MEGA 30 vs 30, T-34 vs M4A1 Shermans 🔥 | World of Tanks Tank Wars Face Off

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-34 vs M4A1 , 30 vs 30 Epic Battles and Face Off. World of Tanks Face Off – Epic Battles, and Versus Battles. World of Tanks Tank Wars – T-34 vs M4A1 Sherman.
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Face Off is back with another crazy fight, this time I was able to get more than 60 awesome community members together to record the ultimate Tank Wars: T-34 vs M4A1 Sherman Face Off.

30 vs 30, here we go! Enjoy the Show!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Russian T-34
– American M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank
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  1. No wayyyyyyyy ! Dez is back with a Face Off haha ! I discovered your channel with these videos a few years ago, when I still played WoT on a regular basis haha ! Glad to see it come back in 2021!

  2. M4 was my first third marked tank its really good when you know what ammo you need to use

  3. On paper with using 76 mm standart gun win Shermans with 1437 DPM over T-34 with 1210 DPM.

  4. What did we learn in today’s episode? That premium ammo is broken and WoT was better off without it? Yesterday I was playing my Type 5 trying to get tracking mission done w/ HE shells, and I couldn’t do much cause I got pumped full of HEAT… can’t bounce any shots, what’s the point of the type 5 being the biggest pinata in the game if it has no armor?

  5. I was the person who got ammo racked instantly

  6. Its good to see you back with these type of videos. Imagine on Mittegard.

  7. Of course Wargaming would make the T-34 better than the M4, unless the M4 uses gold. Did anyone expect anything different? X^D

  8. Prediction: If t34’s are using the 57mm then they’ll DESTROY… if not then M4A1

  9. Thomas Koutsoukis

    The M4 actually has higher DPM with HEAT than the T-34 has with its 57mm machine gun. Add to that the pure alpha DMG and close quarters combat, and you have a clear winner even on paper.

  10. Dez, u make us happy…thanks to bring this episodes back!!

  11. Nightshade Dawn

    should have done this without having the shermans use the 105, they might have done better if they used the 76mm.

  12. I was there (T34), it was funny 🙂

  13. Thanks for giving me this opportunity Dez, stay safe <3

  14. Love this kind of stuff and really missed it when you didnt make any for awhile

  15. Adriaan van Vuuren

    Ha ha that was one hell of a dun video to watch. I really enjoy these community videos. I find them extremely fun to watch. Well done with it for everyone who took part in it.

  16. Should have made them use the 76 mills for one round atleast, would’ve been an even playing field, both guns suck.

  17. Evildarke Evildark

    Nice to see your bring the comunity together this is what wot needs!

  18. so sorry to the m4 i tk’d :/


    I miss these type of videos.

  20. Amasing!! A proper Stand off

  21. For some reason I’m doing better in T-34 when using the alternative top gun.

  22. social3ngin33rin

    @5:06 *FV4005 has entered chat!*

  23. Милан Лесић

    Great event.

  24. Fun fact? T 34 is U.S who design those tank until they tease it. When he being tease hard? He went to russia

  25. Accurate representation of how the Cold War would have looked like if it ever went hot! XD

  26. Dimitar Rusinov

    The event we all wanted

  27. I was in that last game and i loved it thank you dez for this opportunity it was really Fun

  28. This was AWESOME. How fun.

  29. M4 improved vs t-34s

  30. You should trying doing this with other wot streamers as a team v team fight off stream their viewers vs yours

    (Obviously mostly when you do easy to get lower tiers though)

  31. I want to see a redo of the maid episode with 59 instead of 29 now

  32. Awesome job as always, Dez!! Your content never gets old.

  33. Can you do a 30v30 T92

  34. Armagetton Gaming

    i love that you are doing this again this is the reason why i subed to your channel

  35. Ezzaldeen Al-Basha

    Number 2 in derp guns is just something eles

  36. They need to have the Chieftain setup some historical battles like this, 30v30. You have so many battles from WW1 through Korea that can use the tanks that WG has tiered. You probably could go up to the 1960s with battles that have taken place.

  37. Ilham Bastianto

    T110E5 VS SQ next plz

  38. Davor Damjanović

    Epic battles. I am satisfied xD

  39. T-34: I have dpm you can’t defeat me
    M4: hold my 3000 dpm heat shells

  40. Awesomeeeeeee 🙂

  41. Trentino Priori

    I love your community 🙂 Awesome Shootout

  42. I Shipped the Nutz 3 Times
    You remember me dezzz

  43. Just use only 75mm guns on both

  44. Es kommt auch auf die Spieler an!!

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