Mega Update 1.10 Review! | World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Review, New Content

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Nerf, Object 430U Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. World of Tanks Map Pearl River. World of Tanks New Battle Communication System. World of Tanks New Equipment 2.0. World of Tanks Polish Medium Tanks, Polish Medium Tech Tree with CS-63. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020. 1.10 Patch Review.

1.10 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks./en/1.10/
► Update 1.10 Map Updates: https://worldoftanks./en/news/general-news/1-10-map-update/

Update 1.10 is the biggest patch in 2020 and one of the biggest overall and know how much you hate reading all the articles, I decided to make this episode for you.
In today’s video I cover everything you need to know about Update 1.10!

What do you think?
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many Tanks!


  1. By the way, there are also going to be many map updates on older maps, check it out here:
    Or do you want me to cover it in my next video?
    Have a good one, my friends! 😉

    • @danam0228 they said all equipment goes to depo i think 🤔

    • @Lazar Stanojevic No, it didn’t. I logged in today in NA which got the update ahead of EU.

    • Juan Francisco Torres Ménez

      @SoupFork cause 50k credits at tier 4 it’s the new cost. New players will have the chance to use it, and not get destroyed by the old players who don’t have problen to run a tier 3 with optics or telescope, gun lan drive, etc.

    • Juan Francisco Torres Ménez

      @SoupFork btw some “Big” tanks like bdrg1 used to need a 600k ventilation and rammer, now it cost only 200-250k. Same with optics and other stuff at low tiers, thats really nice for new players.

    • @Lazar Stanojevic its been mentioned in the official WG 1.10 video

  2. So in other words…%@$# the players we are going to do what we want and the EBR is a nerf in name only to see if we are dumb enough to fall for it… o_0

  3. A total shitfight WG, you totally cocked this up. Its your New Coke moment.

  4. And in my second match since the update my team was blown out 1-15!
    As I said… FIX THE MM!

  5. Is it really bad? or people are just complaining too early?

  6. when you read reddit, it’s complete opposite of what Dez says here.
    one rating from Reddit: 3/10 update 1.10

  7. Less biass please and no everything isnt right about this game = please be more critical about this game. Nothing is perfect in this world and surely not this game…
    Since the new patch i played all day and everyones were complaining about comunicating system….
    And much more / plz stop biass * unsubcribed

  8. What is the point of the echuipment 2.0 if I steel get bad teams and +2 mm most of the time? At this point I only play one battle then alt+f4 almost evrydey.

  9. 468er/ PeaShooter

    The update itself isn’t that bad (the commander’s vision is OP tho) but people are just playing… strangely. You don’t see any of the new equipment yet because it’s SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE.


  11. My only issue is with the bonds. I have like 11 tier X tanks, but still only in tier X is going to be quite annoying for f2p players and with players who have a limited amount of tier X vehicles.

  12. A pity they’re going through with this excessive Progetto nerf. And while the 430U and EBR nerfs are welcome, I have my doubts whether they’ll be enough. And no longer being able to demount camo nets and binos for free is bullshit.

  13. WHY polish tier 10 hve such a massive penalties in fast mode and it takes 2 sec in full stop to change mode when freaking wheelers change modes in 0,1sec and have ZERO penalties to accuracy in speed mode
    WG logic at its best, one of the reasons there is no point to play this shit game
    equipment 2.0 is another joke

  14. Alexandru Rohozneanu

    I will say it again, 430U and Progetto 65 didn’t need a nerf. For those who say that 430U is OP, it’s not. It’s not even on top in winrate or damage done.

  15. they are no better than the gambling companies, the mods are getting less relevant (eg auto fill for your toolbox) and costing the user more money, they are after the “addicted” customers who spend thousands in game each year, very unethical no game should cost this much.

  16. Eh, 430U is not be best researchable medium tank before the patch. Progetto 65 (altho it is getting nerfed aswell) blows it out of the water as does STB-1.

  17. demount camonet and binos cost now 10 gold or demount token, probably because they cost 50k on tier 3 and 600k on tier 8. can test if you save credits buying same eq on tier 3 for dirt cheap and then demount and place to tier 10?

  18. Am I the only one who noticed there is a tank on pictures of Minsk, which is not in the game? It is 268 version V, which is as far as I know only on Asia server.

  19. So you can’t earn bonds playing normal mid tier tanks?

  20. 19:50 is that the obj. 268 v5? did I miss something? will this tank be available on the EU server?

  21. THEY needed to fix matchmaker. WAY to many blowouts. They made the game even more silly. I have 55k games and now am honestly considering not playing it anymore. They need to fix matchmaker even if it pisses off the Noobs.

  22. have they dumped wheeled cars yet?

