Meanwhile, in World of Tanks… MAUS POWER

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Meanwhile, in World of Tanks KDA69GT going to have the game of his life in the T10 German Super Heavy the Maus with some quite unexpected plays by the opposition…

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  1. The Maus is truly a beast it’s the tank the word beast created for

  2. Алексей ББ

    Разрабы ХУ ИСО СЫ с кусоком говна вместо мозгов, преследующих одну цель –
    1) Играть с дебилами в одной команде – это идея полного ПИД АРА.
    2) Такого же, который придумал играть 90% боев с танками на три уровня
    старше, особенно это касается легких и средних танков.
    3) И поэтому, чтобы заинтересовать игроков на легких танках, разрабы решили
    сделать урон от них больше чем урон от тяжелых танков – ПИД АРЫ
    4) А игра на последних уровнях рассчитана на дополнительное вливания денег
    и не зависит от мастерства игроков.

    С каждой обновой игра превращается в кучу говна, а авторитет разработчиков
    на уровне ХУ ИСО СОВ. И все потому что им насрать на логику, физику и
    историю – единственное что им важно – это количество заработанных денег.

  3. Damnit, should’ve gone for the german HT line… Struggling like crazy with
    HT mission 15 in the IS 8 :(

  4. awesome^^ if that´s what awaits me i can´t wait to get a naus too^^ even if
    i´ve a long way to go

  5. Well if you happen to get completely and utterly mentally destroyed enemies
    and insane luck that arty didn’t just rek you, winning this situation would
    be easy as all hell.

  6. I believe Jingles was showing this replay several months ago? Seen it
    somewhere before.

  7. Maus is a big heavy tank with extremely hard to penetrate armor ! It is
    great tank !

  8. Lovely game, although he doesn’t aim his shots properly. Also, if the arty
    wasn’t a noob firing only AP and if those meds had just a little bit of a
    brain he would have been dead halfway this game. Still GG WP

  9. he was lucky that all those meds had the stock guns (except the t54) and
    that the Gw was a moron. still, great game.

  10. I saw nothing special about this guys game style. He hardly aims therefor
    missed many of hsis shots. He was in a matchup where the enemy weren’t that
    good. Pure look because the enemy been any good, they would have punished
    him for all those misses.

  11. PolishWarrior 99

    Where’s the domination mode

  12. hAhaha encountEr madneSs and miraclEs! The Maus is a fine looking tank,
    given the ‘biggest’ tank I have is the T-54 (Tier 9 and 10 all look like
    gods) :o)

  13. Just wanted to add that Super heavy armored tanks are useless in WoT
    nowadays, cuz at the second you get spotted while you’re driving a Maus/
    T95 for example, you get 3 arty focused on y ou and also every ennemy tank
    load Premium shells in the second… That’s why everytime i see a Maus in a
    game, even played by an excelent player, he dies first. You cant even rely
    on armor anymore in this game.

  14. The TOG II* is longer. :P

  15. Eh, I’d still take the E-100 over the Maus. Just for that bit of extra

  16. Unlike the t110e3 the Maus requires skills. THis is a extremely well played

  17. Just because the maus is an old relic, doesn’t mean it can dish out some
    serious hurt. Never underestimate any tank. Maybe the dw2 though. That
    thing’s horrible

  18. only 13k blocked by armour

  19. Αννετα Ρωσσοπουλου

    1:32 it is mice not mouses ;)

  20. ธนภัทร เพ็ชรบุญยัง

    Go. Go. Go

  21. Christian von Essen

    Like a boss

  22. This game was excellent and want really a matter of luck. KD8 played very

  23. is just me or ive just seen the same replay 2 times in a row on two
    diferent chanel

  24. Super!

  25. Mike “Stuntman Mike” McKay

    Imagine this game without clickers…

  26. Yes, he got extremely lucky v muppets.
    You don’t fire HEAT at the side of a Maus, or indeed even at one that is
    correctly angled.
    You track it constantly and prey on its abysmal turret rotation. He should
    never have been allowed to move once ganged, but they didn’t even do that
    all the time (plus would’ve allowed the whackamole to do what it usually
    does to super-heavies).
    Incidentally, I have always believed SPGs should be allowed to use HEAT/AP
    when firing DIRECTLY. It’s total BS to use those rounds indirectly, but
    then SPGs are pretty much totally BS anyway so I suppose it shouldn’t
    surprise anyone.
    WG have had their heads up their backsides over SPGs for the entire time
    WoT has been around (yes, I played in beta and it was utterly and obviously
    a ridiculous joke of a mechanic).
    Having said all that, was amusing to watch. Don’t see many Maus games, for
    obvious reasons. Massively mobile vehicles with sprem spam available have
    made it largely irrelevant. Such a shame, too, as you used to have to think
    a bit about how to deal with it.
    The dumbing down of WoT that has come from things like unlimited sprem is
    very clear when watching people trying to play when it doesn’t work. A
    skilled player would still have dealt with it with few troubles: just
    perma-track it and let the whackamole kill it, but I suspect that never
    occurred to these clowns.

