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  1. Happy Saturday! What should I play for Sunday?!!

  2. 3:26 didnt he see that tigor?

  3. *This might LOOK like a tank… But it’s a plane… It’s 2022. You can make anything anything. Alright? And people just have to accept you. That’s a new thing…*
    Love this channel 🤣🤣

  4. You should revisit the KV-122, It’s BR is 5.3 and it’s OP

  5. Phly Bimonthly was rather catchy.

  6. What is with that tank its survivability is high dam what a deep gun

  7. Press Alt and click the map, just to save time instead of using the map button and avoid getting killed while looking in the big map

  8. remember phellas
    a good pilot can fly anything that flies, and with some difficulty, even things never meant to fly

  9. 00:36 NORWEIGIAN AND FINNISH BKAN?!??!!? My Swedish heart is bleeding and hurting from this. I hope you’re doing this for reactions because you sure got them! :’)

  10. Can you do a video going over the tech you use to make your videos? I’m interested to see what set up you gave:)

  11. Day 78: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness.

  12. I don’t play the game, just love the vids. But what is all the “Attention to the map! And “Attention to the designated grid square!” nonsense?

  13. It would take me the rest of my life to get 2 air kills with this thing

  14. the days of that Sherman Vs Tiger, mid BR gameplay is over… vehicles like this and the others you see like it have no business facing things at this BR

  15. Bkan AA for sure

  16. Have HE-VT high calibre rounds been buffed? You seem to be having a way easier time killing planes with this than the Type 75.

  17. Some mong reported me just because I killed him by shooting at the tree next to him.
    *2S3M will come for you, even if you hide*

  18. i thought that would only be a ground prox fuse, HELL JEAH
    oh and the sound it makes when the gun grasps for air …. I LOVE IT

  19. Day 86 asking for the best 5.7 fighter! The American spitfire!

  20. How come you didn’t use the dozer blade? I was kind of sad.

  21. Day 3:Hey Phly! Take out the Mi-4AV, show this unloved boi some love!

  22. i-15 bis and t-26 or a bt-5

  23. Using one of those they/them planes i see.

  24. You got the daily part right, now we just need to phly

  25. Wellen's Gaming & odd's

    Pumas and R3’s are never overkill to kill

  26. Honestly, the T-10M with is pretty decent, but with 8 rounds its hull is just devoid of space and some players rely on hitting ammo to take it out. Not to mention the 14.5mms do quite a number on lighter vehicles.

  27. Just recently got this. I love it

  28. i hate them using arty in this game as if they are tanks/TD’s

  29. Day 6 asking for su22m3

  30. That plane shot was nutty lol

  31. Hey Phly think you could do some more ya know phlying? Been a little while since you’ve done any air rb

  32. 5:44 was sick

  33. Are the HE shells- better? Because I usually avoid them because they do weird things and I usually hate when I get no pen with the 60+mm penetrating HE, so I stick to the 250+ penetrating round, forget the name and I’m too lazy to load it up and check

  34. DAY1: PLAY DAS T44 122

  35. Mohammed Alsaabiri

    Makes me wanna cry how long iv been watching phly for, time PHLYS 😔

  36. The Daily is daily now hooray

  37. i was more in the 2S3M from the start. just because of the 10kg TNT, the low bullet drop and the AP.

  38. Him more silver eagles than there are dollars me who can’t pay the repair cost

  39. Okay Tiger <3

  40. Next Russia OP shit ! not more …..

  41. i love this thing, took it to 10.7 and got an ace on my 3rd game

  42. Can you make baby Tiger again

  43. Collab pls?

  44. Charbel Abou antoun

    It looks like the m109 paladine kid

  45. Day 279: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  46. Sergi Nebot cuenca

    As if armor wasn’t useless for ww2 vehicles yet. I strongly think that Gaijin keeps adding postwar cancer with derp guns and heatfs and apds at ridiculously low brs to purposely frustrate ww2 tank players so they spend money to get to toptier where they cannot be uptiered nor face abusive shell types that they dont have. Just greedy strategy by f*cking up the game experience to half of the playerbase.

  47. The Norwegian and Finnish Bandkanon!?!? OUTRAGE

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