  23. This patch is total disappointment, WG just wants to ruin our happiness by removing nice features & replacing it with something nobody asking for.
    New equipments, but no discount
    New tech tree, but no discount
    Nerfed Italian tech tree tank, but buffed the premium tank
    Also premium wheelie escaped the nerf
    I’ll just get my tier 9 tank from Expedition and freeing my self from all their stupidity & treatment to the f2p players

  24. Steel hunter is just Battle Royale. >.>

  25. hello DezGamez i m ur subscriber i see lots of ur video and like it u can explain very nice to explain it

  26. 90% tanks will be played with old equipment, just a few tanks will have new ones, for example foch B, ive tried on test server that equipement which decreses aiming circle, then on mobility, and on repairs, less chances for module damaging, and it was really better, but thats one out of 660 tanks in game, how many other tanks are soo variable? those equipment things youve tried arent just very competetive, its beautiful that maus has 3,3K Hp but with 12 sec reload its just shit, accurate sheridan? its competetive only with 105mm, wg absolutely hasnt done this well, there are still those must pick equipment, thats wrong

  27. This new system sucks. I hate it.
    Example: if I used the recommended slots for my KV-2 under the new system my reload and aim times would increase, so no thanks WG – I’m sticking with my old load out even though the game is telling me I am doing it wrong.

  28. i just want to see them implement medal gained in battle come with a credit bonus based on the rarity of the medal to help the credit grind for everyone not just pay to grind faster accounts

  29. I spent alot of silver resetting some of my tanks, overall I like it prices are a bit high imho. Dez how are you planning to setup your FV 215b? Reconfiguration makes it less flammable and protects the vulnerable ammo rack, interested to see your take.

  30. For all those complaining just play war thunder lol its vastly superior

  31. Dez, 10.1 update went live today on the Asia server. Everyone was wondering why wot was trying to charge you full purchase cost to re mount equipment that you already own. There was mass confusion due to players could not find removed equipment & the special equipment slots have their details under the box instead of over the box as the test server had resulting in important information being hidden behind tool bar below. Most of us have lodged tickets with issues. Very disappointing.

  32. So…Equipment 2.0 is about ….using more real money in order to dismount binos and camo.

  33. Zsolt Péter Dániel

    Nice video Dez.

    Also checked out his stream…
    Did not regret it

  34. So far I am not a fan of 1.10 and after 8 years of playing I may consider to hang up my tracks.

  35. I’ve been looking at it for 5 min! Fucking hell! None of my equipment seems to fit anywhere. I though this game was about shooting tanks not fucking around with equipment.

  36. I wish they buffed kv2

  37. What happens to our old equipment??? Do we lose the money spent on them or do we get the equivalent equipment

  38. 15min battles are the best because they are disputed. But if you spend only 4minutes in a battle, that is better for WG’s economy, that is why they don’t want to change MM and keep promoting 15-5 battles

  39. Павел Балевки

    I love this update! 🙃😊

  40. All my low tier tanks have had equipment removed and now I’m offered half value back for what is now obsolete equipment .I’ve been robbed of millions of silver ,.and had all my low tanks nerfed just for added insult

  41. During this time, in a free to play game, you can’t dismount equipment you put on a tank for free..
    I will take a look this evening, 2 3 games in small tiers then…
    Maybe I will leave for good.

  42. Wow just reading through these comments shows how the gaming community in general is constantly full of toxic whiners always complaining and never satisfied. So many claiming they are going to quit/uninstall because of this update, how dramatic can you get lol. Let’s give it some time see how it works, polish mediums look fun, equipment changes are interesting and give a little more value to playing your tank type the way its meant to be played, more options for communication is always good, i like the nerfs and buffs they added and i think were needed. Calm your tits.

  43. Hey DezGamez, did you plan to make a new equipment guide for the tanks? I a liitle bit confused how to equip the E-100 Line and other lines like the T55 heavy, IS-7, Obj. 277 and Super Conq Line. I really don´t know what to build in those tanks.

  44. ill be honest my FV4005 with turbo is nice and zippy now !! how ever i have gotten in trouble with the speed lol !!

  45. So many tanks, so few demount kits. This just sucks. Worst update. More like a downgrade.
    Back to Miinecraft

  46. Dang it, no armor buff for the E 100

  47. On Another Subject…….. I sent this ticket in to WG,
    Hi, the new Equipment system will cost me millions of credits, either lost in the changing of the class of the equipment and/or having to repurchase more expensive class equipment to replace the one WG has modified. I WANT COMPENSATION from WG or I UNINSTALL. In my opinion this is just another GREEDY CASH GRAB from WG. I was just going to spend another few hundred dollars when I noticed the problem, AGAIN CAUSED BY WG. I am really fed up with WG as a whole. No Compensation = Uninstall.
    Just 1 Example;
    2 Binoculars bought prior for 500k each, replaced by 2 Class 2 Binoculars
    worth 300k each = loosing 400k there and now i have to repurchase 2 x
    class 1 Binoculars for 1.2 mil……….. that’s a difference of $1.8 mil credits!
    Shall i go on?
    You guys at WG are out of your minds.
    No Compensation = Uninstall.

  48. Roberto Jr Tubongbanua

    Thank you for the video dez. I would rather watch your videos than read the article on the wot website.

  49. Equipment changes are SHIIIT.

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