Meanwhile in World of Tanks… O-HO HO HO

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in World … the enemy team hasn’t heard the word; that we have O-HO HO HO and DJ George…

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Nice i got into a vid With QB (fcm50) im honoured, indeed hillarius vid.

  2. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    DJGeorge in da house!

  3. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    o-ho new kv5?

  4. தந்திரமான ஓநாய்

    Big LIKE for DJGeorge82 for his great performance xD

  5. Bad battle you did nothink here i dont like you films like that :(

  6. funniest tank in the game, of course elc amx

  7. The Op Arty and the Op japaneze heavy tanks are the big reasons why i don’t
    play WoT anymore. Aw is not perfect, but at least for me it resolved most
    of the fustrations i had in WoT.

    Great video by the way.

  8. thanks for reminding me about the comet just rebought one didn’t realise
    how good they were at the time

  9. I reckon the kv 4 is the funniest tank in the game, watching tier 6 tanks
    try and find your weak spots and then not even being able to penetrate

  10. So technically ribbons can provide you with valuable information? Their
    normally a nuisance for me

  11. well QB you are a juicy target considering that you are super unicum player
    lol :)

  12. I lost it at Dj George

  13. hissssss

  14. Woh Quicky is a Jenkees fan

  15. O Ho is a torture tank which WG set up to force players spending Free Exp.

  16. well lucky you on the Comet mr.quicky baby i would have death gunner at the
    first shot i receive and then death driver for the second shot! and then
    death reloader, oh someone shot my cupola death commander! then my amorack
    will be broke! then alway’s get finish by a spg!

  17. wow so many “special” players in that battle, is that the NA server

  18. so red its abt to turn into purple

  19. what day was the live version?

  20. Bernd Narr (Carnatics)

    why would you play the oho without the troll gun ?!

  21. can you put up on youtube and analyse some of your “misplays” and what to
    do and how to get out of these situations when you find yourself in one? (i
    know you are on twitch but an in depth analysis would be great too)

  22. Ima just call it “Old Hoe”

  23. Wow lol dat IS though…and also….DOES ANYONE KNOW THAT YOUR SUPPOSE TO
    SHOOT JAPANESE HTs IN THE SIDES?….but im okay lol people just seem to be
    kinda uninformed.

  24. It’s only totally worth it when you become a dive bomber and land it to on
    top of an enemy leopard 1 killing him

  25. *A great game to watch and a lot of fun . But all these video’s just
    convince me of two things. WG see no long term future for WOT and so like
    with WOWP they are just going to do what they can to make as much money as
    they can before the games totally collapse and they withdraw them . The
    Japanese Heavies are the last straw for me along with the stupid kiddy
    matches of infinite stupidity with no teams and respawning that feel like a
    April fools or joke game.
    WG don’t care. They have hit the jackpot with WOWS and so do not care about
    the older game. WOWS is a truly great game as WOT USED to be about 2 years
    ago. I have no interest in anything except watching others play on QB vids
    .So sad!*

  26. Bad round? That was still 1600 WIN8. Still better then most people.

  27. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    O-Ho sempai notice me!

  28. funniest tank in the game? Pz2J. No question.

  29. finaly some fun editing by quickybaby keep it up

  30. That arty had 666 damage. He sacrificed to satan ftw.

  31. watched this live…so glad I quit WoT

  32. world of randomness and funny things

  33. Iz amehrikan tenk, is no problem for DJGeorge in Rashan Sovetsky

  34. Aleksandar Zivkovic

    if they continue to drop in the game tanks that have not even reached the
    stage built prototype, it will mean the end of the game, salute

  35. I’ve seen DjGeorge on my team a few times…worst player of all times.

  36. Can you play a tank that makes this sound: hsssssssssssssssssssssssss

  37. Can you do a new video on the WT AUF E100 or in the steel rampage mode and
    very nice replay and commentary.

  38. Not gonna lie, that “DJ George” bit was hilarious, with the glowing logo
    and such. >.>

    Also – I love the Japanese heavies because when I play them, I have an
    excuse to make stupid Godzilla noises at the computer while blowing up
    smaller tanks. (Which is almost all of them.) … it’s surprisingly
    cathartic – don’t judge me!

  39. One of those very rare occasions when a red player actually does something
    useful to help his team.

  40. Great game! Really nice touch with the DJ George bit! As for the funniest
    tank in the game, perhaps the MT25 with 40 round autoloader is a candidate?
    It is extremely fast and can 1 clip an RHM in a matter of seconds! Ok it
    can’t penetrate much of anything else, but that’s funny too!

