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The IS-3 in War Thunder was once the King of heavy tanks. Now, it will face cold war era tanks that can easily penetrate its thick well designed armour.

The IS-3 is still a contender, however. In a full downtier, there aren’t many tanks that can punch through its armour. At this battle you’ll face WW2 vehicles that don’t really stand a chance against you.

The 122mm cannon on the IS-3 is still enough to banish most enemy tanks with ease which leaves the only real weakness of the IS-3 being its reload speed at 20 seconds.

Overall, this is just the classic heavy problem. Great in downtiers but considerably challenging in uptiers! 🙂


INTRO (00:00)
THE HEAVY (02:02)
GAME 1 – IS-3 – KING OF THE HILL (04:10)
GAME 1 – SU-9 – JET POWERED (18:32)
OUTRO (20:12)


  1. Why did Gajin move this and the IS6 to 7.0? While leaving the T32/E1 at 7.3-7.7???

  2. Yes! The IS-3, I’ve been waiting!

  3. @OddBawZ Good video but you used the wrong ammunition. You wanted the BR-471B, is has a lower base pen but is far superior at punching through angled armor.

  4. Comment to promote the channel.

  5. God I miss the good old TF2 days xD

  6. Love the CAS footage! Thanks for all the videos, bub

  7. Great CAS! Stay healthy…

  8. i have noticed the graphics don’t load fully for the first game i get into so i go back to hanger and start again fixed. Giajins broken it again. Its reflection’s not loading i think.

  9. I have no idea how OddBawZ has enough luck to have a barrel or a track 😀 My experience with russian heavies is once you shoot you can say goodbye to your tank, unless you have a chance to traverse back in time. And i have no idea why some players are aiming at the is3 front plate with conventional rounds.

  10. Thanks for another video, m8

  11. Play more with brits 7.0ish lineup. Caenarvon…

  12. Nice goodie for a rainy day! Hope you got some rest, Odd.

  13. is6 is quite fun to

  14. The tis ma is just absolutely disgustingly op

  15. Good video, now listen to my theory, so normally with war thunder updates their is a big one and then 1-2 small updates and repeats but I think, considering the state of the game the f14 could be implemented soon, and guess what movie is coming out early next year? That’s right too gun 2, a perfect chance to make a collaboration with top gun and call the update “danger zone” , I think this is possible but what you think?

  16. take mineral supplements high in magnesium

  17. Gotta luv APHE shells, infamous 1 shooters. Some1 has Tips for brit and French? I hate solid shots

  18. can I play war thunder on my ps4 with jailbreak? (I mean can I play online)?

  19. Can you play the m36b1, defeat the sickness. (Day 4)

  20. AlexUltimateGamerKid

    “But that thing….”
    *Looks at Leopard*
    “It scares me”

  21. The first Is I fell in love with. Only problem, I wanna play it myself now, sorry odd

  22. What an egg!!!

  23. OddBawZ to the top of the algorithm!

  24. Day 18: Hi Odd, I love your videos! Please play the M46 Patton!

  25. the panther shield was nice ngl

  26. rip full uptiers even phly would be jealous

  27. Hey Odd, i hope you get better- also, can you play the American M-41?

  28. Take care of yourself bud

  29. pls sav 120

  30. Lower glacias plate shots on this thing are the juiciest shots ever.

  31. Thank you for the vids

  32. Another great vid brother

  33. hey baldo, the next time you sit still for a minute doing nothing try a cool lil trick content creators like to call JUMP CUT

  34. ah the yosif stalin ..splendid

  35. Your game f**king sucks !!! No chance if you have a US tank in this game! Will never waste another dime on this pos game!

  36. Haven’t gotten to the IS-3 myself yet, but my experiences with the IS-2 fighting heat cancer haven’t been the most positive. I can certainly see why it is where it is, to a degree, but I also feel that at all above tier it will be just another slow, heavy target for ATGMs and sabot. Might be proven wrong, but doubt it.

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  38. If you look the smoke in b at 19:18,it looks like a smiling face

  39. Hé odd,the is 3 was used by the egyptian army during the 6 day war. It was better at taking hits then anything else due too the massive amount of problems it had

  40. Thank you odd for coming back to lots of videos really enjoying them

  41. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    10:29 “Who are you? A LATE tank” 😀

  42. Honestly wonder if they’ll add the Scotland flag back in for St. Andrew’s day

  43. Fun video. Thanks, as always, Odd.

  44. a LoT Of pEN… 230 mm, 82mm at 60deg. in 7,0 -.- and no, it doesnt eat king tigers, you need to aim for the turret, so from the distance, you are 25 sec reloading appetizer… Turret moves too slow, pike nose is only good against tanks that dont pen above 200 mm, gun depression is depressive as always, reverse speed is brutal, rpair cost 5,5k and … Skip, trust me, its a GRUELLING experience, i have it and i rather use t-44-100 with t-54s

  45. The IS3 is half a onion on a tank hull


  47. Heart arrhythmia? Dude that sounds scary

  48. Why the left track on IS3 no suspension physics?? My Is3 is the same lol

  49. funman gaming three 44

    Love the video and keep it up

  50. What a reload speed, are they artisanally crafting every shell in a little workshop in there?!

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