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  1. First twice in a row under Circons videos

  2. I do believe its ” ‘Murica”

  3. last time i was this early jingles was stil playing war Thunder.

  4. “Over power Bulldog”

    Play a shitty version of Bulldog at tier 8 kappa

    You do know that they remove auto load from Bulldog as you wish right?

  5. These replays make me want to play WOT again but everytime i try i get cancer again

  6. SlapThatBurger - WT


  7. 666 views Ooooooooh, just in time 😀

  8. Whenever I watch Circon’s replays, it motivates me to try and get a good result like him.

    After 30 mins of playing, I lose 0-15 a few times and get shit results.

    Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

  9. 28 shots, 27 hits, 26 pens.. Nice behaving gun

  10. Farming simulator ???

  11. You should play the real Merica tank: T95 aka The Doom Turtle

  12. I think this LT would of been better off with an 90mm gun.

  13. The most hilarious moment ” I forgot something ” ?

  14. Marthijn van Oorschot

    “Forgot something, dropped it, it’s mine’ ??

  15. Should be “MURICA”

  16. Stupid WG Tards, nerfing the TD hills with added rocks @ 2:53, that is NOT mountain goating, idiots…..

  17. The greedy, corporate-run, predatory capitalist country is spelled; “Mehr-Cuh”

  18. Its murica

  19. Musical Gaming Mage

    Nice meme

  20. What is the mod of marks of excellence please. someone can tell me

    • marks on gun extended. btw this question is posted and answered on every single Circon video since he started using it. Pls be a bit less lazy and do some research beforehand next time.

  21. 666 likes brudder

  22. Please update your modpack…

  23. *Watcha eating?*

  24. Filthy gameplay. FILTH I SAY!

  25. Overpowerd bulldog do you mean the german bulldog?

  26. Why did this replay start a few minutes into battle?

  27. filthy, take a shower.

  28. Hey Circon, enjoyed the video. Just curious why it’s another video of another premium tank? I am unable to watch your livestreams, my apologies, but do you ever play the T32 non-premium American heavy? I can’t make a huge donation or become a Patreon for you. I just don’t have the capital for it. I do however respect and admire the way you play this game. Would really appreciate seeing you play tanks that everyone has to grind through but are frustrating to play. Thanks for your videos and thank you for your time.

  29. After you have put any type of round in enemy tank engine and or fuel tank, an HE round will have much higher chance to “Light em up!” put em on fire. I will very often load HE for the 2nd shots on an enemy rear, when I remember to. Some heavies or TD’s with good rear armor (and obviously the tanks with front engines) this may not work on, but the other 90% of the tanks, works like a charm.

  30. “Could you not,ser.” means ramming an island in world of warships. hehe

  31. Ohio!! MERICA!!!

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