassel B (Stefan)

    “Derpkov District”

  142. @Enter, nice story Bro, now go make me a sandwich.

    PS Hole of Pigs should be good, love westerns.

  143. Most ridiculous thing I’ve seen is starting on the south on abbey and an
    arty she’ll flies in to one shot our e75 hahaha 10 seconds in to the game
    and he was on the move!!!

  144. insane push at start, he can be happy that the randoms followed him,
    strange Ap shots at E75 lower plate with his little gun. If it would be me,
    my team “mates” would drive left and right, let middle open and i get
    pushed from all the T9. Overall the scene in the end was fun to watch and
    worth a thumps up. With some better aiming and movment he could have taken
    down the leo – with some luck. But he used it already on the E50s and the

    • +123testable Yeah he had a very luck-filled game. He could’ve so easily got
      pushed by tier 9’s in the middle and been the first to die on his team. He
      didn’t seem to take any consideration his team was pushing up with him and
      then wasted away shots. I’ll give him props though for the ending holdout,
      even if he did lose in the end.

  145. karkovs coffin

  146. 9:18 – coward hole!

  147. Wow those e50 ms

  148. This would make a good series

  149. Santiago Lafarga

    He will get in an interesting position… If u know what I mean

  150. Thijs van Ruissen

    Mabye the troll hole?

  151. DERPkhov Pen :D

  152. What a horrible bunch of complete and total IDIOTS! Why don’t I ever have
    enemies in my battles that just gift me xp and credits for free! The ONLY
    thing they actually needed to do was to drive INSIDE THE F***ING CAP ZONE!
    Simpson can’t get out of his lair! He’s as good as stuck there! Instead
    they go full retard and get stuck and give free xp and credits to a guy who
    absolutely DOESN’T deserve it. Watching this made most of my braincells

  153. Name the corner : Bay of pigs

  154. why hasn’t that corner been fixed yet? wouldn’t even take 2 mins to block
    it off.

  155. He couldn’t have been any more dumber than that at the end, just turn your
    fucking autoaim on, ffs.

  156. Lol, I remember something like this happening to me on Xbox. There was an
    artillery hiding in the north-west on Port in a one-way pass courtyard. So
    by the end of the game all of our team just run after him, the first guy
    heads into the pass and then…

    he gets shot and dies, blocking our way through. So then we start trying to
    push his wreck to get in, but by then the arty has reloaded and kills the
    second guy in the queue. So then I’m the next guy and we’re all pushing the
    wrecks of both of them but the match is nearly over so it’s pointless…

    But then the arty *splashes* me and kills me on a wall to the left of the

    A game I’ll never forget. ;D

  157. Is there any reason why QB obscures the chat window with the video feed?
    I’d like to have seen the chat during this game.

  158. The Moron corner or derpkov

  159. WoT is LIVE on XBox On e yehhhh

  160. braindead braindead and BRAINDEAD !!!!!

  161. Since no tanks can leave the area once they enter… I say we call it the

  162. Please just move your camera… watching the chat in these games is half
    the fun

  163. why doesn’t the enemy team just cap?

  164. I would call it The DerpenPen

  165. Pig Pen > Tanks are Like Cars > Cars park in car parks, we shall name it…

  166. It’s DerpenPlatz!

  167. Nice T-shit! 🙂 I have the same . :)))

  168. Pig pen,… how about Oinkov square

  169. Holocaust is the name for the corner

  170. I think we all can agree that corner is the “Meat House”

  171. 1080p and 48fps? umm….

  172. Everyone hit the like with your penis!

  173. Kharkov Coffee Khorner

  174. You should call that place “EXILE CORNER!”

  175. That was awesome! :D

  176. welcome to Thunderdome

  177. Márk Chabrecsek


  178. why didn’t they cap? omg noobs!

  179. epic

  180. UltimatePotato Dude

    Why does QB pronounce Kharkov so weirdly? He says something like “Krrkov”
    while its simply pronounced as “Har-kov”

  181. I’d call it the Arty Yard.

  182. Why are you don’t jusing your own modpack ? :D

  183. Aaron Jon Morgan

    That cornes should be called the Kov Sty

  184. tuomas laukkanen

    The corner should be named: Derps in the hood


    the donkey hole.

  186. +QuickyBabyTV I am thinking about Derpchov

  187. Alex Echidistant

    That corner…donkey magnet would be a nice name. It’s not the first time
    that a situation like that happends. I’ve seen once 6 tanks trying to kill
    a FV304 there. He was the last one in the team. He killed 5 of them. They
    blocked with their corpses the entrances and the last one thought of going
    into cap too late. It was a draw.