  27. The best thing the T57 and Panther II could have done would be track the
    Maus over and over, and stood clear, so that Arty could have dealt with

  28. Another channel featured this video but I forgot which, I think it was one
    of the wot best replays channels.

  29. charly345mstlneo

    please QuickyBaby, let us watch VK45.02 ausf B rampaging! i beg you!

  30. The panther 2 was using the L70 75mm gun, just what the hell

  31. On VK 45.02 A right now. Want the Maus so bad!

  32. Wow what an Roman candle of an ammo rack first time I have ever seen one do
    that. Oh, nice game to big guy hell of a match. GLHF

  33. hey QB im a huge fan of you dude, i watch all your live streams and i love
    your channel its just insane can you do a review/gameplay of the is-6?

  34. Fuck arty

  35. All that and still no badge

  36. Over 9000 !!!

  37. GG

  38. That arty was so retarded

  39. I wonder how the enemy team felt about their 5 players.

  40. why don’t i get enemies like this when i play MAUS. Not saying that maus
    palyer was not good but had that arty fired HE, maus would be dead on that
    hill at start of game.

  41. That was actually the most intense match i’ve watch

  42. Would the Panther II or the T54E1 have been able to track the Maus without
    being detected by him enabling the arty to take him out?

  43. OMG yes.. A Maus vid!!

  44. Holy. Crap.

  45. The enemy team should have capped, forcing him to engage at the cap while
    arty rained it on him… or even send a couple of them to keep him tracked
    while the rest caps…

  46. valentin romanyuk

    Do u play blitz

  47. the best tank in world of tanks

  48. 9:30 Insert “Yakety yak” here. :)

  49. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    Why do players keep ramming the Maus. Have they not know how much weight it
    has? FFS.

  50. Rafal Bronowski

    i play this game some time and this is just showing how bad players are
    >>lol…6 vs 1 tanks and lost ..i agree with some comments below if i will
    drive this tank i will be killed very quickly …this game is just luck RNG
    and red players who dont now where shoot …skill in this game is what ??
    there are just players who have luck …

  51. already watched this in world of tanks the best replays a week ago….

  52. I like how he stays in the middle of nothing, behind no cover. I would be
    dead in 2 minutes because of skypigs….

  53. Filip Šťastný

    Is this guy actually aiming? Is he really just snapshotting (or
    halfsnapshoting) everything? Omg, this is so lucky and so unskilled…
    sorry to say this

  54. Pff nothing to do with the maus…i mean almost any tier 10 heavy could do
    that considering the enemies were basically retards.
    I’m sorry but that was just pure luck based on what the enemy did and
    nothing to do with the Maus or its driver.

    Arty using AP instead of HE on a Maus.
    T-54, T54E1 and Panther2 have no idea how to aim and couldn’t pen even when
    spamming gold. 170 pen is enough to reliably pen a maus if you manage to
    get the flank. Anything more is just a bonus. From the front 225 pen will
    do. People really need to learn to aim. 

    • +M.H.B You underestimate the Maus. 170 makes it almost impossible to pen
      the Maus from any angle. The rear is 160mm and has a decent slope to it, so
      that makes it around 180-190. If the Maus is slightly angled, no pen. Side
      is 185mm, not counting the massive tracks and spaced armor plate covering
      them. 225 cannot punch through even the lower glacis if the Maus is
      slightly angled.

  55. please post at 60 fps 45 a little old

  56. StronkSovietTenk | WoT | MC

    Yeah, but tomato

  57. andrei mitreanu

    This was the most entertaining replay I have ever seen!

  58. Great, but might I suggest a new intro? That one is getting a old.

  59. I did 10K dmg blocked recieved and done im my T32

  60. think the maus is just a one trick pony, the e100 isnt really, since the
    e100 also has a decent gun, okay-ish speed and armor

    • +xgc666 E-100’s gun is kind of shit, the only good trait about it is the
      750 alpha. Lackluster pen, slow rate of fire, 0.4 dispersion at 100m and a
      long aiming time. I am an E-100 player.


  62. how much did he block?

  63. Amazing game, fortunately the T54E1 and the Panther II didn’t really know
    how to deal with a Maus

    • +Tony Pellerin The Panther II looked like he had his stock gun , so he
      really didn’t have many options (He should have gone for a capture). I
      doubt he could even track the Maus =/

  64. sosnowskim020 aka Awereq

    Faja uploaded it… months ago :v

  65. If you play and get only few top teir noone spams gold at you don’t get
    swamed and your facing retarded players you can have a good game in maus.
    Other wise your a 3000 HP puching bag.

  66. Lol insane 

  67. only if that arty fired HE….

  68. I wish I still had my replay with 2028 base xp on my T32……

  69. Christopher Focke

    Seems like i cant close my mouth for a week O.O

  70. I love the way the camera shakes and jumps backwards when the gun fires.

  71. I did HT-15 with IS-6, I have absolutely no idea how I did it…

  72. FailShotKillGaming

    MAUS op confirmed

  73. They should nerve its mobility and gun depression….

  74. The Queen of England

    :O Before this video came out İ was watching Jingles’ review of it 

  75. He is lucky,and met tomato spg

  76. Vaas Montenegro

    The Maus is a pretty poor tank. With such low speed and maneuverability,
    only 240mm of frontal turret armour which can’t be angled very well (even
    when angled ridiculously which can be done due to the great side armour,
    the center flat part is still weak enough to be punched through by tier 10
    TD’s), on top of this when angling the turret you expose a weakspot behind
    the mantlet, its gun is pretty damn lack luster for its tier, etc. and it’s
    an absolute arty magnet to say the least, it’s simply under powered.
    Despite this, I love my Maus because it’s a Maus. It does have excellent
    armour when you’re not fighting tier 10 tank destroyers and the gun can
    still put out a lot of hurt if it’s in the hands of a competent player,
    just not as much as other guns could.

