Meng World War Toon Tiger I

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

A bonus video of me getting bored, painting a and forgetting film it. The Mighty Jingles – being this crap since 1970!



  1. Jingles are ever going to do gundam models?

  2. Not related to this video. But is it still possible to get Jingles as Captein in wows?

  3. Wasn’t worth your time. It looks like you didn’t paint at all, but just tipped a can of Coke over it.

  4. Mr J they do a KV2 in a Meng Kit

  5. Smol Tiger 1 reporting in!

  6. just cut a thing in half and sell it for full price … TOONS my ass^^

  7. das ist ein kleiner Panzer

  8. Tigerk
    K for kurz

  9. Jingles,
    Maybe you can invite in or visit another Youtuber who actually knows what they’re doing? An opportunity for some cross-marketing of the two channels? Just a thought.

  10. This needs to be mini rc so you can drive it around on your desk and make boom noises with a button press.

  11. oh damn, this reminds me of that Choro Q series PS2 game; Seek and Destroy, pretty dated but still fun to play.

  12. I almost bought one of those recently. I dont think they even make them anymore.

  13. Ravendelve Tactica

    Workshop Wednesday on a Thursday… Jingles you’re going mad lol

  14. The bastard love-child of a Tiger and an ELC Even 90. Adorable!

  15. The Amazing Goldfish

    Eoheeeewww, Jingles you’ll have to do another,….”GIRLS n PANZER” video. Lol😜

  16. subtlewhatssubtle

    There’s a Panther in the same line, and it is hilarious, as it basically looks like a Leopard.

  17. Looks good. But that seam along the top of the cannon barrel is killing me.

  18. funny, used to do this years ago without all the fancy paints they have today

  19. Links to stores of items shown would be sweet as well. Thanks Jingles.

  20. check out Andy’s Hobby Headquarters channel.

  21. Now that is cute. I want a game based on that.

  22. I’d never thought I’d call a tank “cute” 🙂

  23. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    *It’s a Chibi Tiger 1 lol*

    It’s missing Anime Grils

  24. I just want it to advance on the front, LOL. it So Cute!

  25. its a chibi tiger i love it!

  26. it looks good jingles

  27. Still waiting for the Girls und panzer tanks 🙂

  28. It’s a Lutzified Tiger! Fun-sized mayhem!

  29. Next thing to start playing with would be ” washes ” . Pin wash is one thing you will hear around the building table . It`s basically a dark , thinned paint that is used to bring out the fine details in the model . You will have fun with this one .

  30. Thin some varnish, paint it on the part and stiple various shades of rust on top, will look like real rusted metal. The Toon models are immense fun, I think I pretty much have every one. Trumpeter also do some I’ve just got a very pink Sturmtiger…it won’t be staying pink.

  31. Looks something out of girls und panzer intro and extro scenes

  32. I’ve built and painted a couple of these (Pershing and Panther), I highly recommend them as a fun kit that are great for trying out new techniques. Thanks for posting this video!

  33. How cute, a tiger cub. Let me sing the song of my people for him:

    Tough kitty, cold kitty
    Big machine of doom
    Deadly kitty, Panzer kitty
    Boom! Boom! Boom!

  34. I’ve only heard the term “glaze” used to refer to a clear coat over the top of paint to preserve it and glossy it up.

  35. TheBlackdragonnight

    Can you try to make it a bicolor camo?

  36. Awesome!

  37. Allesio Fondressi

    Looking good!

  38. Nice cobwebs.

  39. I love these Meng tanks 😀

  40. need to work on things like the join line down the barrel but not bad

  41. What idiot is using the short 105 on the tiger geez use the long 88 jk lol

  42. Am I the only one who watches the videos mostly because they are just incredibly relaxing? It reminds me to a astonishing degree of Bob Ross. And jingles, keep up the good work.

  43. Aww, Toonworld Tiger I is so adorable. Looks like it’s trying so hard to be a Hetzer or Luchs.

  44. I have the Sherman! It’s a great little line!

  45. The proportions make it look like the notoriously cute luchs

  46. I have the Sherman, B-17, and Lexington. I wish my local store had more!!!

  47. What a cute little Tiger.
    It’s a Tigger.

  48. The Tiger is pratically a box with trackes and a really really big gun, bloody adorable

  49. …This is honestly adorable.. Its so Smol..

  50. awwww how cute – sweet little kitty go boom boom

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