  188. Hector Rodriguez


  189. Plz look at wot xbox one trailer and review it

  190. maybe KharkenDerp? nah thats cheap and too long…

  191. Best replay I’ve seen in ages. I was actually LOL’ing.

  192. Nemanja Radisavljevic

    +QuickyBabyTV Maybe you could name it pic-poc box xD

  193. Can you upload gamescom on youtube please?

  194. It’s comforting to know that there are still so many terrible players at
    tier 10.

  195. Adeebullah Esmati

    you should call it Da Hood, what happens in Da Hood stays in Da Hood

  196. Herpinkov?

  197. KharWTFwargaminghowcanuevenalowsomethinglikethistobeinthegamekov

  198. Kharkov corner? Arty party rape scene.

  199. A name for that corner? “The coward corner”.

  200. was playing a t3 match on the spanishy type map with the castle (the one
    you can’t get above t4 can’t remember the name) and the final pz1c managed
    to glitch himself in to a house 

  201. Jan-Kamil Rembisch

    Fantastic troll play :)

  202. Graveyard of Michievous Skrubz

  203. Cagekov, Campkov, khar-camp, KHAAAAANkov, trapkov.

  204. Elephant’s Graveyard.

  205. Suicide Court

  206. he couldve killed the leopard easily he missed 3 shots while circeling him,
    he couldve just stopped and aim. the chances of the leopard not hitting him
    werent even that great especially in the range he was circeling him. still
    great gameplay though

  207. That team went full retard…you never go full retard.

  208. I like Camp Scumbag: where cancer goes to grow!

  209. crateov

  210. Anestis Xatzimoisiadis

    Im sorry if im asking, but are people seriously brain damaged in World of
    Tanks? If i see someone ´abusing´ this corner right there, and he is the
    only one left, maybe i would go and try to cap? Let him sit there for
    another hour, i dont really care? Seems strange to me.

    • +FrenziedRoach I have to agree. I’ve seen far to many seemingly certain
      victories lost because all rush off to find those last remaining, sometimes
      dangerously skilled enemies. Or games that have gone fairly bad but could
      have been won with some prudent capping, but hopes dashed because of the
      insane cries of “No cap!”. Any victory, regardless of from what method is
      preferable to no victory at all say I.

    • Yes, they really are that braindamaged.

      There is this mentality of “no cap – kill all” that turns people into
      drooling idiots

    • Arty started capping towards the end

    • +Anestis Xatzimoisiadis There is no room for that kind of thinking in World
      of Tanks. You sir have gone waaaay to far this time. =P

  211. The Magic Candyturtle

    Funnest vid ever

  212. How do you get in A8 as an arty?

  213. All those guys who died at the end could have just went and capped right
    away, maybe leave one behind encase he got out. Would saved all their tanks
    and would have been so much more easier.

  214. Hi QB thx for picking my vid i was in stiches when i saw this vid it was a
    hilarious game hope you enjoyed it and love the vids 😀

  215. Hacking donkeymode corner

  216. What´s about Trollkow? :D

  217. Snarkov 2k15

  218. Sebastian Richter

    The Kharkov Pig Pen

  219. Murderoff

  220. Sharpclawasaurus

    Camp Kharkov?
    Kharkorner of Doom?

