MEGA UPDATE 1.13 – HE and SPG Changes | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch Notes Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 1.13 Patch Update – HE Shells Rework, Artillery Rework (New Ammo), Buffs and Nerfs – EBR Nerfed, 5 Heavy, and Buffed. World of Tanks Update 1.13 Preview, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units, Battle Pass Season 5 and More.

Test server the mega big update 1.13 finally here, featuring so many new features we have to devide it into many videos.
In this one I am going to cover High-Explosive shell changes and SPG rework as those 2 are the most fundamental changes to the game.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Big changes coming NO matter what, so… What is your take on it? Excited or not?
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    • Seriously, it feels like they haven’t listened to feedback again for the whole thing…

      It would have been so easy to actually fix the issue with 6th sense with this change. How? Just give everyone who currently has 6th sense trained the new sound detection perk and make 6th sense to a default skill for every freaking commander. That would also avoid the issue of the zero-skill commanders with 6th sense like the italian one…

    • David Mattia Pietravalle

      DEZ, the questionary about people use SPG because Personal mission was a skewed one ( FAKE NEWS :D).
      An easy counterpoint. If If that were true, you wouldn’t see SPG in ranked battles.

    • Why they cant make the stun shell will only deal damego on direct hit and stun evryon in burst radius and he shal have the same damege and radius of stun shel but also it wil damage evryone in range?

    • They had one thing to do. Limit arty 1/battle, and that’s it. But no, they implemented a lots of crap features(except the minimap cirle). Destroyed HE gameplay. GG WG as always.

    • Yeah they showcased the sound detection but what about heavy tanks its also no use to have it cause you are slow even if you know that arty is going to shoot you you dont have speed to move away XD

  2. I uninstalled world of tanks 😀

  3. I like changes! :))) especially, I like nerf of arties and nerf of fv 😀 they are so annoying when they are causing damage for missing you… good job wg 🙂

  4. Make it a radio operator skill…

  5. The intuition on big guns like su152 derp canon will be insanely good because u have very good heat pen and u can easily select what she’ll u want

  6. Nicola Orsingher

    I still can’t understand why WG is doing this changes… He shells are ok as they are now!

  7. Nice vid Dez, I do like some of the changes esp the arty fire circle but a downer on the new commander skill tho, like you said the 1st 4 skills are so important that I wouldn’t consider changing 1 of them for that skill. Is there any news on the rework for crew 2.0, to be honest I think there were some good characteristics to the previous rework and is mainly what I’m waiting for more info on.

  8. cedy_games_vraze

    arty 6th sense really should be on radio operator

  9. So in fact my tier 8 tanks are now completely useless in the toptier matches without spamming gold… Hmmzzz

  10. All these changes to HE sounds cool but same time for arty makes their live harder. Your better off picking big blast shells because players can now avoid them. Players now know roughly when you fired and where… This makes it worse with only 1 arty per side. This doesn’t want me to play more arty but far less. Sure they added features that Mods did for us which helped leveling the playing field. These changes move that gameplay in a different direction instead of improvement.

  11. I just wanted the x3 arty removed from battles its no fun when you are in a heavy trying to push

  12. 3:58, RIP super pershing, after a decent buff too 🙁

  13. Jesus are these guys serious???
    THERE ALREADY IS A FUCKIN INDICATOR which tells you if there is an Obsticle in the way….thats not a new thing WarShaming
    you could change View mode of SPG by pressing “G” since im playing….nice nice nice sell us old stuff as new updates…Shame on you WarShaming

  14. Anyone with common sense knows where arty is anyway and where they shoot from, this change is just dumbing the game down for all these new players who have no clue. No one asked for the HE change, only the number of arty per match as two to three can wreck your tank making the battle end quickly for you and that isn’t fun at all. But let’s face it, WG has never listened to players only changed things so they can get more money out of the remaining suckers… I mean players.

