^^| Memewhile in World of Tanks… #4 Babysitting the Obj. 252U.

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  1. knees weak

  2. hey im here

  3. Well this game is a perfect example of why you shoot the unicum in VK first rather than tomato in Obj 252.

    If Circon was dead than the flank would be rofl stomped even if the Obj would had full HP.

  4. nice meme

  5. World of Tanks matchmaking, destroying dreams & memes since 2011.

  6. so “entertaining“

  7. Hi Circon, I might be blind, but I looked for a vid about new (I assume they are new I got back into WoT after months) german heavies and did not found any on your channel. Do you plan to do any on them in the future? I would like to see a vid about them for you so I can see how they work.

  8. Obj 252U is so OP, it can make tomatoes have decent games.

  9. That UDES though.

    Arty just shot and tracked me, but at least I’m unspotted already. Better knock down this tree. There’s no way the arty can blind shot me now.

  10. Guys! its steve the IS-7 driver again!

  11. General Saufenberg

    i don`t get it. i always wait until i am fully aimed, but still, some shots go all over the place. circon couldn`t care less about aiming, but he hits 99% of the time :D. i bet he plays the wot circ edition^^

  12. Teams or memes?

  13. You suck Circon! I mean, you couldn’t carry them harder?! Buff up pls…

  14. Does anyone know if the 252/defender is going to always be in the store or if it will be removed soon?

  15. I feel like the vk 30:01 P has powercreeped the t-34/85

  16. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Awwwwwwwww Circon is not your fault you try your best to carry your team to win but instead match maker gives you Steve the Obj 252U driver

  17. circon the MM was horrible as well with tank types for this map,yet you did great,you are a legend

  18. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    it’s Circon is singing along with the music when he says “and it wasn’t enough” nice meme!

  19. my mind was telling me no

  20. Nice escort mission Circon!

  21. Since the obj came out, people in the game chat, and a lot of them mind you, said that the tank was “nothing special” and even “weak in t9 and t10 battles”! Meanwhile in this battle, the obj was surrounded by 2 or more tanks 3 FUCKING TIMES and survived!! Fuck you WG, you clearly stopped giving a fuck about your game anymore, and all these WG apologists can eat a dick.

  22. Is this tank really that good now?  or is it just because Circon is playing it?

  23. Obj 252U too stronk! Russian bias da. Circle if you played in the SEA server you might get 75% winrate cause of the number of tomatoes that play there. cause map awareness in the SEA server does not exist. Btw nice music. 🙂 try listening to Skillet Monster I think you will like it.

  24. Anyone know the music that is playing in the background? That is some good shit 😀

  25. hahahaha

  26. I love Memewhile in wot, best series ever 😀

  27. use your HE shells, at least 1 shell

  28. 252U manages to hold several tanks, KILL 3 of them, and in general ALLOWS Circon to do what he did. The Obj did what he needed to, to let Circon win the game, sometimes that’s what you gotta do.
    Not once did I see the Obj. 252U do anything stupid or wrong. Used his health to the fullest and held a flank as the only heavy.

    Good Job Spanky, if it wasn’t for you, Circon wouldn’t have even HALF of the damage he dealt.

  29. Circon Personal Security LLC.

  30. I like your taste in music Circon.

  31. lol … Circ u must be great with children 🙂

  32. Some very special crayons were eaten that match

  33. I see WoT has implemented escort missions in randoms.

  34. Got this tank after I saw Circon’s  first video on it and in 70 games I am already at 80% MOE for it. Great tank I love it.

  35. “The only reason that 252U didn’t die was because Circon was there.” Actually, it’s the opposite. If that guy was driving anything other than a 252U or MAYBE some other Russian heavy, he would’ve died much quicker. The combination of the OP Russian heavy and Circon’s work soon that flank.

  36. Circon playing VK P… again? YES YES YES

  37. The thumbnail tho xD

  38. obj 252u perfect example of power creeping and money milking from WG

  39. Love UDES hiding behind that skinny tree trunk, getting arty hit and not even twitching from that perfect hiding spot. This takes retardation to a whole new level.

  40. This proves that even a shitter can do well in a obj 252. I thought i’d take out my IS-5 to seal club them, I find out my 221 pen standard apcr rounds can’t pen the lower plate 3/4 times, yet the russia stronk gun on the 252 can butter through my upper plate and roll for 500. The funny thing is that the m4 49 and patriot, which were considered OP when released are now mediocre in comparison to the 252.

  41. games like that shows idiots play wot on a daily and not only in my team

  42. siemka…VK sleep …reported camper noob 😛

  43. Jay you played one of my favorite tanks!

  44. Its not ppl or bots playing wot these days, its fucking monkeys !!!! The lvl of retardness of the vast majority of players is just off the roof. Thats why we getting the 15-3 or the 15-1 in 18 out of 20 games.

  45. Guess object no so idiot proof 😛

  46. I wish I had a Circon to babysit me every match. I’d never lose

  47. meanwhile in world of tanks, hmmm isn’t that already a series made by quickybaby that has been ongoing for like 2 years hmmm…

  48. Thank you for sharing defeats. It helps my sanity.

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