^^| Memewhile in World of Tanks.. #2 Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

to day in world of tanks.


  1. World of Tanks: the only online game where the best players die and the
    terrible players win matches. Makes you wonder why you bother to play well
    in the first place.

  2. that AT-15A driver was an alien

  3. There is no justice ;)

  4. The Sanity Assassin

    “No, turn the other way, turn the other way, TURN THE OTHER WAY…!
    TURN..!! HOLY SHIT..!!!” Circon 2016

  5. Epic action

  6. O-Ni…bouncing one billion.

  7. Oh my God… the struggle, the pain, the headbanging… people should be
    prohibited from purchasing tier V and above premium vehicles if they don’t
    have at least 500 battles…

  8. Watched this live <3

  9. This guy will now go on to say the AT15 is a gud tenk cause of this curry:D

  10. Pfff, what a blind kill on arty by that O-Ni at 4:33…

  11. hahahaha circon that reaction at the end proceless

  12. It’s really sad that I’ve seen too much of these on Jingles’ channel and I
    found it normal to have these kind of derpy games appear every so often

  13. Never doubted it for a second……totally calculated.

  14. Never doubted him…..

  15. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    No words… My words have failed me.

  16. And that cromwell had 2 Marks of excellence…..

  17. “well we didn’t lose” LOL

  18. OMG so wrong at the end.

  19. videos like that need a mental health disclaimer notlikethis

  20. That was a REALLY bad work at the end, haha.

  21. Wow I just…. I can’t even

  22. Oh my god that’s why i stopped playing WoT

  23. caleb McCullough (Blistersteel)

    Ah god…

  24. Lol everybody is fucking sleeping and I crack up full volume LMAO!

  25. And that is why I have a love/hate relationship with bad players who by

  26. This is fucking GOLD!!

  27. That’s what happens when you let your dog play on your account

  28. Best AT-15A!

  29. My fucking sides are in orbit!

  30. Ive lost braincells watching this video…

  31. did ANYBODY notice that at 4:40 the O-Ni blind shot the enemy S-51?

  32. Haha..yea…saw that shit live.. saw enough xD

  33. how are people so retarded ….. this game isnt difficult …

  34. i can t stop laughing XDDD


  36. I’ve never felt so helpless and yet laughed so hard..

  37. what a carry by the tier 7 tanks….

  38. OMG i love these Memewhile videos so much…


  40. That Cromwell driver is one of the biggest forum trolls on the EU forums :P

  41. This is Steve’s cousin twice removed, George, who drives British TD’s.

  42. Please can I have my braincells back?

  43. Oh look. The last Cromwell was Tankmilitia. Anyone who have been on the EU
    forum for awhile knows who he is. He basically came to the forum 2-3 times
    a week to rage about this crap game he was playing and that WG was just
    forcing him to leave. He has not made a topic in months now. But glad to
    see he is still playing his “crap” game.

  44. that AT gempleh gave me cancer

  45. CF you should put a warning label up front!

  46. my brain gone

  47. Circon 2016: *hurling insult after insult after insult* *AT-15A finally
    wins by some miracle* “YEE YUH! NEVER DOUBTED ‘IM!”

  48. That was legitimately painful to watch.

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