    I love my Maus, but a buff to frontal turret armour and gun (like DPM and
    accuracy) would be much appreciated (I don’t see how the Maus’ 128mm shell
    with such a large crew space and 2 loaders can reload slower than an IS-7’s
    130mm shell with only 1 loader and a much tighter and less convenient space
    for the crew). On top of this, if it’s not too much to ask, a slight buff
    to speed and maneuverability would be much obliged too. Sure, it can’t be
    quick because it’s a Maus, but WoT is balanced around game balance instead
    of realism and is an arcade game, so why make it just slow instead of
    ridiculously painfully slow?

    • Vaas Montenegro

      +casey escobar
      >implying the Maus is currently a good tank

      Why shouldn’t it be buffed?

    • TheMagicScatlan

      +Vaas Montenegro I’d be 100% fine with a slight gun buff, but screw buffing
      the turret front

    • Vaas Montenegro

      +TheMagicScatlan What, why? It’s weaker than an E 100’s turret front by
      far. It can be punched through by literally everything at tier 10, and most
      things at tier 9. Even some at tier 8, not to mention gold ammo. I’m gonna
      guess you haven’t got a Maus, huh?

    • +Vaas Montenegro Bruh… you must really suck in Maus. I slaughter E-100’s
      all day in the Maus. The turret of Maus can be angled extremely. If you’re
      just lining the turret with the body expect a round to go through because
      that is scrub angling.

      Punched by everything in tier 10? No. That’s evidence you suck at angling.
      12 second reload is fine too me, esp. when your in a tank that can bounce
      nearly everything and has 3,000HP.

      TD’s like death star and Jg. pz. E-100 Yah those are some hard tanks to
      angle vs. I have a hard time angling vs. them. Too say that they punch you
      every time means your angling sucks.

    • Vaas Montenegro

      +Novolius Yeah try reading the comment next time. Everything can punch
      through its turret face, you have to face things to shoot them. Angling the
      turret isn’t a problem (except the flat part against tier 10 TD’s and the
      fact there’s a weakspot behind the mantlet which is exposed once you angle).

      You slaughter E 100’s in the Maus because they don’t have enough
      penetration to get through the front of the tank, that’s not a rare thing.
      Thing is, they can’t get through IS-7’s either, and IS-7’s beat the Maus in
      pretty much every way including frontal hull and turret armour. Another
      thing, you’re basing how a tank performs against pubbies. No. Pubbies for
      the most part are utter shit, so you can beat them with anything. Any
      competent E 100 driver would just load gold and shit on you, then switch
      back to AP.

      The Maus isn’t a good tank and is inferior to nearly all other tier 10
      heavies, and pretty much all tier 10’s altogether. I can angle the armour
      fine, I have all the German tier 10’s so I’d hope I know how to angle by
      now, the problem is that the tank isn’t nearly as good as its competitors
      in all aspects, even armour when it comes to tanks like the IS-7. I’d even
      rather have an E 100’s turret because it has good enough armour to bounce
      pretty much all when angled, but also has 270mm+ of effective armour when
      you’re aiming at someone instead of the Maus’ 240mm.

  77. Spartan Leonidas


  78. It’s games like these that make me want a Maus.
    Still 85k research points away from it though….

  79. Kacper Bartoszek

    Bunch of idiots! Aka Medium tank brigade

  80. Ok now i have to find a program to downlaod and save this video , this is
    way beyond awesome

  81. I dont believe this :)

  82. great tank but this really doesn’t create any awe for me. he’s a super
    unicum. a guy who sits at his computer almost 24/7 playing this game. if
    this was a replay with stats like mine, average joe stats, then id be

    wish i could get games like this myself.

    • +Jiří Kolář i know it was from the player KDA. KDA is super unicum
      according to the video. maybe i should have made that more clear. plus
      Chris i’m exaggerating but you know what i mean. those guys who get 8 to
      10k xp games while im stuck getting 1 to 2k (when its doubled). for me i
      don’t really care about losing but i cant get any better if i keep getting
      put on teams that 90% of them don’t know how to fucking play right. if i
      got put onto good teams then i might do better. another thing that
      completely pisses me off is autoloaders. i can deal with self-propelled
      artillery but its the guys who drive autoloaders that i loathe. i guarantee
      you that if a vast majority of those people tried regular tanks they might
      actually do good. (or completely suck ass)

      definitely not saying it was a bad replay but it just doesn’t surprise me
      that a super unicum like KDA does this. don’t really know if anyone can
      help me but it would be appreciated.

      this is me:

    • +kronks4

      These are stats of KD, he is not a super unicum !

