Mega Spending Spree in World of Tanks | Skill4ltu and Dakillzor’s Challenge Buying All Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Spending 96,000,000 Credits in 5 minutes, buying all tech tree tanks in World Tanks. World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay. World of Tanks with Tanks.

Rougly 1 year ago, Skill4tu and Dakillzor gave me a challenge to buy every single tier 8, and tier 10 tank (exclusing artillery) in the game before the end 2021… It turned out to be quite a challenge, mainly how many credits I need for that. So for the last 3 months I turned into aboslutely crazy form and had a go. On 27th of December I finally did it!

So let’s celebrate that with some FV4005 Oneshots!


  1. Happy New Year to all of you!
    This will be a big year for Dez Nation, thanks for being par of it! 😉

  2. Ok but what am i missing that my techtree has no discounts?

  3. you should have waited till black market credits can get you some unique tanks

  4. Next challenge, play a battle in wot only in tactical view and with auto aim 🙂

  5. code: wothappynewyear2022

  6. Aleksa Milosavljević

    Happy new year

  7. Please make the HUD bigger it will make the experience a lot better thanks!!!

  8. Does that credit total include outfitting all tanks with rammers etc?

  9. For the longest time, I didnt have the FV either and I just got it a few days ago. It’s a fun tank that you play for lolz.

  10. first battle dmg so close to 4005 😜

  11. when will this come for NA?

  12. Dam so much money

  13. Hi Dez lovely that machine spreds love like no other LOL!!!
    My i sugest to you to make a video about the more consistent and predicteble HE ammo that WG “presented” to us

  14. CODE doesnt work NA server

  15. it did not work for me in NA server bummer

  16. 4Doors more whores

    Can never find codes for NA. always RU or EU getting all the codes for stuff.

  17. Code isnt applicable in US servers

  18. 10:28 how 2 do this?

  19. What a load of crap
    The fireworks code isn’t good in NA

  20. 10:23 is what we call these days as a “ghost shell” or “ghost shot” you shoot but NOTHING happens…. WG needs to fix this!

  21. Code no bueno for NA

  22. Dimitar Petkanski

    I remember watching this stream in 2020 with three of my favorite WoT streamers and it was fantastic! 🙂 Unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the same this Christmas. I also did not believe it is possible, but you did it, man. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy New Year!

  23. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Code works, these camos now count as won from DeZ !!

  24. thank you dez. for the code. Happy new year to you.

  25. 15% discount on T8 and higher tanks? Nope, will never buy tanks like this.

    Good for you though.

  26. Code no good NA

  27. The blind shot on the AMX was awesome!

  28. Happy New Year! In 2021 I was able to get all of the tech tree tanks. Took me a long time to go up every nation but I did it. I was able to put a crew in every tank and they are all battle ready. Just waiting for equipment to go on sale to equip the rest of my tanks. From tier 8 to tier 10 they are all already equip. Can’t get that cool skin because the code doesn’t work in NA. I am disappointed on how NA runs WoT on this side.

    Congratulations on achieving your goal! Great video😀 Always enjoy and learn a lot from your videos.

  29. Day 5 play the Obj 703II with only salvo shots..

  30. hm. it says the code is not applicable to NA.

  31. How many tanks can i get for a billion credits?

  32. Damn this year I only got a T110E3 while dez just literally bought all tanks LMAO

  33. Today, my clan was on and we used some clan credit reserves. I then used personal credit reserves, my last few hours of premium account from the holiday ops, my 30% of holiday ops bonus, my 112 premium heavy I got from the referral program, and played in a platoon for the 15% credit bonus on top of it all.

    255,000 credits from my best game, and I thought that was a lot.

    Good grief, this is a lot of credits flying away! Congrats on completing the collection, Dez!!!

  34. Bad thing is you won’t have enough time to play them all. I’ve unlocked so many tanks over the past years. Have yet to play many of them. You get on tanks you like and forget about the others.

  35. I love you all too , Stay Awesowe

  36. No camo for NA . Bc wargaming loves to annoy its players . Code not applicable for this region. Please read the rules for using this code

  37. I can’t use the code : (

  38. Does that include the collector vehicles?

  39. Holy crap! That position on Kharkov… a dedicated TD sniper schnitzel I thank you, Sir.

  40. meanwhile I sell 69 tanks in my garage just to get 1 tier 10 tank.

  41. Day 127 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  42. Lol I kinda find it ironic that you were ‘peer pressured’ into doing this Dez 🙄 next is my gripe about Win8, it is a statistic that has too much weight and doesn’t give a true reflection of a player. A quick example if I play Tier 9, I can get a consistent average damage of 2-2.5k over 10 games, yet obviously if I play Tier 6-7 (for example) my average damage (and hence my Win8 statistic) are obviously much lower. I’d like a statistic that can take this into account. People going on about their Win8 stat, thinking they’re much better than other players. Kinda a bit like you giving in to other streamers peer pressure. You should of resisted.. EDIT: my account is 4 years old, I am still researching many tech tree lines, I most play tanks that I have to, not that I want to.

    • My guy, WN8 takes damage, kills and winning into account for sure. And the way it takes all of this into account is by referring to average values of the vehicle.

      For example: 1185 average damage in the tier VI ARL V39 TD – one of the worst performing tds at tier 6 – gives you 2678 average wn8, if you combine it with 53.4% winrate and 1.54 kills per game.

      It’s interesting because it also takes into consideration what vehicle you’re driving (by referring to the averages). Doing 1500 damage with a 50% win rate and 1 kpg flat in the Type 59 is 1900wn8.
      The same performance in the Skoda T56 is 1460wn8.

      So, i disagree.

  43. Sad asian server can`t use the code 🙁

  44. Happy new year ! Next challenge is you to play ISU 152 with the stock gun

  45. Me spending credits: T8 too expensive GG

  46. Ahmet Kerim ÖZDEMİR

    You forgot 5 tank (AMX 30 B – 113 – T-62 A – AMX 30 1er prototype – Jagdpanther II) -COLLECTION TANKS

  47. You are man of your word! good job!

  48. Excluding SPGs? it doesn`t count 😉 thx for the code and Happy New Year

  49. wha did u hide stats in game ?

  50. Great job man! Can’t wait for the fireworks when you 3 team up 🙂

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