  221. Kharkotraz!

  222. Smh. Why dont you just cap. Two of your teammates died trying to go where
    he is and you do the same thing…smh

  223. Enter The Poop-Hole

    so who is this man if you said quickybaby give yourself a pat on the back
    because your a winner so one day quicky is livestreaming wot on his pc when
    a jingles levitates up to his bedroom window and quicky is really trying to
    concentrate because he is trying to aim for the commanders hatch of an obj
    140 in his e100 to win the game and jingles notices so as quickybaby is
    about to secure the win Jingles screams welcome to narnia into quickybabies
    ear and the shot goes wide and the obj 140 rushes forward flanks quicky and
    kills him and this has made quicky so mad that he starts smashing his head
    up against the wall really hard and fast and while all this is going on
    jingles is crying with laughter on the floor and circonflexes turns up
    doing the harlem shake and quickybaby stops bashing his head on the wall
    and a cartoon lump emerges from quickys head and lots of little comet tanks
    with wings start flying around it and quickybaby dries his eyes to confront
    jingles and is like mate what the actual hell did you do that for i was
    winning and jingles says sucks to be you and blows a massive raspberry
    whilst pretending to slap a girls arse and quickybaby gives jingles a death
    stare and circon is so scared that he does a really loud screaming noise
    for about ten seconds and then jumps out of the window with his trousers
    down and attempts to waddle back home but jingles wafts his arm in the ir
    and is like pffffft what are you going to do and quickybaby says wait and
    see you garden gnome now get your sorry bum out of my house and into the
    back garden so jingles army crawls into quickybabies garden and does a fake
    army salute into the sky for literally no reason and quicky follows wearing
    a swag cap and sunglasses and jingles points and laughs and says mate you
    look like a imgur user and quickybaby says and youll look like a dead guy
    in a mo and jingles turns his head and says get a load of this bag of cow
    spit and quicky screams enough so loud that a rooftile comes sliding off
    his roof and makes a loud clanking sound as it smacks quickybaby right on
    his head and he is so mad now that he just runs at jingles whilst he prays
    to serb for a good damage roll but jingles backflips up in to the air and
    dodges the attack so quickybaby faceplants the ground into a layer of
    stinging nettles and jingles says mate you might need some of this and he
    hands quickybaby some of dr zoidbergs butthurt cream and quickybaby goes to
    grab jingles but jingles is armed and says suprise its me and sprays quicky
    with the butthurt cream and quickybaby is covered in so much white liquid
    he looks like a kardashian but quicky is still raging so he lumbers over to
    jingles and attempts to give him a right smack but jingles levitates into
    the air and waves a final goodbye and says please try the fish and dont
    forget to tip your waitress but quicky is so mad he uses his unicum powers
    to jump 10 ft into the sky and grabs hold of jingles foot and is like mate
    you are going down and jingles is too busy gargling to the theme tune of
    the girls und panzer soundtrack to notice and quickybaby shouts hey really
    loud and it makes jingles spit out the water he was gargling with and it
    dribbles out of his mouth all over quickybabys face and jingles is like oh
    mate i didnt see you down their you cheeky bugger and quicky is like
    jingles its too late now time to fall to our deaths and quickybaby uses his
    unicum powers to interrupt jingles mancave powers so now they are both
    falling and jingles turns his head and says lads listen here right i have a
    plan so cunning you can put a tail on it and call it a fox and jingles puts
    a fake rubber spider on his shoe whilst quickybaby is concentrating his
    unicum powers and jingles says oh look a bonus code and quicky opens his
    eyes and shouts where and sees the spider and screams like a little girl so
    loudly that his unicum powers have now gone so jingles slowly starts to
    ascend back up into the air whilst quicky is plunging to his doom and
    circon flies past because he is a focke wolf 190 and starts singing all
    around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces and quickybaby
    is almost at the ground when he lands on an extra thick bensons for beds
    matress that just happened to be there and jingles shouts curses foiled
    again it was supposed to be an extra hard table from oak furniture land and
    serb who was watching the whole time says ah but jingles even ta broken
    clock tells the right time twice a day and evaporates into the sky and
    jingles along with circon fly all the way home leaving quickybaby in a
    right mess and quicky opens his eyes and says thank you serb for saving my
    life how can i ever repay you and a brick falls from the sky and knocks him
    unconscious and jingles appears with two girls around his arm and says as
    allways take care folks and ill catch you next time

    • +Enter The Poop-Hole DIDN’T READ LOL

    • +Enter The Poop-Hole What the fuck is this? No, seriously, what the fuck?
      I’m thinking that you made an insane story using Quickybaby’s regular
      phrases like “to secure the win” and “the shot goes wide”. The lack of
      punctuation makes it harder to read, but I think it adds to the hilarity
      factor in the end. I would rate this 10/10; absolutely halal.

    • +Zaid Al-Masri is it worth reading?

    • +Enter The Poop-Hole Good story, but for the Love of GOD use punctuation!
      I’m not raging, just exaggeration my reaction to the lack of punctuation.

    • +Enter The Poop-Hole
      You might be a bit obsessed.

  224. Call it the killing corner!

  225. i say we call it the thunder dome

  226. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    It should be called the Henhouse. So when the light tank gets in, its a fox
    in the Henhouse.

  227. That area of the map should be called “The sweat pen”

  228. The most stupid thing I’ve ever seen in WoT saw on Himmelsdorf when 2
    light tanks jumped off the hill after a T-55A

  229. ww2legoproductions


  230. Amazing gameplay!

  231. Let it be Fartillery square garden.
    That must be a good name.

  232. Corner-kill-khov?

  233. Corner in Karkov = Dumbkov

  234. Christian Hostetler

    Sigh, if only I got enemies that stupid. Whenever I get to pull shit like
    this they just try to cap.

