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0:00​ Holy Mother Of Derp
2:17​ The Holy Clutch
17:15​ The Holy Friend


  1. *TOMORROW IS APIRL FOOLS!!* YA’LL Get ready for some crazy shizzzz :))))

  2. The Baguette launcher is bacc🇫🇷🥖

  3. I hit a deer

  4. Maxence Fauchere

    Il est beau nôtre Lorraine quand même

  5. I dare you to go into a ground battle with the Japanese J7W1 6.0 fighter. But equip the x4 60kg bombs it has and provide CAS support.
    Edit: More variety is to use the KI-84 Hei with its x2 50kg bombs or the KI-83 with its 2x 50kg bombs.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this thing! I bring it out all the time and always have fun with it!

  7. watercannons collaboration

    First time I clicked this video I got an ad for the NRA, that featured a SPG. Youtube, it’s not the same thing as the Lorraine in WT

  8. Commentary was on point with this one, had a good laugh 👌🏼

  9. Didn’t the grind for this tank like, really suck? I remember wanting to get it and then just getting burnt out of war Thunder and not playing for half a year

  10. Asking to play with phlopy 211

  11. 2:31
    well no consequences apart from the top gunners head getting
    whatever happened to it

  12. new update, here we go

  13. This is f*** arty in world of tanks

  14. its 4:30am on April 1st and War Thunder is updating!!!!!!

  15. Phly i completely agree with the sound issue when i play Air RB half the time i dont hear enemy planes coming up behind me or from above until after they have already killed me

  16. Iran’s alliance with powerful and glorious china is the best option to defeat the US political, military and economic doctrine against Iran and the resistance front.

  17. the clutchest game I had was literally just a couple pixels away

  18. Arturo Camarillo

    attempt #2 Phly Play M4a1 sherman but only using HE

  19. Dude I just discovered your channel while waiting outside the hospital for my wife the past two days and now I’m waiting to go work. You’re so fucking entertaining and all I want to do is play WarThunder now haha

  20. Early April fools it’s a faking arty.

  21. Cristian Barisch Montilla

    You have the best War thunder acount in the World

  22. Distracting_Disaster

    wait a minute I know this thing, it’s a damn spg

  23. I remember the W.I.N.T.E.R. Event when this was done. I was relatively new to the game, and I’ve only faced this thing once.

  24. I try use the chat as much as possible rarely get a reply

  25. They should just add arty into the game where you can play and use them as they would have been used I mean thats what this is its a SPG they said they would never add modern tanks into the game so you cant trust what they will or wont add. Also I am not bothered what they do for the 1st i wont be playing it anyway.

  26. PHLU, play the SU-85M, very stronk tenk, very good armor

  27. Can I play with you

  28. Disco harbass boi

    WAR TOONDER 2077

  29. Lol that tank looks like a SELF-PROPELLED ARTILLERY

  30. Sound is crap on war thunder I want the old sound back. Even the arty sounds like baby fireworks going off now ☹️

  31. dude im in this video
    i was driving the zis

  32. im so fucking excited for the cyberpunk, phly u in for a treat

  33. Great and fun vid mate, one question though. What are you playing on/with? Like Keyboard and Mouse or Controler? your keys sound like controler but i also here mouse klicking^^

  34. The Appalachian Temptation


    Idea, I think it would be pretty neato if you played both campaigns with narration, and would be pretty sweet to witness in my opinion.

  35. retarded tortoise

    11:17 phly has mastered the father sneeze with a resounding 10/10 volume

  36. You should do a biginers guide

  37. We want submarines

  38. Boby can’t die?😂😂🥂

  39. Phly this is my fav video of 2021 of youre videooooss

  40. The dad sneezes have already begun

  41. Please play JaPz K A2, it seems terrible thing, would be fun to see you playing it 😛

  42. Day 1: Play the Pz. III N. You haven’t played it in 5 years.

  43. 워 썬더에 새로운 기능 발견

  44. Well they sorta did go bonkers.

  45. Now, we have furries and cyberpunk

  46. LAGG-3-34, a 37mm anti tank cannon at 2.3 with 60mm of penetration

  47. Imagine if they just do nothing and be like… APRIL FOOLS!!!

  48. You could have totally saved that game

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