Meme Team 6

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  1. Now I am the first one!

  2. Circon any tips on situational awareness in game

  3. Pls play with IS-3 ^.^

  4. Where is that AT15a replay? Dont let us wait to long 😛 Would have broken up the Prius streak as well.

  5. this Emil2 omg jesus christ

  6. I love this game, but I also wish I had never heard of it

    • i relate. That statement is very true! But to be fair, even tho its a very bad game in many ways, it still really helped me getting through rough times. And without it I wouldnt have found youtubers like circon, dez, jingles and QB.

    • I loved it. Used to play for hours at a time some days but it was driving me crazy. Stopped 18 months ago. Every time I watch a replay I’m tempted to go back but I resist.

    • Same here. I’ve reinstalled WoT, launched it twice, but closed it before I could start a game

  7. Where is at 15A, i just missed the game and tuned in when you where talking about how good it was and i saw the results n shit. Upload it!

  8. Circonrlexe what is your favorite tank in wot????

  9. MeMeS MeMeS for EVER <3

  10. 3:37- Sn00ze can you please redub russian voice lines?

  11. “arta running. i repeat, arta running”

  12. Last time I was this early my wife left me and I lost my house and kids.

  13. Best video ever Ser ahah

  14. MrCabello up there too…..

  15. Yo iM UrLYU AGAin

  16. I am trying to 3rd mark mine Fv 4202. Guess i’ll have to wait for circon to stop playing it 😀

    • Yeah too many samurai laser guided pros playing it. Unlike the E25 that went on sale recently, because I got a second mark by just doing 1,5K dmg LOL

  17. Missed the circsnooze memes man

  18. uhh wasnt obj 263 rework canceled because of outcry from the community to keep it at t10?

  19. Who is he platooning with ?

  20. Nikola Nedeljkovic


  21. Do you dream of the meme team streams while you scream?

  22. Do Make vlogs

  23. Circon, is Jaws upset about your dick being shot off?

  24. Indian special tank forces 4:59

  25. Dimas Agung Wicaksono

    You need to play more with snooze circ

  26. I love it when a plan comes together.

  27. I_am_not_stupid _

    “He shot my dick off, MEDIC!!”

  28. A-team theme? I was thinking In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda.

  29. Why is Circon (and snooze too apparently) so obsessed with saying english words with japanese accent?! 😀 sounds so dumb it is funny

  30. Is the prius your go to credit grinder now? I see you in it a lot. I recently got it, and am loving it too, but its not my fav.

  31. Love your japanese

  32. just your typical unicum luck like always

  33. Knock knock. Meme delivery.

  34. 6:53 you really should’ve loaded gold right there, first time watching this I was screaming “JUST DAB THE FUCKING 2-KEY MAN!!” Then you go and shoot VKB lower plate angled down, that’s like the worst place to shoot him lol noob! kappa lul, cheers from the Dingers!

  35. I love that guy’s quotes hahaha x)

  36. I was looking at the Panther II beside Circon’s FV4202 and realized just how ridiculously outclassed it is compared to that FV4202. Panther II just does not have the turret or the power-to-weight ratio to do what that FV4202 is doing, even though they have similar gun stats (the Panther II is a fair bit more accurate than the FV4202 and has slightly better DPM but at that range it doesn’t really matter, and we all know how much accuracy counts for in WoT). What standard-tree Tier 8 mediums play like this FV4202? The Centurion certainly doesn’t because it’s a trash tank and it’s gigantic.

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      Something like a pershing/pilot I gues, altho the base pen isn’t as good. Mutz kinda aswell

    • type 59 with apcr spam

      oh tree tanks? hm… pershing with apcr spam?

    • The Centurion has better dpm and (IMO) turret. FV can be penned by an IS in the turret, meanwhile the Centurion actually has a mantlet. I have the 4202 and I absolutely hate it. Haven’t played the Centurion though so I can’t say much about it.

    • Nathaniel Soss Centurion line has been buffed a lot, so now it’s probably the best T8 medium, also Pershing is mediocre in every category, don’t buy it

  37. meme team 6


  39. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    Playing this game in 2018 is just Sad

  40. Damn the E50-M did work too

  41. I just got done 3 marking the Prius yesterday; is very much one of my favorites.

  42. Matias Eduardo Ramos

    Gordo choripanero

  43. “Sad Pandas”

  44. well PRIUS IS not as bad anymore

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