MEGA Balance Patch 1.10 Review | World of Tanks Update 1.10 Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, 430U Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. World of Tanks New Map Pearl River. World of Tanks New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Review.
► World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Notes: https://.eu/en/news/general-news/1-10-CT1/

Today I am going to let you know all you need to know about our next BIG update 1.10 in World of Tanks. It featured vehicle balance, buffs and nerfs, new map, more ways to get bonds, new communication system, Steel Hunter and more!

What do you think?
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
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  1. 1st like gg

  2. I wanted buff to the type 5 for better gun

  3. What is the release date?

  4. Can’t wait for pearl river

  5. Fine I’ll do it myself


  6. Ilmari Hyytiäinen


  7. Very big update, most meaningful huge part of the player base for sure… What do you think about it?
    Anyway, have an absolutely fantastic weekend! 😉

    • dez why they limit the bonds? I can earn 50 bonds in less than 2 hours, and now I have to play another tank I dont like

    • Congratz on 200k subs PA PA DEZ

    • Is 1.10 live now ? I will dowload it to check it out.

    • Dez the rammer removal also affects the tier 8 Italian autoreloaders. Both Pantera and the premium Progetto can no longer use a gun rammer too. Just telling you in case you don’t know, because the EU website update article did such a “fantastic” job in mentioning the change.

    • ArmoredWarfare 55!

      I’m glad the Auto Reloaders can’t use a gun rammer anymore because it was literally cancer to play against them when they had it. I’m glad the wheels are getting nerfed along with the 430U.

  8. The best stream sniper of AEG

    Now let’s balance all the game

  9. Cant wait for Steel hunter. Best Gamemode Outside CW

  10. Really, Pearl river. Is this a map for WoT? or for a MMORPG? It looks so beautiful!

    uploaded 3min ago: 153rd viewer.
    me: A NEW RECORD!

  11. 85% of players whined about wheeled vehicles and artillery yet matchmaker is the worst part about this game.

  12. -Nerf the Italians INCLUDING THE PREMIUM (Dont own it, but its owners for sure will feel cheated)
    -Nerf the bond income
    -overbuff armour, forcing prem ammo usage

    WG, your incompetence is showing again.

    • I doubt that the premium Progetto got nerfed

    • @Nukki It didn’t , this guy smoking something 😀 But yeah, sadly tier 9 and 10 italian got nerfed, rip my progetto 🙁

    • Shadow Nightshade

      Again? Wait when did they ever show competence in the first place?

    • @userful1 But it did, and it is just insulting how they tried to hide this at least on EU, in short, you can no longer mount a rammer on the tier 8 autoreloaders too, both the Pantera and Progetto, it is specifically mentioned in the RU announcement article. And yes, i downloaded the test client to check it, there is no rammer option on my premium progetto.

    • There’s grey are between where no incompetence or competence exist.

  13. Well, my last comment apparently aged like milk.

  14. bond system is really bad, why did they limit it, its just what they had to put in so it will be a stupid system, I will play 2 hours my favorite tank to farm bonds with and than after that I need to wait a whole week to play it again to farm, why would I need to change the tank I like to farm with

  15. I bought Standard B and Progetto 65 this year.I’m in love with those tanks.I think they are amazing vechiles but not OP.I realy don’t understand why they are nerfing Standard B and Progetto 65.I think i will sold those tanks.I think TVP and BC 25t are much better and i can play Proggeto 46 witch is much more powerful tier per tier.

    • @OliverWalker1 Statistics say otherwise. 50,14% WR doesn’t indicate that the tank is overperforming. The Italians nerf is very unnecessary…

    • @OliverWalker1 They are great tanks but not game destroying like 430,430U or EBR-s

    • They are very good to be an autoloader , now when they got nerfed the bat chat will be relevant again

    • @OliverWalker1 I know right, they made other auto reloaders useless. If a non italian auto reloader reloads the DPM suffers greatly. If an Italian autoreloader didn’t unload a clip, dpm is still okay as if it is a normal tank. The best of both worlds with no consequences whatsoever, its high time to nerf this fool proof tanks.

    • @Enrico Mugoy Crying noobs like you ruined a perfectly fine line. GG!

  16. I am litterly playing steel hunter and i found a very good setup for russian and american because wg changed the gamemode alot

  17. So, basically they didnt touch wheelies.
    Still unvoulnerable, still against phisics, still aimbot that works on 100 kmh…

    • He didn’t read the full patch notes. If you go look at the post about how they are balancing them and you’ll see they are doing quite a bit more

    • they literally nerfed the gun on the move, speed and mobility when you shoot them, as well as view range. I gotta say, if you can’t beat them after the nerfs you have to learn to aim a little

  18. Ok the 25th is also good.
    From Kurdistan

  19. WG just made everything is wot much more harder and impossible to play with anymore. I guess this is good bye?

  20. Will this happen on console

  21. Everything is great except steel hunter, I liked it the way how it was

  22. always there is an end of fun
    right proggetto?