    • +Jiří Kolář his maus tank is under the unicum status if you actually
      looked. plus even if he isnt currently a unicum his stats could have
      fallen. the only reliable statistic tracking that i use is due
      to the fact that it actually takes the stats directly from the server live
      via snapshot. KDA has gone from a super unicum to excellent. not far to
      fall when you go into a losing streak. expecially for any unicum. plus this
      isnt even a replay from the current update either. please know how the game
      works before you try to start an argument. ive been playing for close to
      three years and have actually had a chance to talk to one of the devs when
      i attended the poland grand finals.

    • heres the replay. its one from update 9.6.
      want to get in on this quicky? lol

    • +kronks4
      Last msg for you, he is not super unicum and he wasn’t super unicum, only
      the replay with maus was rated as a super unicum, that’s only that one
      game, not whole player….. And don’t tell me to learn how the game works,
      I am playing for almost 4 years, so I am pretty sure that with more than
      22k games I know something about it……

  83. doubleutubefan5

    This was very impressive replay. No mistakes really made here at all.
    Unfourtantly he had his side towards the gwtigerp so it didnt bounce. Other
    than that he kept his tank moving making any weak points, even his rear,
    that much harder to hit. Makes me want to go down that line myself now! 

  84. Edward Cuttlethwate III

    This is an excellent example of why artillery in WoT needs removing.

  85. How can this battle have 1.5k base xp??? My best game has 2.2k base xp and
    I did thet when i was red player in my Kv-1S Wtf !

  86. Quick summary:
    Drive forward, shoot stuff, drive forward, shoot stuff. Turn yourself
    around for some time and keep shooting stuff.
    As long as the enemy arties fire bouncing shells at you or miss and as long
    as 3 mediums are too incompetent too circle and penetrate your very
    sluggish heavy tank, you get: 10 kills, 13k dmg blocked and a Kolobanov

    For some mysterious reason I dont see any particular skill in this, just a
    lot of incompetence.

    • +EraserFS It truly was one of those insane blind luck matches. He did
      decent at the start / top of the hill, but when he started rolling down the
      hill it was in the hands of luck at that point on.

  87. Color matters.

  88. TheHalomaster256

    12:28 did anyone notice that he didn’t even get a 3rd class? How good have
    Maus’s been playing this week?!

  89. Almost like the GuP Maus take down scene :P. Except that they don’t kill
    it, and without using a Hetzer as a ramp. Details, pff.

  90. This replay is on Faja77 channel, on #400 PCP

    • Richard Gustafsson

      And? Was it his replay?

    • This is a replay Polish player

    • Cezariusz “Cezariuss” II

      +Richard Gustafsson In mine opinion YTbers should not copying films with
      same replay, but if Faja77 speaks in Polish lang, and QB in English, so its
      really doesnt matter. Same if that replay show any of RU/FR/CZ Ytber. Rly
      its doesnt matter.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      And what if just happens to be the same replay? You can’t tell if anyone
      copies a youtuber, and imho. I don’t care if the replay get shown twice,
      because EVERYBODY can use the replay. The player made open for PUBLIC,
      which mean everybody’s allowed to use it!

  91. TheKommandanteur

    What the enemy needed was a Type 89…

  92. Jesus von Nazaret

    imagine a Maus with Schürzen

  93. Warthunder’s maus has a very deadly Achilles heal in the form of if you can
    land a shot between the back of the turret and the hull the little overhang
    on the back of the turret if you can shoot between the overhang and the
    hull and hit the turret ring not only will it pen but it will kill crew,
    break components and even kill the tank in a single shot you have to be
    pretty close to do that as it is a very small target a russian t34 can kill
    a maus with just a few hits to that spot or if it fails to kill it, it can
    still do allot of damage to the tank.

  94. in wt you can use the 75mm on the maus

  95. Mr.Bacr!cad ツ

    This replay is go to the RNG episodes. 

  96. QB,… I love your tactics in game, did You ever lose one game, cuz u are
    amazing,… and please DONT stop making videos, BIG like to your channel. (Y)
    Greetings from Croatia :)

  97. Cancino Enrique

    Maus op tenk?~hungarien youtuber. 

  98. Александър Захариев

    Can you give this Maus just for 5 or less battles to complete HTM:15 for
    Stug IV :D

  99. 8:29 when World of Tanks becomes World of Retards

  100. a lot hp points makes everything possible but nothing really special.
    special is to win a game with pz 1 c against 13 enemys on ensk which i had
    today,1800exp 27000credits,ect..

  101. Here you can see the ARTY Pen 303 are sometimes bounces of light tanks. its
    just shit Arty is the worst Tank style in this game and all people are
    always crying that Arty is such OP but here you can see a game which is
    simply always in arty. You are full aimed at a standing Tank and your shot
    is missing. Maus was really Lucky there

  102. Rozijntjekiller02

    Hey Quicky Do u like the StuG III To?
    I like gun of it 🙂 I hope u see this

  103. Tier 8 tank in a tier 10 game is just so much fun.

  104. Maus needs one or two teammates to back him up. I think thats the best
    situation for Maus to do a lot, both damage and block some shots for
    teammates behind him.