  41. Looked like the O-Ho was using the Tier 8 gun not the tier 7 15cm big badda
    boom gun.I’m torn between the 2. I have surprised many enemy with the fast
    reload of the 10cm. They think I have some long reload time and so come
    around the corner to get a shot in the face. And up at the tier 8 – 10
    level, the 15 doesn’t do a lot of damage. Best I’ve done is 300 to a Tier
    10 but that was a Waffle.And the Japanese heavies are almost as much fun
    for ramming as the KV-5, Maus, and 50M.

  42. Arty got 666 dmg. Tool of the devil confirmed… Kappa

  43. I remember watching this game

  44. Attack of the Land Battleship

  45. Was this in the stream or where did i watched this with djgeorge ?

  46. Thumbs up if you are #TeamAnal

  47. Had a little moment the other day. Was rolling around in my E100 at like
    300hp. Had heat loaded as the game hung in the balance. Found an AMX 13 90
    circling a T34 to death. I roll up 10m from him, pull the trigger, shot
    goes right into the front of his turret. “Bounced off”.. Dafuq! The AMX is
    reloading and cant get away, i reload and fire at him again, “Critical
    hit!” Blew his tracks off… Help arrived and put me out of my misery.

  48. Khachatryan Aghvan

    Ist the KV 2 ;)

  49. MrGunsnrosesfan100

    funnyest tank in the game has to be the O-I I mean really? a KV-2 with a
    shitload of armor? MINE!

  50. quickybaby can you do another goodguys video i love to see people acting
    nice in random battles

  51. 8:15 Song name?

  52. Ahh, the OP Japanese tanks. Nothing to see here. This is why WG is losing

    And you were a bit of a cock about the 13 75. Did he get under your skin
    that much?


  54. Somehow… I anticipate everyone running a tier VIII Japanese Heavy when
    the Christmas season starts… we will know the Friday after Thanksgiving
    as “Jap Friday”.

  55. Looked like the E-25 tried the tactic from GUP that they used the hetzer
    for against the Maus.

  56. #Goldnoob

  57. Can you pass an idea on to WOT? For Halloween, they should have tanks bleed
    when shot having blood flow from the penetration point. What do you think?

  58. The e25 isn’t even as tall as the lower glacis of the O-HO. Pretty obvious
    that a ram kill was going to work haha

  59. Do you playing on the US servers or on EU servers?

  60. The O-HO was able to carry because people got greedy and stupid (and he was
    smart about taking advantage of it); the M4 should have come down the cliff
    THEN started shooting the IS and circling him; their arty stayed in the
    usual spot way too long and was too easy to find. That game was given away.

  61. Sad thing? That O-Ho probably didn’t even get an Ace badge. At least here
    on the NA server it took me doing almost 5,300 damage in a tier 9 game and
    getting over 1,540 base xp to finally secure my O-Ho ace. Frequently
    hilarious tank, and man he got soooo lucky that those light tanks and that
    E25 were eating paste. They could have, and should have, slaughtered his
    side armor. But good on him. I prefer derping in mine. The 10cm is really
    only good at tier 8. If they would just give it a prem round, it would be a
    different story.

  62. I remember that stream;)

  63. Wow. The enemy platoon got so confident. GG

  64. Chaffee are the funiest tank in the game

  65. ǝʞıl∀ɟɐǝ⅂# ssssssSSSSSSsssssssssSSSSSIH

  66. Elc xD best best xD

  67. ho ho ho santa claus is here

  68. The Japanese heavies from T5 upwards, are all ludicrously overpowered. I
    suppose they do exactly what WG want them to, making people spend money to
    buy premium ammo.

  69. The japan heavy tanks are op, much faster than they have to be and their
    tracks are too small so in the real life (these tanks were only on
    blueprints) they would sink in the mud…

  70. just japaneses. OP shits 200 frontal armor just rhm can penetrate him and
    he take massive damage from him , other guys cant make so much vs dat
    impenetrable front and ass

  71. ok whats the thing woth prople comenting “Hisssssssss”?????

  72. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the funniest has to be the fv304 kv2 and maus!