  23. Wheelies and arty are huge problem but MM should be priority…cudos for WG to finally balance wheelies but holy shit MM is pure shit…either you win 15-0 or you lose 0-15…way too unbalanced

  24. Please make a video of you testing the Tiger I

  25. Ian Matthew David

    Too Much armor Buff…….. WG forcing us to press 2 key Hmmm..
    I wouldn’t call it Mega Balance

  26. rip progetto, gg wg, nerfed italian meds to shit

  27. Wargaming:
    Buff? Overbuff.
    Nerf? Overnerf.(Except for EBR)

  28. so after you hit a wheeled vehicle twice, it will slow down (how is that slow) to 80KPH. that’s unless they have a repair kit and laugh in WG face for trying to nerf them. have them be immobilized FFS and nerf their OP aim-bot system too. don’t WG realize that wheeled vehicles have made all the other lights redundant in the scouting role. don’t WG look at their own replay site and see how unbalanced they are in dominating both active and passive scouting roles? the more wheeled vehicles that come into the game is only pushing other players towards uninstalling.
    to end on a happy note. I am glad to see Pearl River coming back. lets hope we see a return of more of the old maps and maybe some new ones in the near future.

    • In this next update one wheel makes it go down to 68kph, another wheel gets it down to the 40s. If you have a problem hitting a tank at those speeds, then there’s something wrong with your aim, not the tank

  29. Damn that map is beautiful

  30. I think that if ear gaming just nerf the gold pen of every tanks and add a weakspot for every tanks so players need to aim

  31. I love BALANCE!!!

  32. Sorry Dez, nobody asked to nerf the Progetto, nobody. I understand that you need to lick WG’s boots to some extent but NOBODY asked for the Progetto nerf. I would guess that just as many people asked for bond income to be nerfed as asked for the Progetto to be nerfed. Wheelbolas still have their aimbot…nothing to see in this update but the continued downward spiral of this money grab before the game dies. I have been playing this game since 2011 and haven’t spent a dime on this game since the 268v4 fiasco and see no reason to start doing so again.
    Thanks for the content.

  33. Imo they should’ve allowed people to keep earning bonds from epic medals, ON TOP of the additional bonds from just playing. That way getting epic medals still feels awesome, and tier lower tier tanks can also have a few bonds as well if they play well.

  34. They need to add a big statue of Winnie the Pooh in the middle of the Pearl River map.

  35. Yes, finally! Those Wheeled weasels are finally gonna get balanced. And a new communication system, ooohhh, me likey huehuehue

  36. absolute bullshit, more smoke and mirrors from them idiots at WG, Nothing will happen at all unless its buffing Russian tanks or nerfing every other country tech tree

  37. This is gonna be big tbh

  38. Fv4202 needs turret buff

  39. Only thing missing from this patch are the map balances!

  40. (*) RIP rammer on progetto


  42. Nerf to the EBRS ! Cmon thats bullshit………………. the EBRS need removing form the game entirely thats the only way the overall game experiance will get better, SIR FOCH is now playing in the RU server down to the gamep lay created by these EBRS. I do not play high tiers at all now for the same reason as do lots of other players.

  43. bonds are not obtainable for tier IX and lower vehicles, that is upsetting

  44. The re-balance on the wheeled vehicles should have happened one month after they were introduced. The IS-4, 110 E5 and E100 should have also been buffed a while ago. Like many of my previous purchases, I see they are no nerfing my two most recent tier 10 purchases the 430U and Progetto 65. this is in the long tradition of the Waffentrager E100, the Maus and a couple of others. Within 60 days of finally getting them, Wargaming nerfs the. so, pay attention kids, I’m now grinding the AMX 13 90 and the Foch, so both tier 10s will be nerfed within the next 90 days. It will be interesting to see how Pearl River has changed, can you get an actual overhead shot so we can see the play areas and choke points? Keep the news coming, these are informative, even if they aren’t always what we want to hear or see.

  45. When is ‘a balance’ not a balance?

    WG: ‘Hold the marching powder’

  46. Vanilla Ice Cream

    Do the players who have the progettos with the gun rammer get to keep it ?

  47. progetto 65 IS overpowered, that’s why u see it in every single fvcking game and ususally on both sides. Anyone who pretends otherwise is just a dumbass.

  48. I believe the IS-3A and the Pantera are losing their gun rammers as well.

  49. A good way to nerf wheelers would probably be to raise the lock-on point more upwards so that the shells would hit the tank itself more often and to dmg instead of just criting its wheels. But it’s just a theory.

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