    • +sicongchen1990 Exactly, every time I was alone in a MAUS 4-5 enemy medium
      tanks suddenly showed up and ripped me apart with gold ammo :-!-…….

  105. Just luck once again. If that G.W Tiger P shot HE, that game would be so
    lost for him.

  106. TankerOf Planes

    that was ubeliveable 3 meds against maus on short distance and maus won

  107. upload more and faster plzz QB


  109. Funny thing about those AP Shells on the GW Tiger is that with a nice roll
    you can actually one shot a T95 😀 (I’ve done so once)

  110. All that has to change for this game to be a different outcome is for that
    GW Tiger to be firing HE. The number of times he hit KDA would have been
    more than enough. It’s sad since he was probably trying to do the SPG
    mission 15.

  111. MichHito Polska

    On był u faji :)

  112. Heavy Tank Mission 15 confirmed!

  113. Floris van den Eventuin

    wauw that was such a pleasure to watch

  114. xavierprotocols

    This match proves exactly why you should NEVER fire AP rounds out of an
    artillery, HE ALWAYS does damage even if only a little and even if it
    misses by a little and a little damage is better than NO DAMAGE ANY DAY. It
    takes way too long to reload and aim if your AP round does nothing, so that
    is basically making your tank useless for your team.

    • Tell that to my Obj 261 with lovely 360 pen 0,6 accuracy and 28s reload.
      It just doesnt give a shit and hits you for 1100 at least 80% of the time,
      while you wot deal close as much dmg with he due to its shitty splash. My
      loadout in it is 6/9/3 being he/ap/gold he and i manage to get around 70%
      for gun marks while playing at 1280wn8 or so

    • agreed, AP shells are great firing at the right target (certainly not a
      maus), specially in accurate artys

  115. Lots of tanks, even tier 9 tanks, can pen the Maus with eas. Just shoot it
    in the lower side cheeks. At least, that is what i experienced when driving
    the Maus.

  116. winrate colours man! i need it back

  117. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    I prefer the Leo 1

  118. Look at those red retards in the end trying to kill the maus. And you see
    why they need to fix artys. GW Tiger a hyper red fuck pens him with a lucky
    Ap. Put him in a tank and he would suck dicks like panther, t54 and t54E1.
    But ofc with arty and the rng retard bonus he almost killed the maus.

  119. if maus doesn’t get rushed/flanked and it has some hard cover, then this
    thing is bulletproof and simply god of a tank

  120. hi

  121. Normaly mouse wont live that long and im noob but those med tanks are very
    stupid they shoid shooting his tracks from range and wait for the arty to
    do his job :D

  122. Very interesting game

  123. lol he bounced 4 times his health +1000

  124. last minutes were just chaos

  125. :)

  126. Primalkopfjager

    That panther 2 was using the stock 76mm the same that is on the e-25

  127. +QuickyBabyTV Why cant i see dmg done/assisted and profit in post game
    stats? using your xvm mod pack? pls answer

    • +Petar Tompos It’s not QB’s fault nor XVM fault, just WG fu*ked up post
      game stats so they are not complete.

  128. Its not realy insane armor your up agains insane SPG’s r td’s :D

  129. That T-54 in the end was an idiot, he made 0 attampts to stay atleast
    behing the gun of the maus. That maus driver got lucky due to that guys
    horibble skill at the game.

  130. I’ve blocked up to 20.000 damage on my kv4, suprisingly it was swamp, i
    just hang out by the bridges and side-scrape.

  131. Maus rear armor stronk, Senator Armstrong approves.

  132. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    @Dominic London ja nie

  133. What if Germans finished Maus before the end of the war and used him….?

    • It would have been like the Ferdinand and its engine would have exploded
      going uphill.

    • +Some Guy It would have been useless.
      Tank crew sees it (or hears it… play WT and hear just how fracking loud
      the engine is when it’s not a lawnmower), they call in air support, and
      half an hour later there’s an IL-2, P-47, or even a heavy bomber flying
      overhead to bomb it, and there is no longer a Maus. It’s too large, too
      slow, too expensive to field en masse, and it would have had reliability
      issues as well.

    • +Some Guy
      Well, they did. It was protecting it’s testing grounds or a factory. It got
      shrekt by an airstrike.
      1 on 1 god mode means nothing when enemy cheats with artillery, airstrikes,
      ridiculous amount of tanks, and you struggle with your tanks weight,
      production and maitenance costs, terrible mobility and breakdowns. Look at
      Tiger, best tank, but there were not enough of them to win the war.

    • +Julian R. Maus would have been useless at city fights aswell, infantry
      would just have swarmed it.

    • +Dumlen
      it would’ve been supported by other heavy tanks and mediums but yes you
      could add that as well.

  134. Hey Quicky Baby- How about some of your usual comments on the new 9.8
    upgrade Great Maus fun! btw. Please redo some of the older tanks that need
    re reviewing. Like VK3001, VK 3002, Pz Schl IV C. Btw Tiger I rules,
    Sorry! We miss you and Jingles!