  15. 1) Whinging about Sound Detection – that you even have to give up of one of your fully trained skill to almost completely avoid recieving damage from artillery. ✔
    2) Not mentioning that artillery will get its stun HE damage reduced by 15%, splash by 5% and will no longer damage internal modules, while other shell types are utter useless. ✔
    You are qualified for a medium tank player.

    Straight nerfs to artillery – as the only one who can damage your invincible hulldown F1 on the hill – it’s alright and keep complain about reduced stun it causes.
    Not giving your F1 Sound detection for free – to ditch the shot that was SPG loading for 40sec on that hill – yelling out loud how unfair it is. You would be happy only if SPG won’t cause damage at all. And this type of biased people are supertesting this game – SPG and other changes my ass. That’s why this game is in the state it is – 3min battles and it will go further – to make the game more “dynamic”. ROFL

  16. joaquinnavarro4

    The “sound detection” skill should be called “Brace for impact”…

  17. War gaming just needs to leave the game alone and work on more new maps

  18. Václav Pecháček

    I want to see it and try it in normal EU server 🙂

  19. I seriously doubt the mental capabilities of the people responsible for these changes, especially for arty. I don’t understand how they can believe these changes will make the game better. I suspect the only reason for these new “improvements” is the need WG feels to appease the part of the player base that refers to arty as ‘cancer’ and ‘clickers’. Asking players, who in the majority despise arty, if these changes are wanted is like asking the Pope if he is Catholic. I predict playing arty on small city maps like Paris and Himmelsdorff will become a nightmare. Especially high-tier games where EBR wheelies already are predating on arty very heavily are going to be very irritating. But who cares, it’s only the clickers right, the “cancer” in the game. I would say this is deserving a flat hand smack in the face for WG.

    Making arty play more diverse and interesting by introducing AP shells and shells with no stun is laughable. AP shells for arty are fiction, as well as the idiotic tracers. I know WoT is not a tank simulation game but this is all really ludicrous. Might as well turn it into a Japanese manga tank monstrosity so I can toss it aside, in spite of the many hours and cash I invested. Shame on WG.

  20. No artillery player is ever, ever, going to use Tactical Shell. It will be standard all the way, then load in Alternative Shell for your last man stand shotgun. Being as artillery hits approx 30%, if you waste your 200 gold on that Sound detection skill, you could have 1 second advance notice of the shell coming, but 2 times out of 3 it will miss you. If Sound Detection causes you to move and you are then hit, was it because of RNG or because you chose to move. Wheeled bastards already have a massive advantage in artillery combat, providing a massive bright laser line back to target just gives them another advantage to charge over in that direction. What WG should’ve done is make artillery have a bright muzzle flash to make it easier for other artillery to counter, not just provide a huge arrow pin pointing artillery position for the wheels.

  21. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Ohh, a nerf for the EBRs…that’s MORE THAN WELCOME. Any nerf in the wheelies will make the game a lot better for everyone.

  22. Seems useless because the biggest problem is not arty but the games with 2 and 3 of them.

  23. Why the fuck would you want to make arty gameplay easier??? It not hard to camp on base and click 1 button.

  24. Put it on a radioman

  25. That artillery impact area thingy is sort of in the game already or at least there is a sound notification when arty fires: you hear a soft but deep explosion in the distance.

  26. 9:28 im in the category im fine with normal tanks but artillery needs to fuck off

  27. The changes dont make alot of difference, RNG is still the same.

  28. Arty skill should have been included with 6th sence.

  29. Even if they introduce a warning “arty is aiming at you”, i will still annoy an piss of ppl in my arty. The game is so broken, it doesnt matter.