  73. One of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched in your channel. Keep up the
    good work, sir!

  74. the comet feels like it get ammo racked every shot nowadays

  75. @quickybabytv mabey you could do a fail compilaties

  76. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    That was not supposed to happen… xD

  77. “thx to that is to show me how to play tier 7″… sure

  78. Steve “Weapons Engineer” Archer

    Welcome to a regular public battle in world of tanks

  79. Not overpowered sure

  80. This reminds me of the map ‘Mines’ in WoT Blitz. 


    Surfin Bird~ The Trashmen

  82. So funny

  83. THE ARTY DID 666 dmg on your team HE IS SATIN

  84. Love to see more Oho’s :D

  85. I think that most funniest tank in the game is AMX ELC BIS

  86. Was watching while eating and when that DJ intrusion part came I almost
    choked myself from laughter XD It might not be safe, but please, do more of
    this sort things in the future :D

  87. lol the DJ

  88. bison

  89. New phrase for me ” No Monkeys Given “

  90. I LOVE the IS, I just love this tank, the best T7 Heavy in my opinion.
    Strong enough armor to withstand lower Tier, enough Mobility to play a
    decent Medium against higher Tier and 390 Alpha Damage ,more than most T8
    Heavies, and while it has 0,46 accuracy sometimes I have the feeling that
    it’s more accurate then my Sturer Emil was.
    3200 Damage 5 Kills, without even got shot at against T8? Every time^^
    And what I always love on Japanese Heaviesfrom T6 upwards, is,when they
    sidescrap^^ They literally give us a fair chance to pentrate them.

  91. You know I’m still a big fan of World of Tanks but you know since Armored
    Warfare was released I have been kind of preferring that gameplay. Anyone
    else feel the same?

  92. I wouldnt be surprised if some people were actually playing using dj
    consoles, track pads are so 2011

  93. Damn it, i already saw this one live :/

  94. Times are good once more quicky.

  95. Karasnjikov strike

    t20 is better then comet

  96. comet: hahah soviets! i have 10+ degrees of gun depression! chew on that!
    renault otsu: stfu nub

  97. O-Ho = Another WoT money grab.. Ridiculous armor given to the national tech
    tree who did not give a rats rear end for the well being of it’s soldiers.
    Its all about the money… All you chumps step up and fork over your
    dollars to drive this OP p.o.s. before WoT nerfs it. WoT does it with every
    new tank
    release. They know the tank is O.P. before they let it loose, but they do
    it any way to get the fast money. Well, it only makes me want to try
    Armored Warfare.

  98. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    O-HO HO HO, the new hue hue hue in World of tanks :)

  99. Would of given any amount of money to get this game but be in the 50T and
    Frog splash the O-HO at the end ahhhhh….ahhhhh if only *stares out the

  100. wtf is that T71 O.o

  101. Japanies heavies.
    Not op.
    They are fine.THEY ARE FINE! WG 2015

  102. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    The editing in this video was so funny! I loved the dj part! 🙂 keep the
    good work up!


  104. DjGeorge82-Tomato Remix 2015

  105. AlphaFalcon Falcon

    I like the 100 mm on the IS lol

  106. 5:36 – Stronk pronunciation….

  107. what is the video at the end when he shoots a tank mid air

  108. ive been wating for another meanwhile video for sooo long

  109. Shame we didn’t see your reaction, waving arms was great :D

  110. Your XVM looks different than the V2 that you have up for upload, how come?

  111. QuickyBabys videos are getting so much more fun to watch

  112. I watched this battle live and it was epic ! LOL Thanks for posting it QB

  113. Funniest Tank in Wot? It is and always will be the mighty KV-2

  114. love the internet

  115. O-HO more like O SHIT!

  116. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)


  117. Funniest tank? I love the SU-152 for 152mm gun, like a smaller version of
    the gun on the ISU-152 but still great fun to play.

  118. Great job!!That was so funny :-)

  119. Sometimes its a really good tactic to take the hill but sometimes (in my
    opinion) its not worth to lose such much HP only to get there… 🙂 !

  120. pls put in more meme pics like the djgeorge thing

  121. Christian Takkebos

    6:50 is that how you pronounce hue?

  122. what a wonderful match haha. I liked the e-75 suiciding to his master.

  123. What is the most funny tank in the game?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  124. Jochem Sturkenboom

    Hahahhahahahahahahaha, that DJ George compilation though!

  125. DJ George D-D-D-D-DROP THE BASS

  126. wow I’m so early I’m still in the triple digits for number of viewers being
    viewer number 737

  127. O-HO… no OP-HO. stupid tank is stupid. Power creep in the extreme

  128. If Quickybaby (Quickfingers) was a tomato his name would be DickFingers

  129. QuickyBaby you have 100% rating in the Comet and still play like a donkey?

  130. hy

  131. +quickybabytv GZ to 300.000 subs on YT!

  132. wtf how did you put video if you’re streaming ???!?!?!?!?! illuminati

  133. Canadiangaming 101

    why only 720p

  134. o ho ho ho the ramms are comming in i think if it is the right game :D

  135. 5 TH :))

  136. Mew.

    That is all.

  137. I am from stream :D

  138. I LOVE U QB

  139. Hoi

  140. hello!

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