  135. lol, quickbaby is the steve irwin of the WoT game-verse

  136. Thehagengnome HD

    That was just… i don’t even know…

  137. Glorious Potato

    If that quite frankly noob G.W tiger didn’t fire AP this wouldn’t be

    Nonetheless a fantastic game played by a great player

  138. So funny and crazy game . Lot of laughts , thx for this replay :D

  139. if it was me driving the MAUS everything would’ve penetrated, i think i
    have bad luck

  140. hayder aldaffaie

    Good job he played well

  141. wtf.. just WTF :D

  142. QB i think the panther II was actually using the 75mm gun from the VK
    30.02M because the long 88 doesnt have a muzzle break at the end

    • Aaron William Ching

      +fsls13 I think its using the 100mm on the Panther considering he managed
      to go through KDA’s side

    • +fsls13 LMAO! Did he skip the Long 75 on the Panther I!?!?!?

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +Aaron William Ching 100mm???Dont you mean the L/100 7.5cm?He wasnt even
      using that one as its one of the longest guns ingame and it doesnt have a
      muzzle brake when mounted on the panther 2 for some reason.

    • Aaron William Ching

      +Michael Stiles Right 😀 my bad, thanks for correcting me mate

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +Aaron William Ching Ive been through stock panther 2 grind so i know all
      too well.Atleast my first female crew was in it.And never had to use the
      L/70 xD

  143. i don’t know why every one crying about the heavy tank mission where you
    need to block a triple i actually did it in the vk 45 b i blocked nearly
    11k and spotted 5.3 k lol the maus and the is 7 and is 4 all good for this

  144. So don’t tell that polish players can’t play WOT well

  145. The t8 meds should’ve just tracked the maus so the arty can nail him.

  146. +QuickyBabyTV this video was uploaded to the youtube channel World Of Tanks
    The Best Replays

  147. i need help 124

    When will world of tanks be on Xbox one?

  148. well he got way to excited there xD

  149. Bounced 5000+ damage with my t28 htc 3 games in a row, in one took 29 hits
    including 3 bounces from object704 🙂 …really well played dude!

  150. hopefully there will be a video of the FV4005

  151. Victor Petrichev

    9:17 dat ammorack though :P

  152. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    u know with the vk 4502b if on sand river on a defend game if you go to
    front of the town that has the river bed down below on the long road u can
    just sit there doing nothing and get bounce after bounce my record was
    45000 potential dmg recieved with 78 hits taken. i was killed though but
    with HE

  153. if the sweeping nerfs to high tier pen ever goes live the Maus will be so
    fun, love my Maus but the turret getting penned in the front so easily
    makes me sad

  154. I really dont understand arty shooting AP over HE

    • Shooting at pretty much anything in this game whit 300mm pen and 1500 dmg
      and hitting is 9/10 times going to go trough and deal op dmg

    • +Mairou44 If you hit that is, if you hit the tracks 0 dmg, if you miss 0
      dmg, if you hit the side it can glance off 0 dmg, HE will dmg even if you
      miss, and if you hit the roof it will do more dmg since you can still
      penetrate roofs and engine decks with HE, and HE has higher base dmg, so
      only time AP will be better is if you penetrate the sides/front were you
      can potentially bounce, on a miss or on a hit on top of the tank HE is
      better, it will also do more module dmg, and can dmg other tanks nearby

    • +Ghork1 As a scumbag I can tell you shooting AP whit arty at meds, some
      heavys and TDs is very reliable dmg if you hit that is…

    • +Mairou44 As a non scumbag who did grind the gw:e100 just to know my enemy
      i’m happy about AP’s as the misses do no harm, HE’s will dmg mediums just
      fine, sometimes less than AP sure, but tracking a target/doing engine dmg
      etc. will often cause the med way more trouble, and you can do that when
      you miss as well, and arty is still heavily RNG based so you cant really
      count on hitting

    • Doing 500 on the tracks or doing 1500+ by going trough the tracks whit
      300mm pen. The choice is yours

  155. MS-1 with 45mm gun using APCR can do 1500 dmg into MAUS (maus in not moving
    not shooting) maybe u know that 80mm weakspot on the side of his rear.

  156. what a bunch of tomatos :/

  157. They seriously don’t know how to handle a cornered Maus. Still WP by the
    Maus player

  158. That’s a nice tier 10 tank you have there.
    Let me take half of your hp in my tier 8 artillery that you can’t see until
    the end of the match.

    • +jabo109 Well there is a problem with alpha being way too high in general
      BUT when it’s tacked on to something that can hit you without ever truly
      having to even be in the same area as you it makes it ridiculous. I do
      fairly well in my tier 7 arty and I do well fairly consistently though I
      don’t play it often because it’s just a boring play style.
      There’s just no reason for something that can pump out that amount of alpha
      and do that kind of damage in one hit from an area that I can’t conceivably
      defend myself against. If arty is going to be implemented in a game it
      should be something more akin to how Armored Warfare does it. Low alpha,
      high accuracy but the arty itself has its own set of caveats such as
      counter battery warnings on the map and sensors to tell tanks when
      artillery shots are coming in. You could argue they didn’t have that stuff
      in WW2 but then again they also didn’t have magical powers in the form of a
      light bulb that tells them when other tanks can see them either.
      With the way WOT implements it it’s just not fun to play nor is it fun to
      play against because no one likes driving along and all of the sudden over
      half of their health is gone in one hit by something that literally doesn’t
      have to move a couple of feet out of the cap circle.

