Meanwhile in World of Tanks… NO WAY!

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. in there are all manner of crazy moments in the the AMX 50 B!

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. that kolobanov :D

  2. I have given 2 players that same medal in exactly the same way. Never got 1
    myself yet.

  3. lucky bastard….

  4. I once won a 1 vs. 8 on assault in my arty, yep lots of skill. Had to sit
    still at the back and carefully aim my shots to hit people like any
    half-retarded monkey, well anyways the time ticked down to zero and I got a
    kolobanovs with about 1k damage at tier 7. I just think that’s a testament
    to how balanced and skillful I am in arty. (I hope the sarcasm is evident)

  5. Hello sir,I think I have a deja vu.Just last night(actually I already think
    it for few days before),I thinking about sending video about the easiest
    kolobanovs medal I got(I was driving SPG).And today,when I open youtube(I
    haven’t watch any youtube video or game since few days ago),and see new
    video from sir QB,I was SHOCKED.. it was amazing.Maybe its a
    coincidence,but anyway.Its fun to represented.. oh yeah,i played on SEA
    server.salute o7.

  6. Why do you hide the comments? Hide your face. Sometimes they’re more fun
    than this rigged game and the mofo spg.

  7. i once got similar kalobonovs where our scout capped while i was trying
    fend myself in our own base and the scout that capped died as soon as he
    capped against 5 enemies

  8. it was the S-51

  9. I have 2 Kolobanov. The last one I got in a game where I did 400 damage and
    I finished full health. It was assault and I was the last survivor in our
    team, against more than 5 tanks. The game finished in seconds before the
    enemy was able to reach my location. I was astonished to see Kolobanov
    medal at the end of the game.

  10. Qb, I got a kolv in a SPG and won because I was defending and the time went
    out. :)

  11. I had a similar Kolobanovs way back in the oooold days when Northwest didnt
    even have the reworked extended south. I was playing in an AT2 so the slow
    t5 TD. I decided to go along the southern route but i had some medium with
    me that went ahead and i couldnt keep up. He only ran into 1 oponent and
    killed him and then went back to defend our base. As i was driving towards
    their base with 15-20 kph. After what felt like a 6min drive I finally
    arrived at their base, ran into some kv1 i quickly finished off but the
    game looked pretty much over. 7 enemies left and 9 of our own team so there
    was no way id make it back in time to defend. So i just sat in the base and
    started capping, might as well grab some efficiency points before the game
    is over, right? Suprisingly the enemy team completly wiped my allies at our
    base and were about to start capping but I was capping the whole time. As
    im about 5 points away my last ally dies and I secore the win. Did like 300
    damage, 1 kill, invader and a kolobanovs. :D

  12. now if that e50 had a reload timer mod, he may have come up at you. that’s
    what I hate about that mod. I can’t take players who have it with my
    autoloaders because they know I’m on reload.

  13. This explains why generally the winning team keeps at least one tank in the

  14. Anders BG Jansson

    No arty, no party!

  15. it looked more hilarious on the stream :(

  16. Nice job QB. I think this game shows you the good side of being famous and
    super unicum. All the unicums always cry about being XVM- sniped but they
    forget that people are a lot more likely to take into account plans
    suggested by unicums than plans made by some red players. And I would be
    very happy to do some teamwork with QB if we played in the same team some
    time, but I would maybe not be so anxious to play with some 200 WN8 nobody.
    I hope you get my point #notsoperfectenglish

  17. THe British have always insulted the French because they are bullies and
    have bullied the french for hundreds of years. I’m British and I admit this

  18. funy game

  19. Perfectly example of unicum and potato-behavior. Unicums run and state out
    “oh there are 4 tanks coming at us. full health. woobwoob”. Yeah. that is
    what happens if you leave 4 enemy tanks with full health untouched in the
    first place. 2 50b could have demolished the T34 and IS3 perfectly while
    kiting the other 2 tanks. Especially in the city.
    But i guess that wouldn’t allow “them” to sing “here we come to save the
    day (the other flank). and we look fabulous”.

  20. I got one Kolobanovs that way too, its funny when it happens 🙂

  21. my first kolobanof was worse than that, i was in an AT7 on sandriver
    assault and their were something like 7 or more tanks left, and they could
    not find me in time

  22. Welcome to World of Tanks and shit marathon for T44-100 :). WG fucked up
    everything after last campaign. They take off gold from Clan Wars (activity
    in clans are very poor now, because people usually come to clans for gold,
    this days it’s better to play tournaments on ESL or WG) and second –
    marathon for T44-100. The result is – random games and CW are completely
    unplayable. GG WP Wargaming! You are ruining your game.

  23. Quickybaby, I do not get the difference between the benefits of the Bat
    Chat and the AMX 50B. They both has enough autoloaders and are basically

  24. OMG! When this happened on stream i was rolling over and laughing my face

  25. the title was going to be “heeeell yeah!” but…. something

  26. François Creuzet

    With your racists jokes your account will be forbidden to play on the new
    Paris map ;P

  27. You did not retreat in a typical French fashion, you retreated in formation
    in an orderly typically German fashion.

  28. as a frenchie i approve the running away message.

  29. ralroost einsnulldrei

    That 13 90 is basically my wot experience these days

  30. epic kolobanov indeed :)

  31. 6.00 sneaky as in coward?

  32. very nice Video. it shows that people can cap for win. wp

  33. 9.04 luckiest, not easiest. for gods sakes….

  34. Awesome game! So funny!

  35. French tanks running away? No sir, attacking into the wrong direction!

  36. Fucking autoloders…… Broke game, unfair.

  37. Check out WWII Armor FB page. It’s an armored museum in Orlando, Florida
    and its latest article is about their new Hellcat. Their working model is a
    great looking machine and they did some research into the turret rotation
    at my request. Turns out WG is full of crap.

  38. Not long ago I won a 1v8 kolobanovs in that same map in very similiar
    fashion when I capped with my teammate against 8 and when the cap was full
    he got killed so “I won” the 1v8.

  39. There was not much wrong with arty. The major problem with arty was that it
    used the HE mechanics, meaning that a single arty shell can kill 4-5 crew
    members and destroy numerous tank components.

    No, no. WG didn’t change that. They decided to increase the RNG factor with
    the decreased arty’s accuracy, making arty irrelevant in 8 out 10 games.
    Too bad, in most attacking scenarios on the map, you truly needed arty to
    bust heavy turtles.

    Shame, shame, shame… WG. Just like camo, you fucked it up.

    PS: And yes, most of my games were in med tanks; only the stupids worried
    about arty.

  40. Last night I had 2 tanks listen to me and another listened to a different
    tank when told to wait. I was extremely shocked and we won because they
    listened 🙂 Not sure if you can watch it or not with the patch just
    dropping today :(

  41. That fucking noob 1390…

  42. Doryfor animation

    i play arty to hear the wails of dispair and the cries of hate my foes emit
    as i oneshot theire tier 8 heavy in the S-51. (usualy after i had a bad
    i wish wg hadn’t removed the battle chat, it’s the only thing that made
    playing arty enjoyable.

  43. Bada Bing Bada Boom


  44. 1:55 super skills, congratulations use brain. You are my hero 🙂
    Are you looking for a tanker platoon? he he

  45. SACREBLEUUUU! 😀 Cheers from France!

  46. John hammond… u meant JOHN CENA!


  48. Death to clickers

  49. guaranteed best comments ever

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