^^| Memewhile in World of Tanks.. #1 Stream Highlight

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  1. That was entirely the right thing for the Skoda to do I think, ramming
    himself to death on the IS-3…the Tiger I would have sucked too much to
    kill the IS-3 if he couldn’t even kill an 80-health arty…if that Skoda
    hadn’t rammed himself on the IS-3 the game would have likely been lost


    Oh god…. after game like that i would sit in the corner for two hours to
    detoxicate …..

  3. That delayed reaction when the KT went for a swim.lmao

  4. that guy spamming the map at the tiger 1 with the dead engine because you
    know all those artys are slower than the tiger 1 without a dead engine

  5. that tiger 2 holy crap

  6. I thought Steve only drove Russian heavies, apparently he switched to
    German ones as well.

  7. …. what just happened??

  8. 8:23 dat face do


    I have had nothing BUT these teams before I quit lol 😛 Circon you have
    more iron than I do. No other game has EVER made me want to toss my PC out
    the window, go find it on the ground, and then stomp on it till its flat,
    and then drive over it repeatedly, like WoT :P

  9. “This hurt me spiritually” classic!

  10. The one dislike it the tiger 2 :p

  11. If you had to chose three catastrophic things you saw happening after 2000
    mine would be:
    1 9/11
    2 … doesnt matter
    3 this Tiger pressing his ‘R’ key two times to fly into a river…
    FML so bad XD

  12. but why?

  13. at least Skoda killed that IS3…….

  14. What RNG gives RNG takes, SU bounced the IS-3 shell and Stalin controlled
    the patton korea to track him 2 times in a row and then punishing him with
    the sky cancer. Don’t mess with russian tanks boys.

  15. The facepalm… I can almost feel it all the way from Asia. XD

    This makes me feel better about myself. I have 3.1k games, and an orange. I
    know I do stupid things quite often, but not to that extent. XD

  16. Whew

  17. First I was like: Why is this a highlight?!
    Oh, I see. O M G

  18. APCR comments in 3, 2, 1…

  19. I_-Treadstone-_I


  20. Jingles must see this

  21. Fuck me dude… now i know why i just play in platoons at all anymore…
    way to many fucking braindead idiots arround to play it solo 😀

    that tiger 2 made the match tho… best gameplay ever :D

  22. Shoji_WarThunder

    BTW this is why i stopped playing wot. Now i just watch wot

  23. That Tiger ^^^

  24. That IS3 could win in the end if he use at least a little his brain. When
    he was facehuging the su he should first kill the 100hp pershing while
    moving back and front so the SU cant shoot his turret roof, after that he
    should kill the SU. He lost 700hp for nothing and that cost him the game.

  25. Shoji_WarThunder

    I think Jmayer40 does not know how to spend money

  26. nitrowilz LFC (Nitrowill)

    I legitimately started crying when that Tiger II… Well, did THAT. Holy
    shit ?

  27. Memes has a sad…

  28. Please guys. Tell Jingles to make a reaction video to this video. It would
    be even more epic.

  29. circonmemes

  30. That ending was awesome.

  31. When natural selection has been defeated…

  32. Tiger II definitely play of the game contender right there.

  33. You better send this to Jingles

  34. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Brain Surgery after watching this video

  35. People constantly hate on 12t because mostly they have not been used to
    autoloaders or they generally suck with it. AMX 12t on the other hand is a
    monster, if it survives late in the game without spending much ammo and HP
    it can pretty much mop up the weakened enemy tanks on its own. For a fact
    it introduces a player how to play an autoloader tank, can kill any tier 6
    medium tank in one clip, kinda wonky to circle the bigger and heavier tanks
    (with AP 144mm of penetration its almost always the case) due to mediocre
    mobility and startup speed but if it does it can easily clip them for
    average 700 HP and bugger off, its easy to set tanks on fire if it can get
    their sides or rear, carries 5 clips in total and it can run out of ammo
    fairly quickly (AMX 13 75 shares the same gun, but it carries 6 clips in
    total, because WG balance), not very suitable for climbing hills due to
    already mentioned sluggish startup speed.
    But all in all AMX 12t is in my opinion one of my favorites, regardless of
    its flaws its a decent tank that can make a significant impact on the game
    as its counterparts, that is if people actually bother to learn how to play
    it. If they did then the rest of the autoloader line is gonna be much
    easier to grind.

  36. I ple fur phun!!11!!!

  37. Never a dull moment in the world of specul tenks:P

  38. You gotta send this to jingles, the Tiger II tho… lmao

  39. who else called the tiger 2 drowning

  40. 7:58 “its all in the hand of that tiger II”
    enjoy the carry ;)

  41. I was actually watching the stream when this game was played,and i think
    every person on the stream was like”what the actual fuck did i just

  42. The Sanity Assassin

    – circClap – circPalm – NotLikeThis -

  43. nice memes… #welldonetigerii

  44. Lol I totally thought Tiger 2 probably going to drown after he called it.
    But to be fair, I had lags that kept me driving forward and I couldn’t

  45. it’s so nice to see that WoT random battles haven’t changed at all. NOT.

  46. This Tiger 2 had actually a good match :-D

  47. omg i have not laughed this hard in a long time

  48. Wotko s Vokurkou

    That face 8:22 when Tiger II goes swimming 😀 😀 I actually do wonder if
    this game is somewhere from the perspective of the IS-3 :-D

  49. Top Kek!

  50. dat tiger 2, just lost 20 IQ points just watching that !

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