    • +Infernal969 you know what sucks. The tier 10 equivalent of the German arty
      tech tree has the same ap pen as the tier 8. Pretty lame. The obj 261 and
      the t92 have nearly 400, while gw e100 pen stays the same since tier 8.

    • +- ToXyC –
      You choose other corridor, or let him through, until he exposes his hull or
      himself to circling. You can also let your heavies tank distract him and
      take his shots, while faster tanks go around and flank him. Or just let
      german railguns snipe him to death.
      Only time when arty may be useful is when you are left against a very, very
      tough target, like facing KV-4 in a E8 or any other medium.

    • +Daysleeper1990 You are a rarity my friend. Rarely anyone uses strategy or
      tactics. It’s all about following that lemming train and going in straight
      lines to the next enemy for kills. Because that tactic paid off once.
      It’s incredibly frustrating playing this game a lot of the time 🙁

    • +- ToXyC – Yeah not that any medium or light can just go around them or
      just give up trying to kill him shooting at his turret front. Arty sucks.

  159. ala je ovaj predrag glup hahahahah

  160. Those Mediums where idiots.

  161. Oh yeah that was something else!

  162. TheDarKnight 57

    I finished my Heavy Tank Mission 15 in my IS-3… ‘nough talking.
    P.S.: Yes, it was after they changed the mission from 8k dmg to 6k dmg.

  163. Was that the L70 on the panther 2?

  164. i dont know, maus amour is good only on paper
    the turret is the biggest weakspot of this tank, front turret, just like
    the one on E100 is penetrated easily by t10 TD or gold shells. of course u
    can angle it, but it can never be unbeatable like the IS7 turret, at the
    end of the day if u want to fire at the enemy u have to point your gun at
    them. side amour and rear amour are flat when not side scrapping its really
    not hard to pen by high tiers. in comparision, the is7 get russian space
    amour which goes up to 400mm un angled for no reasons, and the IS7 upper
    front plate is just as good as the maus, if face directly from the
    front…then of course is7 is a smaller target get more camo and mobility
    and stuff…

  165. the enemy team was probaly like : no cap kill all…

  166. hello
    sorry for my bad english 

  167. So many bounces…

  168. Why would the artillery spam AP against a Maus??? That thing would be so
    dead if he had used HE. And why the heck would someone continue firing AP
    if it bounced 3- times already??? But without wanting to be an asshole, you
    can kinda see that from his stats.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Anton Kubala This GW tiger was a complete noob. That would have been me in
      the clickertank, the AP that connected would have penned just because i
      would have waited for a side shot, not spammed my left mouse button as soon
      as i was reloaded. BUT he could have been lucky, you can pen the UFP of a
      maus with a T92 AP shell without any problem…

  169. I love my Maus and this guy obviously knows how to drive his. I would have
    advanced down the hill next to the map’s border in order to prevent mediums
    from flanking me, but his way worked out just as well.

    175mm of penetration is not enough to reliably cut through the Maus’ back
    and even a little bit of angling will make the Panther bounce its shots.
    Fun fact, a Maus can hold an IS-7 with his back if it angles correctly and
    there is no gold involved.

    The Maus is not a bad vehicle, the problem is that it isn’t consistent. Ass
    soon as you get on the wrong map or people switch to gold it becomes a
    pretty bad tank. If there would be no gold and arty would be reworked AW
    style the Maus could be one of the best tier 10 tanks. Still, the incoming
    penetration nerf should do it a lot of good.

    Also, quick question, if I have a nice replay, where should I send it?

    • Mister RandomlyCommentsEveryNowAndAgainForFun.

      +Vlad Pomar I think the site is like or something.
      Can’t remember, sorry.

  170. Derpy Jurgensson

    iam more amazed how they failed to kill him, than his performance tbh(sure
    he did nice, but still). They could just had baited/scouted,for arty.

  171. Maus is shit

  172. What a troll by GW tiger p

  173. Dennis Schuurmans

    To OP

  174. Was laughing so hard, fag arties bouncing off with AP. Panther II ramming
    his teammate. Thanks for the laugh QB!

  175. Thilo Aschendorf


  176. Welcome to 301+ club,we are the chosen ones,how you doin

  177. Siddharth Desai

    Jingles showed a game where a KV-4 blocked 28k damage. Armored tanks are so
    easy. The real skill is playing paper thin tanks

    • +Luka Pavlič yea using wasd and pointing gun at something is skill….you
      could put a total noob who never played WoT in a E-100 and load him with
      HEAT i bet he would do atleast 2k dmg also ,the game is a fucking arcade
      for ages 7+

    • +Silas Greaves And which tank did you have in mind that doesn’t use WASD
      and point its gun, retard? Are you suggesting it takes any more skill to do
      “well” in a Russian med loaded with gold? Face it, tier 10 tanks are easy
      to play apart from the underpowered ones. That’s the point of tier 10. And
      if you think 2k damage in an E100 is good, you’re an idiot. It has 2.7k
      hitpoints, so how would doing 2k damage be a good game?