  30. hate every part of it

  31. Here’s what I think about the changes:
    – HE: awful, hull-down broken premium/rewards tanks are gonna be a must in every single game and nobody is gonna stop them, not even SPGs, thanks to arty changes too:
    – SPGs: awful, 2 additional shells that are completely useless, because AP must penetrate to cause damage and the Tactical HE has lower burst radius, and also EVERYONE IS GONNA NOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE OR WHICH TANK YOU’RE GONNA HIT! Why don’t put a big frigging arrow on top of my SU-14-2 saying “Arty is here, fuck him up!”?

    With the new changes, World of Tanks will officially become World of Premium: if you don’t have premium tanks, account or shells, get the fuck out of our game!

  32. Druga Zajebancija

    F**k arty players 🙂 this patch will force people to learn to play the game. Arty iz not nerfed enough, hope therr will be some changes

  33. So….I guess all those that bought KV2-R on the basis of its HE gun will all be getting a refund from Wargamming ???

  34. Lets see // Rework HE So its Less Effective on HullDown Tanks So it Makes you use Gold Ammo at WeakSpots // which will Lower Your Credit Income Which then will make Players having to Spend $$$ just to keep playing T8-X Pro Marketin 😀

  35. Pedram Parsinejad

    Nice, buff the reward tanks and shit on free-to-play players

  36. the only game where physics doesn’t have any sense. Sound travels faster then projectile… GJ

  37. In my opinion World Of Tanks should have HE with that system, plus the old system, i mean, both system combined in one would be realistic and strategic, meaning you will cause both slpash and penetration damage

  38. To Wargaming:
    About the buff tanks:
    – KV-2 needs no buff.
    – Where are the rest of the Japanese Heavy Tanks? Why only buff the tier 9 and tier 10? Why the KV-2 got buff while the O-I, for example, suffers from the similar problems? Do you even care about the other tech trees or just the Soviet ones?

    HE Shells changes:
    What about the impact on wheels? So we will see the same thing where you hit the wheels and it does zero damage just like AP again? If so, how “slow down” these vehicles reliably?

  39. Most people completely miss the point of HE changes. New HE leads to more CONSISTENT damage. Rather than driving in 60TP with HE only and doing either 500 damage or 0 now you do damage based on the armor so TD’s with superstructures stand a chance on the battlefield. HOWEVER it does not mean hulldown is the new problem because all sizes of HE shells deal damage instead of just “absorbing” like currently.

    I feel like most people complaining about new HE are the inexperienced derpers who are not willing to inform themselves about how the game mechanics actually work even if its served right infront of them. Which is understandable to some degree for a casual player but unwillingless to learn and a big mouth to yap yap about nonsense is stupid.

  40. At that point, arty might as well be engulfed in a gigantic beam of light coming down from heaven every time they fire. Or be permanently spotted. Not a fan of arty, but this is overkill.

  41. But Dez, if the arty shot indicator just shows the trajectory after RNG was applied, what you describe is a non issue.

  42. Bunch of high tier heavy tank bit____ complained about game play and WOT came to their rescue. Complete bull____.

  43. To many Snowflakes controlling this game.
    – Remove team damage – Remove cross team chat – Nerf the crap out of arty
    I played enough arty to know how to play my T28 and T95 effective against them. . .There are dumbing down the game 🙁
    Good Review BTW

  44. WTF did they assess? These changes to HE and Arty was literally USELESS and complete garbage.
    I must commend you WG, you manage to kill what was near death already.

  45. He not being able to track is a huge issue. He seems pointless now except to reset a cap.

  46. Here is a crazy idea WG. If you want to nerf arty, delete the fucking missions, or keep it as it is and limit it to one arty per battle MAX. These changes are completete dogshit.

  47. Spg AP shoukd be like old school spg round. If you pen, it should be massive damage, like back to one shotting heavies. That was the dice roll can make sense.

  48. They said they would monitor EBR changes also. They are seeing the damage EBRs have done to LT gameplay, and they are doing didley squat to the outrageous mobility of EBRs. I very much doubt the will monitor the crap shoot these changes will do, unless it affects their bottom line.

  49. They better give free retraining to spg crews because intuition is required

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