    • +Christian Hostetler Even if you’re the last tank in the game, there’s
      always that one guy, one decent player who knows that if it will take long
      to kill the last tank he’ll cap. There’s always one.

    • Christian Hostetler

      +photomorti WUT, I always kill all if we have an advantage, I only try to
      cap if we are going to lose without it.

    • +Christian Hostetler That is precisely what I would do too, but we all know
      most teams will not allow that….it’s kill all or lose. Yup, seen that
      happen on the same map, same circumstances lol

  235. 7:00 just wtf..

  236. Sweet Haxx bro!

    Pig pen? Scumbag sanctuary. Arty atelier/abode.

  237. Haha 😀 #donkeymode

  238. donkey corner

  239. The scumbag courtyard

  240. I think ‘the pig pen’ is actually a pretty good name for that corner.

  241. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Woah I never been this early.

  242. LOl this shit is funny

  243. PanzerFaust 360 (P4nssariK4uhu)


  244. amazing how so many players still didnt know how to get in there :X

  245. Pigpenn seems fitting :p

  246. WorldOfTanksReplays

    very funny replay :D

  247. Should have used auto aim in a close battle like that with the leopard.

    • +Moose Only Last time I made a similar comment on a similar discussion, I
      got like 76 upvotes. I mean, it’s just my personal opinion on the matter,
      but yeah, it seems like a lot of people agree, so dismissing it with
      comments like “never use auto aim, if you can help it!!” doesn’t really
      make sense. It sounds like he’s arguing from ignorance.

      I wanted to try and explain to the guy how to use autoaim right, so he can
      try it out for himself and see if he changes his mind.

    • Chromodar hit it on the T.

    • +James Stephen You know, by timing your trigger pulls while auto aiming and
      circling, you can actually hit drivewheels very reliably.. Also there’s no
      reason to even shoot if his strongest armor is pointed to you when you
      finish reloading. Just hold your fire and keep circling, only pull the
      trigger when the gun is pointing where you want to hit.. So you can focus
      100% on driving.

      This is the situation where autoaim is really useful. It reduces your focus
      on hitting your target to one simple thing: When to pull the trigger. Which
      leaves you free to focus on moving your tank optimally. If you don’t have
      the trigger discipline needed to make this work, you might be right, using
      autoaim could be a bad idea for you. But it’s your fault, not autoaim’s.

    • +James Stephen unless its a leopard pta……

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +coconut2011 I know that, i just didnt explained myself correctly.

  248. Double A Batteries

    Shrek’s swamp or rape dungeon.

  249. The pig pen?

  250. LOL WTF XD

  251. RealDeathstrikeable

    Maybe we could see the chat if your cam wasn’t in the way…

  252. I knew there would be once a match like this one.

  253. Yep definetly hacks. Reported, Kappa

  254. PotatoMasher Productions

    Not sure if Mao Zedong or Stalin helped Simpson 

  255. Id rather be in the 131 with camp and view range than the T-44, got T10
    games in my T44 sucked, I ended up using gold rounds with the 122mm for
    some punishing alpha on low health tanks to help with clean up.

  256. Canadian_Jazz_Rock


  257. M103 Tips

    • Sell it

    • Says you who is swearing,you know you are talking to someone with a brain
      and not to a pancake,so you are backing up,better do that,before you make
      yourself look stupid,not that you already look.

    • +Dmnit Dis And you are not helping him by saying its crap, and to get
      something else. he might not have the means to get anything else! Im
      helping him with what he asked, your just being a dick, i dont care what
      you say to me, somehow i think hes gonna follow my advice, now im muting
      this post because your bring down my intelligence with your fuckery.

    • +Dmnit Dis Its does when that half second is added to by the longer aim
      time on the IS 8. So in total you get about a second difference in accurate
      rate of fire. 1 second is plenty of time to angle your armour, start
      backing off down a slope or reversing round a corner, causing him to
      bounce, or do 0 damage to your tracks. This is not idle speculation, this
      is the experience of a unicum player. This is my experience and its the
      same advice Quicky himself has given on the M103. If you play WOT you know
      a second can make a massive difference.

    • yeah,IS-8 has 440 dmg,and M103 400 dmg,so what you said makes no sense.

  258. What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen in World of Tanks?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  259. Erik Knutssønn Espeland


  260. Hello QB


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