    • +Siddharth Desai
      Only when you have all around ridiculous armor and good position. If only
      your front armor is thick, you are gonna get shrekt. YOU ARE gonna be the
      last man standing and YOU WILL be surrounded and circled by enemies.
      +Silas Greaves
      He wouldn’t, unless he faced only tier VIII enemies. E100 loader is a lazy
      ass faggot, and the tank itself can die very quickly. Plus it takes 3 shots
      while actively fighting with other tanks, not one RNG lucky shot while
      being on the other side of the map.

    • +Luka Pavlič I see but ofcourse you are typical WoT player finishes or
      starts sentences with retard or idiot.I said it’s no skill to use wasd and
      point gun not that there is a tank that doesnt have those but artillery
      pretty much doesnt use wasd or points a gun horizontally when it’s in his
      bombardment position , i can see that you are just butthurt heavy driver
      which got killed one too many times by arty cause you cant deal with them
      ,there are people which can make me miss my whole clip in my BC 155 58 and
      then there are folks like you which will probably eat all 4 shells and then
      curse WG and call me arty noob , no skill braindead sky cancer and
      whatnot.I also never said that 2k dmg is good in a tier X tank ,neither was
      i comparing any tanks or tiers ,you simply didn’t understand one goddamn
      thing i said ,you are just wasting my motherfucking time with your

    • +Silas Greaves No point in arguing with a braindead skypig. Also, I mostly
      play mediums and lights, not heavies. I just think what you said was
      stupid. Have a nice life. I hope your computer explodes in your face.

  178. Your enthusiasm is so infectious! You are a joy to watch and listen too.

  179. U take a battle which was showed in Fajas canal 3 months ago 

  180. -if it’s me driving that thing! that spg shot will penetrate , half my crew
    got knock out some module broken
    -all enemy team load heat at me
    -my team flipping out like balloon !
    -and always finish by an spg!
    -that guy have mad skill but insane luck! or just me unlucky!

    • and the physic man since 9.7 you took more damage when you fall from a
      small cliff!

    • PanzerKampfWagen X

      +Otaku Sega Must agree..he has luck :/ If I was in my e100 first 5 minutes
      id have gotten prem-shelled to hell

    • +Otaku Sega All at the same time.

    • +Mryourporn I don’t think they will remove the ammo. And i don’t think they
      have to. But they should change how they are working or change the pen of
      The Maus is one of the tanks that is just pretty useless if the enemy
      shoots prem only at it. You then have 3000 HP with a very slow tank, but
      the really strong armor doesn’t mean much, which it should.

    • yeah i wish my T54 change from AP to APCR for standard amo but have the
      same 201 pen! cause APCR can pen angle better than AP

  181. efe küçükıslıkçı

    Selam türkler

  182. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)


  183. why this retard is not using sniper view..

  184. What a amazing angling…

  185. PulseCrisisMusic

    I would love to see the chat in this game… XD

  186. Kto widział tę bitwę u Faji? :)

  187. Monster game!

  188. QB please learn some PRO ENGLISH! It isn’t POWER but POWA!

  189. What a battle

  190. DerSperminatorxD

    How can I activate the flying camera?
    Im German sorry if there are mistakes in grammar

  191. Christian “SKILL” RezZquiiL

    report that gw tiger p for red stats and rng noob bonus from wargaming

  192. Ahh yes, a Maus. He tank I will never have :(

  193. Quickybaby will you please do a review on the M4 Sherman? It’s my favorite
    tank ever by far and I love your videos. 

  194. ilarionas avgoustou

    omg one of the funniest games i have ever seen 😀 you must let us see what
    the people on the chat was saying!

  195. CastleCrafte RPG

    gg dad Maus xD Plays with his little toy-tanks xD

  196. Maus based artillery? Please wargaming.

  197. =D

  198. Love you quicky baby youre vids are very entertaining

  199. Good “Señor Riek” Comment


  200. Hey guys, how are you doing?

  201. I have arrived (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  202. CarelessFacepalm


  203. First Mausclick

  204. first!

  205. Hey guys hope you enjoy this replay as much as I did, make me want to get
    back into the MIGHTY MAUS and do some missions!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +QuickyBabyTV LMAO

    • random turtleguy

      +QuickyBabyTV ive had a game like this on highway in my AT15 vs 7 enemy
      tanks 2 teir 9 4 teir 7 and 1 teir 8 blocked over 3K damage did over 6K
      damage but i died because of panther was still epic tho

    • +QuickyBabyTV Explained how to get Gold/Credits/Exp in World of Tanks For

    • +kornek21 Yes, if there is more people from country they will start to
      speak in Polish in chat so it can annoy non-Polish speakers. Play some
      games writing sth like siemka PL or sth like that and you’ll see how do
      people hate Poles.

    • +Alex Iwanejko I still fail to see the relevence to the video of chat
      stream as you are commenting on an English you tuber on an English speaking
      channel where the only mention of Poland from this video of this chat
      thread has been your comments, I get what you are saying but save it for
      when someone says something disrespectful rather than trying to anger
      people who may or may not have an issue but so far have not spoken out

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